Laurence Easeman’s Facebook mate Stephen Dumont



(Notice the nazi totenkopf symbols covering the faces of the twats above)

Fanboy of National Action and the even more ridiculous so-called “NS Straight Edge UK” (NS sXe UK). The confused little clown even likes a Class War page either willingly or unwillingly seeing the contradiction in supporting both National Action and an anarchist page such as Class War.

This is the kind of person that the non-fascist, non-racist, non-antisemitic Laurence Easeman attracts. Take a look through Easeman’s Facebook friends list (Link in the last post) to find more dodgy characters like this. The case continues to mount against Easeman.

Laurence Easeman – The fascist behind “People-vs-Banks”

The so-called “People-vs-Banks” website may look all good at first but dig a little deeper and you will find that it is run by North-West fascist Laurence Easeman and his small cabal of ridiculous tin foil hat conspiracy theorist mates. Their purpose is not to help working-class people against bailiff scum bags (Because that would involve helping black, Asian, Jewish etc. working-class people) but to subtly spread baseless pseudo-fascist conspiracy theories and very thinly veiled antisemitism. He also delegitimises the real anti-Zionist cause by attempting to use anti-Zionism for his own sick antisemitic ends. A quick examination of his Facebook friends list will show that for someone who denies being a racist, a fascist and the like he keeps some very dodgy company in that regard (For example the North-West nazi Stephen Dumont).

Here are the results of a Google search when searching “Laurence Easeman”:

He denies being a fascist to the point of threatening legal action (Click on the link) against those who reveal his true self and his shitty intentions. A quick browse of his Facebook profile will show exactly what he is:

Here are just a few screenshots from his Facebook profile:

E4 E8


I have more but do not want to litter my page with too much of his shite. If you want to seeĀ  the rest, leave your email address in the comment box and I’ll send you them (If you leave your email in the comment box I willll unaprove the comment so no one else sees it).

For someone who denies being a racist and a fascist he says a lot of racist things and likes a lot of pages with far-right/neo-nazi/fascist origins or are popular among such people such as the “Smash Cultural Marxism” page along with the neo-nazi page “The Aryan Collective” to Savitri Devi, Thor Steinar (Clothing brand popular with fash) and the neo-nazi “Unity of Nobility”. He also seems to be suspiciously apologetic for nazism (See the screenshot above) for someone who is not a nazi.


He claims to be against Zionism and claims to be supportive of the rights of Palestinians (From looking at his Facebook likes and reading his comments) but as the above screenshot clearly shows, his supposed “anti-Zionism” and support for Palestinian rights is bullshit. He is the kind of person who hijacks the legitimate cause of anti-Zionism and Palestinian rights as a poor veil for his antisemitism (Also sharing Gilad Atzmon does not exactly help his case either). If he really cared then he would welcome Palestinian refugees to this country. He does not care for the Palestinians, he does not care for the legitimate anti-Zionist cause, the only thing he cares for is antisemitism and trying to give it a legitimate and respectable cover. He is using anti-Zionism in the same way he hijacks and uses the legitimate cause against the banks and the bailiffs, they are both thinly veiled covers for another agenda.

Do not allow him to fool you! He is an antisemitic, racist, anti-feminist (Got the screenshot and kept for the record) and pseudo-fascist wanker!


Martin Lux on various issues

Whilst I am still writing new articles for both this blog and Heavy Shite I would like to share a few videos from Martin Lux. Here he talks about various issues but all related to issues with middle-class activists (Related in my eyes at least). I can see general themes which we as working-class activists across the country and abroad experience in the course of our activism. (Click on the links below)

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