Shocking revelation! ASUPD can write citations. In other news, water is wet.

In the latest story from ASU’s State Press, Downtown Phoenix Campus students verbalized their disagreement with ASU’s new ban on smoking. Mind you, this policy is peer-enforced…has nothing to do with the PD whatsoever (despite the fact the university was initially misleading by having officers and random members of command “ask students nicely to stop smoking”).

ASUPD’s own Commander Chris “Sparky” Speranza was compelled enough to take the time out of his super busy day (ie, doing nothing) to make ASUPD look even more ridiculous. “There have been no citations for littering since the no-smoking policy went into effect”. Someone should inform him that he has two STELLAR Sergeants that have the ability to enforce the law, but that also requires them to 1) show up to work 2) dress out into their uniforms and 3) leave the Post Office. Maybe have an Officer enforce the littering law? Oh wait…they keep getting pulled to work at other campuses due to staffing concerns.

In case you were wondering about his street credibility folks, Sparky also said, “This [lack of littering citations] was not because the no-smoke policy is peer-enforced, as an ASU officer can issue a citation to any citizen”.

So just to clarify…we can write citations to any citizen. Gotcha. I was wondering what that book of citations was for!

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5 thoughts on “Shocking revelation! ASUPD can write citations. In other news, water is wet.

  1. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    “There have been no citations for littering since the no-smoking policy went into effect” Has there been a single citation for littering downtown? Can somebody name a single officer who issued a citation for littering over smoking? How about answering this question. How many weeks has the downtown campus gone without ANY OFFICER, not police aide, OFFICER coverage? I’m sure the people in charge down there don’t know crap about that.

    If a real situation happens they will have to talk to our dispatch who will have to call the Phoenix dispatch, who will have to find someone in their under staffed department not already on a priority call to come out and do ASUPD’s job. Just keep praying nothing happens, smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors, and lies.

    • PizzaPizza says:

      That pile a crap wouldn’t know his big nose from his IA hungry turd hole. He had the balls to says, when he was telling us to stop every single person jaywalking to FI them because it makes it look like we are doing something and obviously makes him look better, but also said that “these student can’t afford to pay the ticket they get, hell I can’t even afford it.” Wtf are you kidding me. All he cares about is black balling people with IAs.

  2. indeedYOUsay says:

    More fluff to stuff the holes in the leaking ship USS ASUPD. He might have well said, “Lookout Squirrel! See that, I protected you from a nut thief. Since I have been standing here not a single crime has been reported to me.”

    The truth of a non-patrolled downtown campus, no backup on other campus’s, critical staffing lows in Tempe because we have no officers remains to be mentioned.

  3. Supervisor Facepalm says:

    Well it looks as if Sparky is the new department spin doctor instead of Hardina. Unless the serious problems we have get fixed sooner than later, any press release like this undermines our credibility as an agency. We can’t run around enforcing ASU policy as if it is AZ law.

    That’s why they go from talking about the tobacco free policy and then not writing citations for littering with cigarette butts. We don’t want to be known as the agency who takes petty enforcement measures. We want to be known as the agency who takes public safety seriously, who catches bad guys and keeps them out of the university.

    This article is a joke, the subject matter is a joke until you realize they are being serious, then it’s just pathetic.

  4. DL500unit says:

    This interview is deceptive in the way it intentionally promotes the idea we are doing more than what we’re doing by addressing an issue that doesn’t exist.

    Does anyone know of any officer who wrote a littering citation downtown? Are they having police aides write tickets? Is this the new ethical standard for university law enforcement? If you don’t have any good news to report then make something up? I have a problem with that.

    It makes us look like a group of petty liars who are playing the gotcha game with otherwise law abiding students when what we should be doing is busting the real criminals dealing dangerous drugs to them and reporting on that. Instead we will have to conduct damage control about how we didn’t know anything, how Vista Del Sol is off campus housing(it’s not), and lie again shaming every one of us. I have a problem with that.

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