NWI’s finest hour!

Whenever the far right get humiliated and/or battered in the North West the cartoon nazis of the North West Infidels post this video from 2012 as a response (This footage is part of Greater Manchester Police’s official Youtube account so bear that in mind when accessing):

Now basically what happened here was a bunch of dick heads beat up a father and some kids on their way to a gig. Wow, is this really your finest hour? You lot have been using this footage since 2012 to show how hard you all are. You beat up a father and some kids, you are soft fuckers. There is really no contest between this and the humiliations you keep suffering in Liverpool.

National Front “face off” anti-war protesters in Swansea.

There was a “face off” in Swansea today when the National Front turned up to oppose a demo against the bombing of Syria. When will people ever see that the likes of the NF are state puppets? Supporting official British state policy there, remind me how they are against the government?

Fucking fools!



National Action show their desperation.

So the sad bunch of loners and social inadequates at National Action actually got off the train at Liverpool this time (First time since they got humiliated when they attempted the last White Man March). Since the White Man March they tried 2 or 3 times to do something in Liverpool and failed because they were scared of the opposition (One time even getting off the train in Widnes which is before Liverpool). What was different then is that they announced those attempted ventures publicly. This time around it was a flash demo which basically means that they could not handle facing opposition again so the massed ranks of the master race (Looking at the photos it was at the most 18 or so of them) felt like the only way they could show up and face little to no opposition was to do it unannounced. They are scared, this is not an indication of how brave they are or something like that, it shows they are scared.  It is as simple as that.

They turned up with the police waiting for them which for an unannounced demo could mean one of two things. One, they have a grass in their ranks or two, they called them for protection. It could be both. Just a bit suspect to say the least. Makes no difference because they are state pawns anyway.

They also claimed to have marched but as of yet they have not managed to provide any proof of them actually marching. They have produced photos of them outside of the left luggage shop where they hid themselves for their own protection during the last White Man March attempt and one at a monument of some sort. No pictures or videos of any march. That is it, around 18 sad twats at the most turned up, took a couple of photos and left. Pathetic! Announce it next time if you are not scared of opposition you fucking tools!

Lots of love,



Fucking Hell Jarvie, I know you are an ugly fucker but this takes it to another level!


National Action do not age well do they? Also get a wash you scruffy prick!


Their brave unannounced and brief venture back to one their many points of humiliation in Liverpool.


…and a quick stop in the pissing rain to pose for a photo then away.

That is it fellas, Liverpool is officially yours! Hahahahahaha!


Middle class arseholes crying about the world they helped create.


The world which middle-class scum bags such as these have been so instrumental in creating is falling down and they are moaning about it. Cry me a river, my heart bleeds!

You deserve it and I hope you lose EVERYTHING you greedy middle-class pricks! You deserve every negative thing that you get!

Best comment so far:

“How can anyone have sympathy for them?

They are living a life beyond their existence. They are super-rich but have sunk their all into the property market.
It is no good bleating about being poor when they have an income that nets a cool £1million in five years…
Most modern families would feel rich in a three-bed semi in the suburbs, and a joint income around £50-80k…
Do not even give them a minutes thought. They deserve all they get if they cannot work it out… Greedy – just pure greed…”


Floor Filler!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…***deep panting, deep breath***…hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…ha…ha…ha!

So Katie Hopkins has fallen down today and smashed her face in. But wait, I already thought that her face was smashed in.

Hope it hurt really bad!

More of this please!