New London squat

An empty RBS building just off Trafalgar Square, London has been expropriated and will be used to give space to the homeless through Christmas (And hopefully beyond!).

I wouldn’t usually post links from lifestylists but in the spirit of credit where credit is due:

Get down, help out and show your solidarity. Well done to all involved!



Keep the victories rolling…

So, greedy property developing scum bags Redrow (Behind the social apartheid at No.1 Commercial Street aka. “poor doors”) have abandoned plans to build yet another rich door/poor door at the Morello development in East Croydon, London which as it happens was to be their flagship project.

They have instead switched the so-called “affordable housing” to a separate block (Which in my view is also social segregation). Nevertheless the facilities in each block are different to one another (One can assumed that the scum in the rich block get the perks).

So whilst this is for the most part a victory, there is still work to do so let’s get on it!

Solid community action has once again been shown to bring home the goods!


OK, so, two coppers in New York, U.$.A. have been executed by someone wanting revenge for the many, many, many murders they get away with each year (But specifically the Garner and Brown murders). Is it hardly surprising that this has happened? It was on the cards because people are sick and tired of coppers murdering people and getting away with it.

Naturally the Quisling Uncle Tom that is Al Sharpton has had something to say about it but fuck him, he’s an irrelevance nowadays anyway.

Sympathy for the coppers: 0/10

Occupy and Anonymous

I have been thinking and saying for a while now that we as anarchists need to break all and any ties with Occupy and Anonymous and for the following reasons:

– Mostly comprised of a middle-class constituency and this can be seen in their ideology and so on.

– Occupy and Anonymous cut across class! Ultimately we want to see the end of the class system but this does not mean that we need to climb into bed with middle and upper-class activists. At least in rhetoric, constituency and history anarchism is a working-class set of ideas and social relationships. Cutting across class lines will not help us create a classless world, it will only serve to cloud our judgement as to who the enemy is which in turn blurs class lines (My position on middle-class activists: This serves to perpetuate the class system and so we can not dismantle it.

– “Radical liberal” [sic]. Occupy and Anonymous are not revolutionary, they are for the most part reformist and if there is such a thing, radically liberal. Anarchism is a revolutionary tradition.

– Occupy and Anonymous are a distraction and they have no real idea as to who the actual enemy is.

– Most participants in both movements lack the economic and social background to have a real and cohesive idea of just what it is like to be at the bottom of the social pile.

– Too many wrong ‘uns in Occupy and Anonymous. Whilst there are some good and sincere people in both Anonymous and Occupy who have done some pretty good things (Like Anonymous shutting down child abuse sites, taking on the KKK, hacking the EDL and releasing far-right member’s details etc.) there are plenty of bad apples, too many and too close for comfort. This ranges from Occupy having tolerated rapists at Occupy camps, looking down on the homeless, hugging fascists and the police to perpetuating closet and outright anti-Jewish oppressive bullshit (Both Occupy and Anonymous) and having right-wing militias at Occupy camps.

– Some people put too much energy into Anonymous and Occupy which will lead the revolution nowhere (At least on its own).

– The symbology of Anonymous (The Guy Fawkes mask) co-opts and commercialises protest movements outside of the Anonymous and Occupy scene (And indeed their own).

– All social justice movements and scenes at one time or another have unwillingly been lumped into the same category as either Anonymous, Occupy or both. This is both annoying and unfair (Especially for those of us who don’t wish to be associated with either).

So, take the good and sincere people from both scenes if need be and fuck off the rest. If not that, fuck off the lot of them!


New Era win!

U.S. asset management company Westbrook Partners (Worth $11 billion) gained ownership of the New Era estate in East London and planned to evict residents and triple the rent (Tossers!). After a massive community based campaign residents have finally won! Something tangible for a change, finally a victory against property developing scum bags!

This just shows that we can win things and I really hope that this is the first of many!

Laurence Easeman

From Laurence Easeman: “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Jews…waaaaaaaaaaaaa…Marxists…waaaaaaaaaaaa…cultural Marxism…waaaaaaaaa…Luciana Berger…waaaaaaaaaaaa…dumb goy…waaaaaaaaaaaaa…usury…waaaaaaaaaaa…LiverJewpool…waaaaaaaaaaaa…the truth…waaaaaaaaaaaaa…freedom of speech…waaaaaaaaaa”

That’s about it really.

Yet more middle-class whinging…

Someone sent me this comment earlier which shows another person who is more a part of the problem than the solution (Precious middle-class spoilt kid):

Agree with everything but ”Class war are one of the strongest foundations of activism and revolutionary action in the UK” – they are in a fact a rather small, incredibly cliquey group of middle aged white blokes with a thirst to feel relevant again. They will never get anywhere and I’m glad for it“…LOL…says someone who latches onto any scene they can get they’re claws into and who has also been fucked off from the anti-fracking scene. Said person is a spoilt rich kid professional protester playing the revolutionary. I think said person so just fuck off back to plush and comfy Hampstead (Where mammy and daddy live).

Little Rich Kid does not know who I am but I know perfectly well who that person is as said person is a notorious leech and regular face on protests. But after all, this person does have such enlightening and well informed opinions such as “they are in a fact a rather small, incredibly cliquey group of middle aged white blokes” except for it being comprised of a roughly equal number of males and females, not everyone in it is white and not everyone in it is middle-aged either. Said person also turned up to the “poor door” demo last October after the London Anarchist Bookfair so if she hates Class War so much, finds them so repugnant then why bother associating with them by going to that demo?

Also there is “They will never get anywhere“, I am yet to see exactly what Little Rich Kid has done or is yet to do which will get anywhere. Obviously has no clue of the history of Class War or the story behind it so cry me a river whilst I play my violin you middle-class leech.

Basically Little Rich Kid hates working-class people, the idea of class struggle (Which is basically the spine of anarchism) and anything which excludes and shows up insincere middle-class activists for what they really are (Class War is an example of something which does a good job of excluding and exposing such people).

(My position on middle-class activists: