There are no good cops!

Apparently the New York Police Department are making arrests “only when they have to”.

So basically the NYPD have admitted that some, if not most, of the arrests that they make are when they do not really need to. This goes to show that they are on one big power trip!


Anyway, New York residents have notice that the absence of police has made little or no negative impact on their lives. We do not need the police!

Prince Andrew accused of being a nonce, anyone surprised?

Prince Andrew has been accused of having sexual relations with an underage girl who was passed around like a “sex slave” by an investment banker to “rich and powerful friends”.

This really does not surprise me that Prince Andrew has been accused of being a paedo. It runs right throughout society in every class but it seems like the “rich and powerful’ are one massive paedophile ring. Paedophilia has little, if anything at all, to do with sex. Paedophilia is about power, domination, control and abuse and with the “rich and powerful” that is what they are all about. On that basis it is hardly surprising that it seems to be rife among them.

No doubt it will be covered up, take a back foot or quietly slip away into the sunset like the other accusations of child abuse from the middle and upper-classes which surfaced in 2013 and 2014.

Let us not forget the victim though as she is the most important person and factor in all of this. In this society victims are far too often blamed, shamed and treat like shit (If believed at all). In cases of abuse in working-class communities and families the victim is treat like shit but in this case it is her word against some of society’s most rich and powerful (Including a member of the most powerful family in the world, the British royal family). Whoever she is, wherever she is, people need to support her!

How about a demo.?


Truly disturbing

Paul BridsonPaul Bridson

This is Paul Bridson, hunt supporter and hunter. He takes great delight in displaying foxes which he has killed. He kind of reminds me of someone else who used to be just like that and do the same things to animals and take pride and pleasure in it…


infamous murderer Jeffrey Dahmer!

Not a mere conspiracy theory!

Spying and its cover-up during the great miners’ strike of 1984-1985 has always been known to have gone on but now it is confirmed.  Thatcher lovers will dismiss this revelation like they do every other and still think of her and her government as some god-like entity.

Happy new year too!