SMT brainstorming meeting

SMT discusses Plan2020

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  1. Muck Raker says:

    You’ve got to laugh. While Simon Morgan-Wortham hacks and sacks his way across the Uni as Plan 2020’s chief errand boy and hatchet man, the word on the street is that his fraudulent old mate Martin McQuillan is still convinced that one day he’ll be a vice-chancellor somewhere, and wants to cultivate as many top HE players as possible. He’s even trying to hook up with the University of Surrey. As part of this, McQueasy has just published a truly arse-licking interview with the Vice-Chancellor of Surrey, Prof. Gaoqing Max Lu, in Research Fortnight. McQueezy writes in breathless awe of the Prof: ‘He will do well in UK higher education, attention to detail and a fondness for a good five-year plan are essential requirements for any vice-chancellor, even in Guildford’. McQueasy’s inner Stalin clearly slipping out there. No wonder he awarded Morgan-Wortham the FASS Deanship. All makes sense now.

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