“Changing ASU for future female officers”

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Former officer sues


Russell says police denied her allegations


 by Tim Taylor
published on Thursday, April 29, 2004

The ASU Department of Public Safety has denied accusations of discrimination and sexual retaliation of a former female officer, according to the officer, Jenna Russell, who worked for ASU police at the west and main campuses from October 2002 through September 2003.

ASU police was unable to make any comments on the situation, said Cmdr. John Sutton.

Russell filed a sexual retaliation and discrimination suit against ASU police with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Jan. 26.
In it, Russell reported snide comments about her sexuality, disregard for her authority by a fellow officer and bogus negative reports of her field training. She also said that ASU West denied her a shift transfer when she was having a situation at home.

The EEOC sent Russell a “right to sue” letter on April 19 after deciding not to pursue the case, Russell said. That gives Russell the right to pursue legal action on her own. Russell recently hired Phoenix attorney Jerome Froimson and is continuing with the civil litigation through the courts.

She said that obtaining a job with another police department after taking legal action would be very difficult. “I’m pretty much blackballed after I do this,” she said. “I’m basically kissing my career goodbye.”

Russell resigned last August after she said she received three written reprimands in one day. She referred to those reprimands as “crap.” Her resignation became effective in September 2003.

Russell said ASU DPS’ denial of the accusations is an outright lie.

When the west, east and main campus departments converged in February 2003, she volunteered for what she thought was a two-week orientation. She discovered that she was to complete a 10-week field-training program identical to the one she had done for ASU West.

She completed it in seven weeks. Her scores in both field-training programs were above average, she said.

“I am determined that the truth will prevail, and I am not giving in,” said Russell. “I will make them change the way they treat their female officers in the future.”


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2 thoughts on ““Changing ASU for future female officers”

  1. Oneman1riot says:

    Of course they denied everything. They want you to believe that it’s just one lone complaint against the department, they want you to think it’s isolated and there’s no real problem. That is the problem.

    The lies, denial, and deception are tolerated again and again and thus encouraged. There’s a good reason guys with prior police experience are constantly shaking their heads here. A bunch of six figure ivory tower puffed suits can’t seem to realize there’s a problem. Oh well, they can’t continue writing checks to lawyers who do see the problems and will continue to see the problems of having a department that can’t serve it’s community.

  2. Thinblueline1 says:

    I heard how Pam was a nightmare for female officers, it’s a good thing for the organization she was replaced by Larry as the training sergeant, still have plenty of issues, no FTOs other than the training Sgt’s wife and an officer not off probation, but hey we’re slow here.

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