A statement from National Action at last!

Now this is a No Platform blog so I am not going to post their statement (If you want to read it then I am sure you can find it online) but after their total humiliation and physical defeat in Liverpool 7 days ago they have finally got around to releasing a statement. It had only taken them 6 days to write it but I suppose a good fantasy is not easy to write.

In their statement they claimed that they went to Liverpool to protest against “vile communism” but what “greeted” them “was a scene from hell”. Now this is very true, they were given hell that day however the rest of the statement is just a pile of wank!

They claimed that their mighty North West MMA fighters totalled a load of us at the station, pure bollocks. All photos and videos prove this to be bollocks. In fact I would like to invite National Action to apply for the CCTV footage in and around Lime Street station (Which is their entitlement). If they are so confident that a lot of us got knocked out then they will have no problems obtaining this footage and publishing it online to prove themselves right and us wrong. But they will not because they know the truth, we know the truth, every other report knows the truth (Even other right-wing reports), witnesses know the truth and anyone who has seen footage or photos knows the truth. It is a clear case of projection an trying to save face just like they tried to after getting battered in Newcastle. Even the little social inadequate Jack Renshaw admitted they got creamed that day! So I invite National Action to prove this part of their fairy tale as it would be so easy to do so by obtaining CCTV footage in and around the station which they are perfectly entitled to do so. Yes I am calling their bluff! Anyway if we did get KO’ed from their mythical North West MMA fighters (If they have any they were not there or did fuck all) then how the hell did they end up in the situation they ended up in? Does not stand up to much scrutiny really.

Another load of bollocks is that they ‘stood their ground’. If that is ‘standing your ground’  then fellas, I would try harder next time. You had no choice but to stand there, there was nowhere you could move to except the left luggage area or out of the station under the protection of your bodyguards, the police. Hiding in left luggage is not standing your ground, having to be escorted out of the station and out of Merseyside under police protection is not standing your ground either. Yourselves and your mates having the shit kicked out of them is not standing your ground so you can either a) admit what everyone already knows (Including yourselves) or b) carry on being deluded and a laughing stock. The ball is in your court on this one!

I said to my mate on the concourse of Lime Street station last Saturday “I would love to see how they are going to spin this” and indeed it has arrived and spinning it is…on its head! I really thought they would come out with less bullshit but I guess I can not be right every time.

More lies!

More lies this time from state assets Searchlight…


Just a couple of things:

1) Searchlight: ” It was interesting how RT totally ignored the Unite Against Fascism anti-nazi demonstration supported by a range of Labour and trade union organisations, and gave big coverage to the Anti-Fascist Network, which contains some people more interested in “street theatre” and letting off smoke bombs”.

The truth: Perhaps they were more concentrated on the AFN because they were the ones (Along with unaligned locals and those in the AFN’s orbit) who organised and participated in the events on the concourse at Lime Street station. Watch the videos, read the accounts and view the pictures and you will see for yourself.

2) Searchlight: ” The bulk of Liverpudlians who have a solid reputation as anti-fascist activists concentrated on stopping the small number of nazis who actually made it to Liverpool from leaving Lime Street station”

The truth: Which was organised and attended by the AFN most of whom are locals. But to be fair it is true that most of the people in attendance are unaligned local Merseysiders or move in the AFN’s orbit (But are independent from it).

So go and give your head a shake Searchlight and get back to your desks at Thames House.


National Action sent packing in the baggage area!

A very brief and vague outline from the days events:

So after the humiliation of the last White Man March in Newcastle (Physically confronted at their meeting point, one ended up with a busted face and another with broken ribs. On top of this there were two separate counter-demos, one with roughly equal numbers to WMM and the other outnumbering it) back in March and in a bid to recoup some lost pride, the organisers (Most likely National Action) of this shower of shit decided it would be wise to hold yet another attempt in Liverpool on 15th August. It was obvious from initial announcement that it would be a disaster.

Anti-fascists from the Anti-Fascist Network and beyond decided to counter. There were to be two counter-actions, one from Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the other from the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN). Fast forward to the 15th, the day of action. We all met up at St. Luke’s Church Gardens, an unexpectedly good turn out and soon after arriving we all set off in a column towards Liverpool Lime Street train station, the fascist meet up point. On the way there the atmosphere was already buzzing and optimism was high, an unusual cocktail for a demo these days. Claps and beeping horns of approval were abundant, the support from the community was crystal clear due in part to the majority of the AFN mobilised turn out being from Merseyside.

