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Why the long face? KU’s VC is not happy

Vice-Admiral Steven ‘Two Jobs’ Spier is not a happy man. But then, was he ever a happy man? According to reliable sources, Spiersy has been getting the hump over the actions of the local UCU branch at Kingston, and regards … Continue reading

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Floody Hell: KU has that sinking feeling again

What is cold, wet and very unwelcome? Your first answer will no doubt be the VC and self-annointed Gold Commander Steven ‘two jobs’ Spier. But it might also be the news that there has been another flood in the EM … Continue reading

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Reflecting on 2021: A message from your Gold Commander

Dear Peasants Colleagues, As we come to the end of the year I wanted to write directly to you and note your hard work and determination throughout 2021, despite all the terrible doubts you have had about my leadership and … Continue reading

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More Spin from Spier

How did KU’s so-called Gold Commander Steven ‘Two Jobs’ Spier view the recent strike action by UCU members? With contempt, of course. On the very first day of UCU’s action, Spier gloated to a local Kingston Councillor that Kingston University … Continue reading

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Desperate VC woos his BOG

It has not been a good year for Kingston University’s self-annointed ‘Gold Commander’, Professor Steven ‘No Mask’ Spier. In his own estimation he is the world’s foremost modern architect and a leading Swiss cheese expert, but to others he is … Continue reading

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Latest SLT meeting sets out Polyversity strategy

After the traditional afternoon nap, the Gold Commander explained to his Senile Lack-of-Leadership Team, just before they all nodded off again: “The strategy for our SLT journey and bold approach will take us rapidly from university status to an exciting … Continue reading

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