Changes to the management

Readers of the Pollyanna missives on staffspace will have noticed that there are a couple of personnel (resource?) changes to the senior mismanagement. Hilton, the University Secretary, whatever that may be, is going after two and bit years. Most of us may be forgiven for wondering who he is; after one or two appearances on staffspace he rather faded from the scene. What little he has contributed has been either negligible, or, according to some reports received here, incompetent. No surprises there. Are any of the managers competent?

The other change is the educational guru. Following the demise of Eales-Reynolds, her place has been taken by Clarissa Wilks. Quite what her claim to management expertise might be is unclear. What is clear is her educational research record, which, as with her double-hyphened predecessor, consists of two publications.

What of the future? Well, keep an eye on Mad Mike Sutcliffe, SEC’s hapless dean. Stories of his unsuitability as a manager have spread throughout the University. In fact he is so bad this blog understands that his probationary period has been extended. By the high standards of management incompetence at Kingston, this sets a new bar of awfulness. Could a new dean at SEC be in the offing?

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4 Responses to Changes to the management

  1. Archibald Gruntfuttock says:

    Re Mad Micky Sutcliffe:
    “Fools sometimes go far, especially when ineptitude is added to fanaticism, and vengefulness to ineptitude” – Voltaire

  2. Nikanor Praxiteles says:

    Actually Clarissa Wilks has a shedload of experience in teaching and learning management. Wilks is by far the best person for the job, and has been talking a lot of sense at Senate. I desperately hope they maker her permeant in the role.

    • Dissenter says:

      Let us hope you are right. It remains to be seen whether she is any good at the management of people and can change the bullying management culture. No sign so far.

  3. KBS Thribb says:

    \the job of University Secretary is an important job. A good University Secretary will make sure of good University governance. Exactly!!!
    And what about good Faculty governance? The minutes of the Faculty Management Team in Business and Law have never been published. Who knows what goes on???

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