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Madness at the Town House

Spiersy wears his VC best Poly grey suit and string vest Students playing up upstairs Leering at the leotards On dancers in glass jars They hang around Town House, the place that cost a mint Town House, now we’re bloody … Continue reading

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Town House or Clown House?

It cost £50 million, was designed by top architect firm Grafton Architects, and VC Steven ‘Mr. Bland’ Spier has described it as ‘stunning’. But the new Town House is already becoming a Clown House, showing plenty of signs that it … Continue reading

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Kontinuing decline

We have spoken before about the expensive waste of real estate here at Kingston Hill. There are corridors of empty offices still showing the names of absent, well-paid (or paid off) executives. Only the depleted occupational health team, led by … Continue reading

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Sound advice to employees

Current or former employees of Kingston University who are bringing, or considering bringing a case against it before the employment tribunal, should be aware of the following: KU’s strategy is always to refuse to settle a claim until the very … Continue reading

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The Merry Bribes of Windsor: A Seasonal Tale for Christmas.

‘Twas a cold winter’s day in December, in a bland House in Old Kingstone Towne. Ye olde King Steven (for it was he) sat back in his shiny new office sofa and pondered what was left of his rapidly diminishing … Continue reading

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Beware redundancies

With senior management planning another round of compulsory redundancies this academic year, I’d like to urge colleagues to seek independent legal advice if they suspect they may be targeted. Once you have been made redundant it is virtually impossible to … Continue reading

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