We had confirmation that they were meeting up in a pub next to Lime Street station so we headed for that. We seen them through the windows of the pub looking like a scared nest of rats, all 20 or so of them fucking shitting themselves at the sight of a 100-200+ anti-fascist mob jeering them and offering them out for a fight. The coppers quickly blocked the doors and move the nazis on and so after a little piss taking and jeering we made our way around the back of the station. Here we found them standing on the concourse of the station looking a little cocky probably due to bars being between us and them. Having said that though they started to look a little worried when we started trying to pull them open but to no avail.

Anyway, after marching around a little bit, looking to block one of their other meeting points but we felt it more wise to confront those on the concourse, those people who just happened to be some of National Action’s ‘top people’. We all stormed through the doors of the station and immediately confronted a “bouncer” they had placed on the door of the station, he shit himself and was not the superior Aryan warrior he probably thinks of himself as.

After that “bouncer” had been given the message, a suited country toff looking nazi went for one of us as we advanced towards National Action. He made a mistake and his face paid the price but unfortunately, the person he took a swing at was arrested for defending himself (Typical!) but fortunately was released later that day with no further action taken. So on we go up the station concourse towards the bags of shite (National Action and a couple from the National Front and Polish NOP) at the other end. The police go into panic and form a line around the fascists to protect them but, 20 (At the most) fascists plus a handful of police were nowhere near enough for the massive crowd smelling fascist blood!

They were pelted with eggs, water, milk and other food items. They were stood outside of the station lost luggage and then slowly drifted into it under a deluge of food items, pushing bodies and a few fists being thrown. The taunting and the objects were still being thrown at them stood in the baggage area, then the shutter came down and only their feet could be seen sticking out of the bottom.

The jeering continued and eventually they were escorted out under the protection of the police and to be met with punches, hits from poles and food stuff. The police then separated the anti-fascists into two groups and pushed one half out of the gate at the side of the station. They then created a tight corridor to escort the nazis out of the station and along the edge of the car park wall like a bunch of scared rats (All of this going on whilst a group of nazis were having the shit kicked out of them on the station concourse to the street…and had their British Movement (BM) flag taken and burned).

Then the group of nazis formerly with the BM flag (Ade Brooks, Wayne Baldwin, Wigan Mike etc.) were then being frantically escorted under police protection (Again hundreds of anti-fascists-vs-a few coppers and nazis, quite easy really) and also under blows to the head with fists and flag poles and also a swift kick to the bollocks for Baldwin! Haha That has got to hurt!

All the while our “bouncer” mate from before was getting his arse handed to him again but this time outside of the station. He was shitting himself and was bundled into a police van and escorted to safety by his mates in uniform.

We then were joined by the UAF crowd who had earlier marched down to the pier but then marched back up (After NA and other nazis had gone) and joined us for a celebratory march to the pier along the intended White Man March route. The numbers had swelled even more by this time and the atmosphere was electric. We finally arrived at the pier and had a little celebration upon hearing the anouncement that the organisers of the White Man March had cancelled the event.

Like Newcastle, National Action bigged the event up as if it will be the coming of the Fourth Reich, that failed both in Newcastle and in Liverpool. Humiliated at every turn!

They have finally had to admit defeat on this one (Well to an extent at least) but like Newcastle they have thought of all sorts of excuses (These are easily refuted from the many videos, photos and accounts of the day’s events). So Renshaw, keep living in fantasy land because people across Europe are laughing at you lot!

In short, the most successeful anti-fascist event I have ever experienced with hopefully more to come.



Absolute lies!

Lies coming from the Not-so Socialist Worker’s Party and its many front groups (Principally Unite Against Fascism) are far from uncommon but this just takes the biscuit. Even when physics and the plain old truth are so easy to see, they still insist upon spouting lies about last Saturday’s massively successful anti-fascist mobilisation against the White Man March (WMM).

UAF’s event was going on at EXACTLY the SAME time as the actions on the concourse of Lime Street station. How can they be in two places at once? Also they joined AFN and non-aligned locals on an AFN led march to the pier AFTER National Action had been sent packing and WMM called off.