Tag: Why revolt in Turkey

At least 1235 workers died in 2013.

According to our compilation based on news items published in media, reports of labor organizations, and testimonies of workers and their families, at least 1235 workers died in 2013. Work murder, not work accident … As The Assembly for Workers’ Health and Work Security, we document deaths at workplace. The criteria for our documentation is …

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AKP talks about women.

This is a brief and incomplete compilation of what AKP leaders said about women, gender equality and feminism. It is part of our monthly theme “Why revolt in Turkey?”. Note that this is clearly not a list of all sexist or patriarchal discourse in Turkey. We aimed at a less ambitious goal of restricting our …

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How I was tortured on May Day – Umur Ozan

I am one of many who got detained on May Day in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. I wrote this text because I think everyone (and not only my family and friends) should know that what we experienced was unlawful. May Day was not a holiday in the advertising agency I work. Early in the morning I left my …

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