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Here are a couple of good pieces on antisemitic and racist conspiracy wanker Laurence ‘I’m not a fascist’ Easeman. Aside from being a general antisemite, racist, tin-foil hatter, proto-fascist and no mark he also runs a company which provides bailiff services and a tenant blacklist for landlords. Wow! Such a man of the people!

Well done to the authors!

And a message to Easeman’s lap-dogs and crying brigade, GET FUCKED!

Just beyond belief!

Sanctioned for trousers

This is why those who carry out the sanctioning (Job Centre staff) and the group which defends them (The PCS) are scum and deserve no sympathy because they have no sympathy for anyone except themselves. I for one will never join Jobcentre staff or the PCS (Also represents the uniformed racists of the UK Border Agency or whatever it is calling itself these days) on a picket line…EVER, I would rather retire from politics altogether! Unfortunately this sanctioning is not an isolated case but one of an endless number that has came before and will come after it unless we stop it! The self-activity of the working-class and our communities is an answer.

They have declared a class war so we should give them one!

New Heavy Shite article

Yey, I have finally got my lazy arse around to writing a new Heavy Shite article this time on black liberation from a white working-class perspective.

Granted that it has its flaws and is far from the best piece on the subject but it is just me speaking out loud, a few of my thoughts on screen.

Class war NOT gang war!

Birmingham “street gangs” the Johnson Crew and the Burger Bar Boys are apparently forming a new “supergang” along with gangs in Manchester (

These gangs should stop killing each other, should take other working-class people from their crosshairs and turn their sights on the ruling-class!

However let us not forget that these “gangs” are a product of capitalist society and serve both “legal” and “illegal” capitalist interests. Their continued existence is within the interests of capitalism and the state. If and when they stop killing each other and turn their sights on the real enemy, the ruling-class, the state will really have something to be scared of.


Is this the end of Redrow’s social apartheid?

Redrow have had to halt development at Morello in Croydon because it can not pay the required 360,000 pounds for community facilities. They are either unwilling to pay (Most likely) or are unable to pay (Highly unlikely as they are a HUGE company) and as a result ALL work has ceased on the site. Also Redrow have been given a triple kick with this and also with Class War’s double campaign against Redrow’s socially segregated housing in Croydon and Whitechapel.

There was also a plan to roll out socially segregated housing (Rich doors/poor doors) across the country but this plan is looking very bleak indeed for Redrow.

The only people I feel sorry as a result of the halt are the workers but there is an easy solution to that problem, build more “social housing” and give them the work.

Keep up the pressure, kick Redrow whilst they are down!

Clothing bank set up outside of RBS squat

The good people of the Love Activists have set up a clothing bank outside of the RBS squat in London.

We have now officially set up outside love HQ, 2a charing Cross Road. Everyone please come on down and invite any homeless people you see for free food and clothes” – Love Activists


This is good in another way too because Westminster Council and the Metropolitan Police have criminalised homelessness in the very area where the clothing bank and squat is based.

Keep up the good work!

Farage digging himself an even deeper hole!

A bit late in responding to this one but patronising racist and all round reactionary fuck bag Nigel Farage, leader of the ultra-Tory United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) defended racist and homophobic terms such as “poofter” and “chinky”. This is when one of UKIP’s parliamentary candidates made the excuse that his comments of chinky, poofter and ‘shooting peasants’ were due to him taking sedatives.

I have had sedatives and I am born and bred council estate but none of this has ever caused me to be a racist, homophobic and anti-working-class prick!

Hey Mr. Farage, you patronising prick, if this is your attempt at relating to working-class voters then I really hope you carry on the way you are going.

Merry Christmas dick head!

In your face!

So the pigs along with their even bigger scum bag mates in the form of the rotten creatures known as bailiffs (Or whatever sugar coated title they are using) forced entry and evicted the RBS squat just off Trafalgar Square, London on “public order” grounds (The catch all excuse for the police being allowed to do whatever the fuck they want). But however, it has backfired and it has been ruled that the eviction was “illegal”  and the occupants (The squatters) will be returning very soon.

Well that backfired then did it not? Hahahahaha, you fucking piggy and bailiff scum sacks of shit!


Merry Christmas and happy Chanuka!

Well done to all of those involved in the squat!

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