Chief’s Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about the Chief’s Advisory board; what issues are being addressed with the Chief, and what steps command staff has taken to pull back its department from the brink of disaster.

Attached are the Chief’s Advisory Board meeting minutes from 10/17/13. We’re posting this primarily so the public can see that ASUPD’s employees have made EVERY effort to address the department’s problems with the Chief directly, and even posed possible solutions to each problem individually. Pickens STILL has yet to take ANY action to wrangle the department’s problems (despite the fact this meeting was TWO MONTHS AGO), and he has now actually removed himself from his own advisory board!!

Nearly everything stated on the Chief’s behalf is a half-truth: the clicks DO run the department; you’re NOT being personally attacked by the blog, Chief (you are professionally though!); you have NOT fixed the requisition process; you do NOT have magical ideas that will benefit the department that are so secret none of us can know; and the idea that you’re unaware of the problem, Chief, and thus you can’t address the issues at hand.

EVERY issue discussed in the advisory board meeting has been also mentioned on The Integrity Report in one form or another, (with the primary difference being the person discussing the problems/solutions in the advisory board is much more articulate and concise than we are). We count ourselves among the masses of people that have attempted to make you aware of the problems in YOUR department, Chief, but you still deny there are massive problems in the PD.

Chief, in your own words: “the communication lines are open”…you actually have to pick up the phone, though.

Chief Advisory Board Minutes of Meeting

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18 thoughts on “Chief’s Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    Oh this is wonderful. The chief has all these problems outlined in front of him for two months and hasn’t done a god damn thing about them?!? If the issues don’t affect you then who cares, more business as usual crap that damages our organization.

    IS this another 10 year plan we were two years into, but 5 years late in starting? This is more asleep at the wheel bullshit, while more and more people walk out of the department, taking years of experience with them, the car continues driving along the train tracks. Can you hear it?

    I would like to say thank you. Thank you for driving people out and leaving us with a bunch of cocky rookies who don’t have enough sense to go home after work or rookie supervisors (KF) sob crying out loud over our police radios getting code 20’ed by dispatch. That’s who I want backing me up in a fight or managing my career paperwork. Unbelievable.

    Thanks for the fail you set us up for, thanks for the embarrassment when Tempe, DPS, and MCSO come and handle ASUPD business because we can’t staff anything anywhere except an occasional overtime detail. Are the rookies going to make a difference? No. Everyone except sergeants and up are simply tired of it and guess what that means?

    These issues should have been aggressively acted upon and the problems fixed ASAP. There are no acceptable excuses for the way things are, none.

    • DL500unit says:

      About the thanks part… I think you’re being a little hard on traffic boy wonder. He will learn, it will take time, but he’s fine. As far as the person you mentioned crying on a police radio who knows what that drama was all about?

      It could have been an open mike at a really bad time, it could be a fit for duty issue, but what does it say about the squad’s concern when they ignore it and dispatch had to check on her later, and she was back at the station by then? That says volumes. I guess karma is a bitch when you follow Pamster’s leadership example. There’s no crying in uniform on the radio, in public, that’s ridiculous.

    • QuickCallTempe! says:

      If an officer, corporal, supervisor, whatever can’t control herself over the radio in a protected safe zone controlled environment (university policing) then what good is she going to be on a “bad day” where real police work needs to happen? When people are running the other way and you have to run into the scene? Useless fluff.

      Keep in mind this is just another supervisor who winks and smiles at command while running people out with her attitude, prolific paper writing, and inability to be a people person and relate.

      She did a Internal Affair “investigation” and full paper write up on an officer for not remembering to do his time card. This officer promptly applied elsewhere and said, “Fuck you” with his feet as he left with four days notice.

      The poster “Comeonnow” was asking for a real world citable example, well there it is. Don’t forget the other what 5 officers doing the same? What about the rest with applications everywhere? Comment on that please.

      As I’m reading through these minutes I am upset at all the chief’s attempts to maneuver around the real problems and ignore them the way they have been ignored for years. It’s not about new bodies to drive out, it’s about retention and making this a place they want to work at for a change? 1000 EX disgruntled employees can’t be wrong, aren’t the problem.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      “Traffic boy wonder” is a great nickname for him, his traffic exploits are known at every campus. As far as a Large mouth bass impersonating a police officer and crying over the recorded dispatch radio that just fills in more of the blanks, stay on the campus, look tough.

    • 311 says:

      I don’t know who the traffic guy is, this is a fault of many young officers, nothing new. As far as Katie’s squad is concerned try to help the people you work with, even supervisors, become better people by being a positive influence for them, even if they are doing negative things with employees they supervise. Maybe that will make a change, maybe not, but at least you are on record doing the right thing.

      If you don’t believe that is possible or don’t have the patience then ignore them and stay away from them so their toxicity doesn’t affect you, which looks like this may have happened in this case.

    • jpcode11 says:

      Well put, rookie backup, rookie supervisors, all used to nothing happening what could go wrong when something really does happen? Sobcry is a perfect example of diversity over qualification.

      You get respect from me by earning it on the street, not by being a reformed department pass around bitter betty badge bunny who got lucky break after lucky break, passing over more qualified candidates for what reason?

      Earn things legitimately if you want respect, do things to earn respect instead of lose it otherwise you will be in a code 20 situation and nobody will notice.

  2. DL500unit says:

    Let’s be honest here. The chief/command met with an outside review board they paid for in 2011. The chief only listened to the positive, ignored everything that mentioned a need for improvement. He hand picks this board 2013, mostly of bobbleheads, but some with integrity to tell the truth and mention issues.

    He had it for months and now what? What has been done chief? How many more “worker bees” will fly up and out of this place before you implement anything positive and proactive? Change for the better? I’ll believe it when I see it and not a moment sooner. There is so much to comment on about this I will have to come back to it. It’s amazing this is a hand picked group where nothing is shared with the rest of the department. Yeah, a lot of us are leaving or want to leave, but some of us want to improve this police department so that it can really work. Why hide the minutes when you have no idea who’s who or knows what?

  3. Supervisor Facepalm says:

    These are something that should have been shared with the whole department because they concern the whole department. I don’t understand the lock and key approach to these other than the embarrassment that will come from unhindered criticism on here.

    The primary concern should be doing positive things to fix the department. Bad opinions will change to good ones if that happens. Fretting over negativity will make you unable to act effectively at all. Move forward and make the changes that need to happen.

  4. RUkiddingMe says:

    The wrapping on the golden present has ripped off and is clear for everyone to see…and watch it be ignored.

    It’s not about the chief NOT having the answers presented, it’s about him DOING SOMETHING with the information provided to him. His command staff are yes men/women, who will continue along the same path, and keep this department from realizing its potential.

    The chief brought nearly all of his third floor up through the ranks of ASUPD, skipping over or neglecting to look for more qualified candidates who are plenty in the local law enforcement community, if you go outside for a national search there are many more. That’s the transfusion this organization needs, from the top, not getting more sane people in from the bottom and watch them leave.

    Proactive positive action to fix age old departments sounds nice, but is not realistic. From what we have heard he is more interested in finding who is running the blog, who’s posting, and retaliation. He went to ASU IT who told him they can’t do anything outside ASU, he had internal employees tell him about the legalities because he, as chief of a police department, doesn’t know, he has sent employees on snooper missions, but nobody knows anything.

    In fact so much energy, department time, state money has been wasted in these efforts, in super secret meetings, that if it was spent doing positive things he probably would get the respect deserved for doing the right thing, respect on here, respect at work. In either place it is lacking and for good reason.

  5. indeedYOUsay says:

    This is great, another department secret that shouldn’t, couldn’t stay secret for long. This was done in October…and what’s new?

    On the last meeting the talk was about standardization of the patrol cars, blood sucking mosquitoes running wild inside the department (the bugs, not people this time), and requisitions going faster.

    #1 The reason people are fleeing ASUPD like a zombie hoard is…standardization of the patrol cars.

    #2 The reason people are fleeing ASUPD like a zombie hoard is…blood sucking mosquitoes running wild inside the department.

    #3 The reason people are fleeing ASUPD like a zombie hoard is…requisitions going slow for no apparent reason. We have plenty of money from salary savings.

    It sounds like the chief’s advisory board hit a wall. Supposedly the chief won’t be attending any more and has delegated people to attend for him. I don’t get it. Maybe he needs to spend even more time with the football team because they need him more than the department.

    • Justanotherdispensible50 says:

      Sounds like the last meeting was a deflated blow out compare to the first one. My god, is it really that hard to figure out the problems with the department? The answers are here on this blog, the answers are in the advisory board. Put the two together and it’s a win. Nope, let’s keep spinning wheels in the quagmire, call it going places.

      A lot of emphasis has been placed on talking down to this platform and ignoring advisory meetings, it’s time to spend some effort fixing things before you’re back in front of the media lying about another near miss or a complete fuck up. Let’s get on top of the next disaster, not under it.

  6. Captain Obvious says:

    I really enjoyed reading these and seeing some people at least address real issues and take the welfare of our department, university, seriously. Like some of the other posters the secrecy is counterproductive to the mission of the advisory board. The cure to cancer does nobody any good if never shared.

    Even if the chief doesn’t like what people on the blog are saying, their suggestions, responses are ones that can help him! At least they will be among the most honest. An occasional middle finger is just part of the job, we’re a police department, not a fire department.

  7. FlamingPileMallcoppery says:

    By having these minutes on this page for download I feel like Robin Hood just snatched them from an evil tyrant in time for Christmas, good job! Having said that I read them and asked, WTF? Why can’t the whole department share in the process that will go nowhere? Afterall we all had to share in the raise process.

    You know where we sat and heard the chief lie about us only getting a 1.5% raise and that he went to his boss to, “…fight for more” to bump us up to the minimum state mandated raises everyone else was getting no matter what job they did for the university. It doesn’t make any sense. Don’t pretend you will change the department if you won’t, dont lie to us.

  8. 311 says:

    It’s strange these minutes were kept a secret, but from what I’ve seen I am not surprised. These really need to be department wide, making them secret is a leadership fault. Everyone needs to be able to give input in order to come to the best conclusion. Having said that it is kind of funny you were able to get “state secrets” and expose them here on the link at the bottom of the article.

  9. jpcode11 says:

    You got the top secret meeting minutes, play by play. The Patriots might recruit you for their NFL intel gathering mission. I’m glad you pulled the curtains off the champagne room, now everyone can see what’s going on in there.

    For the chief to say, “The communication lines are open.” is the biggest joke. He has told so many people over the years he didn’t want to hear what they had to say. This is probably another horrendous lie meant to uncover more data for their unofficial IA that, like these minutes, isn’t so top secret anymore either.

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