Old news: The fash got bashed!

Note: This article is NOT an admission of involvement in any of the events mentioned.

3 days after my last post on this blog the social inadequates of National Action, together with others, slithered into Newcastle-upon-Tyne for the so-called “White Man March” (WMM). This was the first openly nazi demo in Britain for years. It brought together the likes of National Action, NOP (A Polish fascist group), British Voice (Or something like that) which is a BNP breakaway which has as one of its members the infamous North East Umpa Lumpa. Also in attendance were remnants of the British Movement, the one member of NS “Straight Edge” U.K and other such creatures.

National Action billed this as the beginning of some kind of nazi revolution and told the local antifa group (North East Anti-Fascists) that they were “going to rock your shit come March”, “you want shum [sic]” and according to National Action’s Castleford no-mark Wayne Jarvie told them (NEAF) that it was going to be “explosive” and that people will be waiting around the city centre away from the demo to pick people off. This was before the day of the demo but events took a rather different turn as you are about to read.

The day of the demo came and there were to be two counter demos, one at Grey’s Monument and the other down at the Quayside where the fascists actually were. On top of this though and to the dismay of National Action and others on the White Man March, a bunch of (truly) militant anti-fascists found out the meeting point for the WMM which was Gotham Town over the road from Newcastle’s Central Station. There were around 30-40 (Perhaps a little more) of the scruffy little sewer rats gathered inside of the pub…whilst some of their lot outside took a beating from the anti-fascists. One ended up getting a busted and bloody face, the other ended up with broken ribs and one Simon Biggs ended up taking a couple of digs. Whilst all of this was going on outside the rest of them were nicely tooked away inside with the exception of 3 of them who went running out of the pub. One hesitated as he exited the pub and stood back a little (Charlie Marston, a Geordie nazi and general social misfit), the other (Someone with black hair) swung a punch and widely missed his target and the other, one of National Action’s “top boys” failed worse than the other two on the pavement. This was all going on whilst their so-called “comrades” (With the exception of the three scruffs who went storming out of the pub…and failed miserably to really do anything) were sat quietly inside of the pub. Who needs enemies when you have friends like them? Ironically a lady with dreadlocks tried to save one of the battered nazis.

Then there was the counter demo at Grey’s Monument in the centre of the city. This was faily well attended for a day which had two separate counter demos numbering a rough estimate of about 60-80. It was organised by Newcastle Unites, a local coalition of liberal and left-wing groups and had some speakers on the platform and seemed like quite an alright fluffy end of things. It was the usual stuff really so nothing much to report. A decent showing on this one.

The shower of shit parade had set off from Gotham Town after some delay…hahahaha…which numbered a VERY generous rough estimate of 100 (I do not even think it was that but it was the highest of the estimates. We don’t want to be too hard on them now do we? They tried at least! LOOOOOOOOL!), hardly the massed nazi force they had hoped for and bigged it up as now is it? They slithered their way down to Newcastle’s Quayside area to be met by the North East Anti-Fascists organised counter-demo which numbered about roughly even with the WMM. The police escorted the WMM to its end point so they could have a static demo, piss and whinge about something or other, burn a few flags (An LGBTQ one and a Che Guevara one) and tear up an Isreali one (I’ve burned an Israeli flag before but of course for MASSIVELY different reasons). There were about 3 lines of police between the humans (The counter demo) and the scruffy creatures of the WMM.

The two counter demos eventually merged into one at Grey’s Monument before everyone going their ways. The nazis went away battered, bruised, outnumbered, embarrassed and humiliated. The anti-fascists went away with a victory firmly in their hands.

A couple of days had passed and to try and conceal their humiliation and in a poor attempt to wipe the egg off their faces they went on to claim the WMM as a victory. I will bullet point the following:

. They claimed that they had far more than their estimated numbers, that was and remains to be bullshit. Look up any of the pictures of their demo and you will see even 100 is being generous.

. They claimed to outnumber the anti-fasicsts, again this is total bullshit. Compare the WMM with the counter demo on the Quayside and add to that counter demo the numbers at the other counter demo on Grey’s Monument plus other anti-fascists. I hardly think that is outnumbering the counter protesters.

. They claimed that the police had in fact broken the ribs of one of their “comrades” and that the police helped the anti-fascists which again is bollocks, there were only a couple of coppers at the WMM meeting point when the fight broke out. I do not often give much to coppers but how can they deal with a fight involving far more numbers than themselves? Not many people could. They were overwhelmed and trying to grab anti-fascists but of course failed. I say this to National Action, if you really believe that the police helped the anti-fascists and broke one of your mates’ ribs then file a complaint. You will not though will you? Because you know that you took a battering from anti-fascists and now your pride is hurt and you are trying to make excuses. Even if it were true then your mates inside of the pub still did not have the bollocks to back your mates up who were taking a beating outside.

. National Action claimed that it was not a march (Despite moving from A to B in a marching formation with flags and banners out) and that it was called the “White Man March” because it was held in March. Whatever you clowns, why are you having a White Man March in Liverpool in August then? Fucking tools! They claimed it was not a march but then admitted that it basically turned out to be a march and then again denied that it was a march. Confused yet? They are!

. National Action claimed that anti-fascists ambushed a lone supporter in an alleyway when he was en route to the meeting point and that anti-fascists ran away when WMM participants came to the rescue of the poor lone fascist. Wrong again! Anti-fascists went to the front entrance of their meeting point and a fight broke out whilst the WMM participants either sat or stood inside of the pub (Minus the three mentioned before).

It was a victory for anti-fascists because:

– One nazi was hospitalised with broken ribs after anti-fascists gave him a trashing. Another nazi was in generous receipt of a busted face and Simon Biggs got a slap or two.

– No one’s ‘shit was rocked’, it was not “explosive” for them in the way they’d hope and the anti-fascists wanted “shum [sic]” and got “shum” at the expense of National Action.

– The WM marchers were outnumbered at Newcastle’s Quayside alone (Nevermind more numbers at Grey’s Monument and elsewhere).

– National Action were intent on making the North East a base for themselves and using the WMM as a platform to launch that campaign from. This has not worked, in fact because they know what happened to them in the North East last time they have decided to fuck off and move the WMM to Liverpool.

Also worthy of note is the attendance of Wayne McCurry from the North East Infidels, the same Wayne McCurry who attacked two 14 year old girls in a County Durham park. His attendance on the WMM (And other far-right events) was AFTER information about his convictions for attacking two young girls in a park had came to light. Far-right concerned about child safety? Not fucking likely! (http://edlnews.co.uk/2014/11/18/ne-infidels-wayne-mccurry-has-conviction-for-attacking-two-schoolgirls-in-a-park/)

On top of the anti-fascist victory over the WMM on the 23rd March, the massed ranks of PEGIDA managed to muster a whole 5 people on the same day. Also two days earlier in London Kurdish comrades attending a Newroz event chinned some clerical fascists (Anjem Choudhary and Co.) so nice one and keep it up comrades.

Check the Anti-Fascist Network at http://antifascistnetwork.org/ for updates on the upcoming White Man March in Liverpool on 15th August.



Hello again!

Hello again people, it has been ages since my last post because the fuckers at the phone company cut my internet off and have been so rushed off my feet that it has completely slipped my mind. From here on in I have the internet back on and also I am a little less busy.

A lot has gone on since my last post so I will add a new post after this one and will try to update it daily.