The Rise of Reaction

Originally written and published by the Whitechapel Anarchist Group (WAG) back in February 2011 as a piece in their paper, On the Streets. I am republishing this as a series of articles on subjects which the left has absolutely no spine to deal with. Hopefully it will open debate where it does not exist and widen debate where it does. An even better result would be that such a debate will lead to action. We do not have the luxury of time and squeaky cleanliness, we are dealing with harsh reality including some subjects which may make us initially uncomfortable. We need to tackle these issues because we are rapidly losing ground to the state, capital and their lackeys in the form of liberals and the right-wing.

Note: Whilst I agree with this article the only part I would disagree with is the “football casuals” part as for the EDL it was more of an aesthetic than anything tangible. Also grammar and spelling are written as originally published so mistakes are not my own.

“The Rise of Reaction

As the economic crisis deepens in this country we see a political swing further and further to the right. Frustrated at the circumstances, people retreat into identity politics as an outlet to articulate their feelings, fighting amongst ourselves literally over the crumbs while those exploiting use get away scot free.

Across the country we see groups like the English Defence League (EDL) being a vehicle for football casuals and closet fascists to focus their racism on supposed “Islamification” of Britain. Likewise amongst Bengali and Somali communities people retreat further into their religious identity, with manipulative minorities like Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) trying to recruit amongst frustrated youth for their own agenda. In Afro-Carribean and West Indian communities long gone is the radicalism of the past few decades as more turn to a Christian God and with it the rise of the preachers, Healers and Spiritualists cleaning up financially. The British National Party (BNP) also still poses a mainstream threat, despite losing its councilors in Barking and Dagenham last year and splintering over a challenge to Griffin’s leadership, their vote in fact increased, and they are still able to hold shared sentiments amongst disillusioned elements of the working class. This right wing sentiment is justified, not just by loony groups operating on the fringes, but pre-dominantly stirred-up by mainstream politicians and the media. Newspapers, television, Conservatives, Labour etc. all preach a line of supporting the country, whipping up fear over immigration and terrorism while telling us to love the Queen and respect the Police.

All sense of community has been destroyed so that we do not fight back against the powers that exploit us from the cradle until the grave. Armed with the liberal ideology of political correctness, the concept of multi-culturalism has been forced down upon every section of the massively diverse working class, shoe horning communities into a pre-conceived identity, and enforcing the age old adage of “divide and rule”. The working class has always been multi-ethnic – just look at the history of the East End with Irish, Chinese, Jewish, Bangladeshi, African, European all living side by side, creating new collective cultures and identities as a class, unlike the inbred upper classes. But there is a big difference between multi-ethnicity – where we naturally mix and mingle – and multi-culturalism which is a political ideology used to divide us over scarce social benefits such as housing, health care, jobs etc.

In the current crisis that we face it is no surprise we see a rise in right wing politics. All of these political and/or religious groups work to divide us, removing a sense of working class solidarity and filling the vacuum with a sense of “self” defined by “others”. This is also a feature of the left in Britain who have remain fractured [sic], manipulative, arrogant and irrelevant to the needs and concerns of every day life, therefore the concept of socialism is alien to the working class as a tangible alternative. Instead what we are witnessing is a rise in identity politics and a swing towards the right wing, the government will no doubt respond by becoming more authoritarian, more heavy handed and controlling of its “subjects”, as an excuse to get a grip on this crisis. Throughout, the ruling class will remain unscathed as we fight amongst ourselves.

What we need to see is a sense of solidarity that goes beyond religion and race, a united and strong working class that can stand up for it’s rights and fight back for a fair and equal society.”


Cry and Dash Squad

Note: I do not NECESSARILY support, condone or engage in football violence but I recognise its part in football history and the contribution some firms and casuals have had in anti-fascist and other left orientated work such as Celtic Soccer Crew among others (And maximum respect to them for that). I also recognise its part in my own subculture, casual culture (Which whilst having a massive influence on terrace violence it is not an automatic part of it and vice versa). I am simply stating that I know what constitutes a real casual from a plastic showboater typified by the likes of the English Defence League, North West Infidels, North East Infidels, Pie and Mash Squad etc. Being a casual does not automatically imply a life of terrace violence either, it is simply a way of life which does often still have and has had violence among a large part of its following. My point is that Pie and Mash Squad with their faux casual aesthetic claim to be the all hard, fighting on and off the terraces football casual but they are not so I am simply showing a real example of what they claim to be. We need to reclaim casual culture from dick heads like the wannabee Danny Dyer’s of Pie and Mash. When myself and other dress in decent gear I am sick of being looked at like we are the same as these sad twats.

Pie and Mash


So Shane ‘Diddyman’ Calvert of circus outfit North West Infidels is either a grass or a paedophile. Neither would surprise me at all!


On another note it is also interesting that the Liverpool Echo reported that no one took any notice of National Action on their unannounced and so brave venture into Liverpool. If they are so brave then they should announce it next time. National Action failed at the White Man March in Liverpool (And Newcastle as some of them got battered outside of their meeting point, a pub in Newcastle city centre), failed to go back to Liverpool two or three times since and failed this time around. This time around they failed simply because they lost their bottle and did not announce it, failed because they did not march and failed because no one took any notice of them (As in the general public). No one noticed until a week later when they posted a video. As it turns out they claim they had 30 with them but can only produce photos showing around 18. They also claimed to have marched but have since provided no photos or videos of this march, nor any independent eyewitness accounts. They claimed to have “smashed the red citadel”, well fellas, if that is a ‘smashing’ then I think you all need to work on your swing a bit more. Their chants apparently “rang throughout the streets” but was ugly fucker Wayne Jarvie and mammy’s boy Jack Renshaw on a megaphone speaking to errm, hardly anyone. The only people who paid any attention to them at the pier head were a few largely (Non-white) tourists. They basically stopped at a few points for some photos and went home. They even protested outside of the town hall and a union building which both just happened to be closed as it was a Saturday.They also claim to represent the “proud working class people of Liverpool” (Despite being believers in nationalism, which is a cross-class concept) but the actual proud working class people of Liverpool showed the world exactly what they think of the likes of National Action. They also claimed to have ‘proven’ that the opposition to last August’s White Man March was a “staged event”. Well it may come as news to you fellas but EVERY counter-demo is “staged”. Also on their video (Which they claim is proof of them having marched in the city) they show themselves for about 30 seconds walking along a pavement and then across some grass. A simple walk is not a “march” you bunch of clowns! They also use the slogan “defend hipster living” making them basically pro-gentrification and as a result pro-capitalist. Then again they are state pawns and a bunch of middle class mistakes at birth so it is hardly surprising. For all the faults of the hipster way of life and the negative effects it has on the working class communities they have colonised and the ones around them, I am pretty sure the last people they would want latching on to them are a bunch of no marks like National Action. Interesting to note, at its very origin, hipster was an LGBTQ and quite a Bohemian scene (Although what it has mutated into is a monster), two things they hate. But not that I am bothered about hipsters, they are as destructive to working-class communities as fascists are but of course in a different way. They are welcome to each other but like I said before, I doubt that even hipsters would want to breathe the same air as them (And that is saying something).

Well done fellas, brilliant, the great city and people of Liverpool really took a thrashing! Hahahahaha

National Action pulled around 18 whereas Liverpool pulled this many (And more) last August: