Racist frat party highlights ASU’s discrepancy in addressing problems!

On Thursday, January 23, 2014, ASU’s President Michael Crow issued an official statement slamming the racist actions of an ASU fraternity on Dr. Martin Luther King day (the fraternity, TKE, held an MLK-themed party in which participants wore stereotypical hip-hop clothes, flashed gang signs, and drank out of watermelon cups).

In his statement, Crow says, “TKE was suspended on January 20, 2014 for hosting an unregistered, off-campus event on January 19, 2014 that encouraged a racially-incentive theme and created an environment conducive to underage consumption of alcohol. ASU is continuing to investigate the actions of individual fraternity members and other students who may have attended the party under the ASU Student Code of Conduct. When students gather as part of a university recognized organization, whether it is a varsity sports team, the student newspaper, an academic club or a fraternity, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the core values of ASU, which include respect for all people, races and cultures. The TKE party held last weekend was not held on campus and was not a sanctioned university event.”

This party managed to elicit a response and reaction from the PRESIDENT of ASU practically overnight! What distinguishes this specific party from any of the other egregious actions committed by members of ASU’s Greek community is the fact that this party made national news. CNN’s Anderson Cooper called these ASU students “morons” in a 2 1/2 minute segment on CNN.

Contrast this situation to that which is transpiring currently at ASUPD: a department chronically plagued with low morale, low staffing, and a litany of issues in regards to sexual harassment, mismanagement of public funds, and a training program rife with legal liability. Why is Michael Crow so quick to decry this specific situation, when far bigger issues go unaddressed? The simple answer is negative publicity. When something so overtly disgusting–such as a racist party–makes the national headlines, ASU’s primary concern is saving face. Notice how in Crow’s statement, he asserts TWICE that this incident was NOT university sanctioned, and was off campus (in a recent dorm room drug bust, ASU press releases also emphasized that the incident occurred “off campus”). After all, having a university which is known for partying, crime, and racism is bad for business. ASU is desperately attempting to revamp its public image so more parents feel safe sending their kids here, which equals more $$ for Crow and the rest of ASU’s administrators.

Michael Crow is acutely aware of the situation at ASUPD and is frantically trying to control the negative press and buzz generated by The Integrity Report. He has dispatched Kevin Salcido (head of ASU HR) to do a half-hearted “investigation” on assertions made on this blog. This investigation exists solely to minimize the university’s liability in the chance that ASUPD’s dirty laundry ever becomes public (ASU will assert that they had no knowledge of what was happening at the PD, and will blame Chief Pickens).

The true irony in Crow’s statement is that while ASU students are expected to adhere to a code of conduct, employees are rarely held accountable to their own code of conduct. This becomes obvious when a handful of employees (none of which have been reprimanded or fired) are the common denominator in virtually every problem at ASUPD. The larger issue then becomes a question of how much more negative press linked to ASUPD is Michael Crow willing to tolerate? Issues which were once only known within the confines of the department have now spread like wildfire throughout the law enforcement AND civilian community in Arizona–it is a matter of time before ASUPD’s problems also make national news.

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20 thoughts on “Racist frat party highlights ASU’s discrepancy in addressing problems!

  1. DL500unit says:

    Clearly Crow doesn’t take action until something gets enough publicity. Ok, get more publicity…

    Crow doesn’t take action until it could affect the money supply coming into this campus …publicity.

    If you want to solve the problems with a failed ASUPD command who ruined the department they’re in charge of get more publicity because until then there’s no motivation to act.

  2. smokey261 says:

    Before this thing is over Chief Pickens, his command, and the bad eggs they protected for years will have cost this institution a lot of headache, money, and damage to it’s reputation. Self serving shit does not make for good leadership material.

    You have a party school where dangerous drugs are as easy to acquire as a pizza, you have a university police department unable to handle what’s far more than “some students drinking”, putting a spin on every story you couldn’t keep out of the press will not cut it.

    Ignoring the situation, manipulating Clery stats, the media, amounts to nothing more than crooked corrupt sleazeball management and it will all be exposed because you chose to take no action to fix our workplace. Start wearing two pairs of underwear, you’ll need it.

  3. yurhuckleberry says:

    Nobody likes a rascist because they run around acting like they’re better than other people, they impose themselves on people with intolerance, and when given the chance they abuse the power they have against people. In short they’re assholes.

    Nobody likes a dictator, communists, or fascists for all the same reasons. They’re assholes too.

    Just because we find something offensive it doesn’t give us the right to amend or strip away the first amendment rights of other Americans with our power, our policies, or whatever. If you do, then you’re just another asshole.

    Use your words, thoughts, ideas, powers of speach, influence just like any other American to avoid becoming every free person’s worst nightmare.

    I expected more from people claiming to be intelligencia, but I’m not surprised. Think about it, if you can’t convince with thought, discussion, you only promote the same type of ignorance that comes from racism.

  4. QuisCustodietIpsosCustodes says:

    I ask you read my whole post before going with the gut response of rage.

    Here is the long and short of it, negative press is not going to affect a ton of change with the PD. We have had extremely negative press involving the death of a student with no changes coming as a result. That kid that drowned in Tempe Town Lake, his mother found his shoe, said on national news that ASU did not seem to have the manpower or capability to handle her sons case and the Tempe PD spokesman threw the department under the bus on the news. You tell me, what change has this brought about?

    The author of this site may think they are affecting great change, but really has anything happened? The indeed posts brought about what? A drop in recruitment perhaps, OK we are sparing some folks from our fate, but what else? It pisses command off for a bit, but even though the author may think JP is “Shitting his pants” he/she is merely tilting at windmills, thinking he/she is slaying giants but in reality nothing is really happening.

    Why not? It boils down to one word…proof. Without it this site is just a pity party where disgruntled employees can whine and post libelous statements that can really put folks in a bind. When intelligent counter arguments are posted, (people asking for proof) like the previous “time theft” argument the entire post gets deleted removing credibility from the site and its author.

    Command staff knows, that if there was concrete proof of serious misdeeds something would have been brought to AZ Post. Instead are we trying to rely on the media to carry our banner forward? What banner do we even have? I do not want the change to come at the cost of one of my brothers or sisters lives in the line of duty.

    So what can we do? Start documenting and consolidating actual proof. If people are falsifying reports document it, (look in report viewer you can see everyone’s reports). Staffing levels, document it. Time theft, document it…there are card reader logs and camera footage that can be requested in legal action. Supervisors sitting at their desk all day/night or not even dressing out, document it. I am sure the author of the site would be more than happy to gather the information since they seem positively enraged by the PD. (God I hope the author is a current employee and not someone who got canned, or the credibility is really shot)

    Do we know someone who would be willing to request the department’s budget? It is public information, but no one (including me, i do have a family to feed) wants to have their name on the request.

    What my first rant here boils down to is this, with no proof there is nothing. Writing here in some dusty corner of the internet will not bring about any real and lasting change. It is time to start gathering hard evidence, once we have it, then and only then do we have a case.

    • theintegrityreport says:


      Thank you for comment. Rage is never a feeling we exercise while we’re writing on The Integrity Report. It only serves the purpose of clouding judgement and harms the credibility of what we’re writing about. Again, we must emphasize the creators of the site are a separate entity then the commenters; we have never once responded with anything remotely resembling rage.

      Now, on to the rest of your comment. You raise a valid point when discussing the heat ASUPD received over its investigation of the student who drown in Tempe Town Lake. Yes, the department did receive a lot of negative press, but in the context of what else was going on at the time, that was a single incident. What is causing an issue for ASUPD currently is that because staffing is so low, the ability for department to keep a handle on the crime problem is becoming more obvious. This is evident by the ongoing amount of negative press since the school year in regard to “party patrols”, Tempe PD/MCSO working on campus to combat alcohol problems, the drug bust at Vista, etc. Therefore, there isn’t just one fleeting moment of negative press associated with one case, it is now a chronic issue.

      Several things have happened as a result of the blog that you may not have been aware of. First, it has deterred applicants from applying. We have received several emails from prospective employees who are concerned about the state of the department, and ask us questions. We do not discourage anyone from applying, but several prospective employees have told us they have reconsidered ASUPD as a career choice. Secondly, we have received feedback from students, parents, faculty, and other in the LE community who have expressed to us their concerns over the material here. It’s harmed ASUPD’s reputation, and in LE…reputation is everything.

      The Chief and Command are extremely concerned over the blog; one merely needs to walk on the third floor and feel the tension. JP and Command staff do not arbitrarily organize mandatory meetings with various satellite campuses because they want to; they’re concerned about the increasing amount of dissent in the department, which in turn threatens their livelihood. A few members of Command staff are looking to jump off ASUPD’s sinking ship for this very reason.

      And proof? You seemed to have missed the articles we posted which analyzed the amount of money the FTO program has spent, or looked at how ASUPD’s crime and staffing statistics compare to other university PDs of the same size. We have a significant amount of physical documentation in regards to other topics that have been addressed on this site previously; we are concerned about posting it as to not burn the sources of intel from which they came, but they will be forthcoming, in time. You wrongly assume that we haven’t been documenting all the circumstances you describe…we have been. Additionally, instances like a particular supervisor not dressing out (Sgt. Pam Osborne) has been observed by at least a dozen employees on two different campuses; this situation is common knowledge. We were lazy to offhandedly mention time theft in the post you mentioned, not because it isn’t true, but because it is so massive, it requires its own post.

      If what is said here was so inaccurate, so removed from the truth, then why does it continue to be discussed? If this is just “some dusty corner of the internet” then why are you taking the time to comment on this blog?

      In regards to a public records request, it is in the pipeline. We are at the mercy of a department who obviously doesn’t want to release its budget, so we can’t do anything but wait.

      And of course you don’t want to have your name on the request, because that would imply you would have stuck your neck out for someone other than yourself. Letting someone else do the dirty work while others like yourself standby and criticize is cowardly, just like observing misdeeds while saying nothing is cowardly. This attitude has done nothing but destroy what could have been a great place to work. This is what could cost one of our brothers or sisters to lose their lives in the line of duty–cowardliness and selfishness.

    • QuisCustodietIpsosCustodes says:

      As there is no option to reply directly to response left by the integrity report I shall do so here.

      Thank you for responding, I am glad that you do take an interest in the comments. I think you may have missed some of the points in my response. I did acknowledge the recruiting hit, but I am not sure what your perception of the situation is, but every time I have been on the third floor the command staff seems no more uptight than usual. There is no air of tension that you have spoken of.

      I never actually mentioned a non-dressing supervisor by name, I have heard rumors about the one you mentioned, but that is not who I was referring to. I have no first hand knowledge in her particular case.

      Your argument about your articles providing “proof” is a fallacy. What you are providing are mere opinion pieces, hearsay and simple compare and contrast essays. Where is the evidence that can affect change? Staffing has always been an issue at the department, many people, President Crow included have been aware of this for a long time, simply having this knowledge does not change anything. Proof of the things that can bring about change, like falsifying documentation prior to accreditation inspections, this is what will affect change.

      I like the circular logic used by theintegrityreport that by my posting here it means that they are not removed from the truth, or inaccurate. The discussion equals validation. What? The crazy preacher outside the MU is shocking at first, but then just becomes background noise over time…just because someone engages him in conversation does this validate and prove everything he is saying?

      I think one of my favorite parts of the comment by theintegrityreport has to be the last paragraph where you imply that I am a coward. You do not know me or my history, and by saying thus you show your opinion of everyone who posts here. Why have they not done anything? Does posting in a comment section of a blog equal true and lasting action?

      You have never led have you? What you have done is call people to action, to rise up and rebel against the command staff. Well, lead from the front, do not just sit in the rear and try and have everyone sacrifice themselves for you.

      Early on when I began reading the blog. I had hopes that you would take the reins, to lead and organize the gathering of information to be presented to AZ POST and ABOR and it was in frustration at the lack of any real action that I finally posted. Apparently this was a mistake.

      I see now what theintegrityreport is, someone on a quest for vengeance against the PD, merely a disgruntled employee (current or former) who is deluding themselves and like any conspiracy nut assuring us that they have documents. What information you have gathered yourself and sporadic pieces sent in by readers? You had a chance to really organize the gathering of information and time and again have failed to do so.

      You imply that I am selfish and a coward for stating that I did not want to put my family’s primary source of income in jeopardy by doing a budget request (how many kids do you have?) and for being honest lies are how you reward me?

      You said that a public records request was in the pipeline, that the department does not want to release its budget. I hate to tell you ASU PD is part of a state run entity, namely ASU any requests are not submitted to, or controlled by the Police Department. The budget is requested through ASU and ABOR and you can request specific departments within the University (e.g. athletics, liberal arts, police etc) the individual entities have no say whatsoever in their budget being released. ARS 39-121 ensures that the information must be open to inspection during business hours. ASU PD is not the custodian of the information and it is a four step process to request said information, and the PD has no say in the release of the information as it is a state-run agency.

      You talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. You imply cowardice and feed us lies in response to honesty.

      Integrity? Try having some yourself.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      This has never been, nor will it ever be an issue of vengeance. Once emotions become involved, the discussion becomes convoluted. This will always be about doing the right thing. We are very far from disgruntled, actually. It would be far easier to launch into a tirade of personal insults and gossip than it would to piece together information from various sources.

      We’re not leading the troops to rebel against the command staff, doing so would imply we’re some underground organization. We’re not. We’re reporting on the situation that is transpiring currently within the department which has never been done before. Discussion does not equal validation, you are very much correct in that statement; however, nearly all feedback we have received about the blog has been that it is quite accurate (a few members of command staff agree, too).

      Again, you wrongly assume sir we haven’t been gathering more documentation and information to present to either AZPOST, ABOR, or a federal entity. Building a tangible, solid package to present is a process, one that doesn’t occur overnight. It has been an ongoing process before the inception of the blog. We obviously know that ASU is required to release information via a FOIA request. ASUPD, however, can drag its feet in releasing the information because there is no specified time requirement in which they have to comply. Policies requiring ASU to have their records available for inspection during business hours are never followed. This is evidenced by the handful of employees who have requested their personnel or training records and were either flatly denied, or delayed significantly.

      And to answer your final point, no, posting in a comment section does not imply any sort of lasting action. What is signifies is an individual person that has decided to speak out (even in a minor way) and give their disapproval about how people are treated at ASUPD. Observing wrongs done to others–either individuals or the system itself–and saying or doing nothing is equally as bad as the action itself. We’re not asking you to request the budget, we’re not asking you to give us documents either. Having the mindset in your previous comment that “nothing changed before, why will it change now?” just serves as an excuse to do nothing while others attempt to do something.

      Even though we do not agree with your comments, we welcome your feedback. If we were so set on putting out “lies”, we obviously wouldn’t have approved your comments.

    • QuisCustodietIpsosCustodes says:

      I am glad you welcome my feedback and that you are capable of stringing together coherent thoughts, it proves a higher order of intelligence than some of the knuckle draggers who immediately resort to swearing when things do not go their way.

      The fact that you have kept your responses collected here at least lends credence to you actually seeking change and not some form of vengeance.

      I am glad you are gathering documentation, there has not been indications of this in previous posts, current events sure, but where is the smoking gun? This is where my frustrations lay, where is the proof, sure feedback about the blog may be positive but it really has not changed much in the PD.

      What information do you need? You obviously misconstrued my first post, believing that my mindset was that of nothing has changed before, why would it change now? No, I am giving you insight into the mindset of those up on the third floor, they may have gotten a little worried at first. But guess what? Nothing has happened so it is back to business as usual. Until there is some real accountability nothing will change.

      Real accountability will only come from proof of willful violation of the law, misappropriation of funds, violation of civil rights, you know, the little things.

      Now, let us start discussing a golden bullet that you already hold and the one that still makes me wonder if you are blowing sunshine up our jumper. That is the information request, the budget report is NOT under the control of the police department.

      Personnel and training records, are within the control of the department. I think I made it fairly obvious that I was not talking about personnel or training records requests. Arizona Public Records Law is clear and if there is any resistance to the request the law is on the side of the individual making the request. That is one hell of an opening volley (even though the PD has no control of the information).

      Gather your evidence and ask uncomfortable questions at an ABOR meeting (it is all on the record). If you do not want to be in the spotlight write them:

      2020 N. Central Avenue
      Suite 230
      Phoenix, AZ 85004-4593

      Or email them, just do a Google search, the information is all right there. Do not do so, though until there is actual, concrete proof of misdeed. If you come at them with hearsay and supposition you are going to smacked back into the ether and may lose your one good shot.

      As far as allowing comments to be posted meaning there is absolute transparency, can you tell me what happened to the entire “time theft” string? I should hope you allow us the same freedom of speech that you enjoy here in every post.

      I warn you however, there is a large difference between free speech and libelous speech so I advise caution to you and anyone who posts here. ASU has far greater funding and talent at their disposal and could easily mop the floor with most of us in a court of law. If you are not sure, look it up, do not give them any ammo to be used against you.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      Thank you again for your response.

      There are several things we have been working on behind the scenes, and as previously mentioned, we’re waiting to finalize them before we post. Divulging what is not currently finished only allows the PD/university time to craft a reaction.

      We know you weren’t referring to personnel records, but some specific parts of the budget (such as requisitions, receipts…line level accountability) are somewhat under control of the department. Business and finance would obviously be responsible for releasing the budgetary information, but they would require documentation from ASUPD to break down the budget even further. This is where the PD has the ability to drag its feet (much like it has for the previously mentioned records requests) which isn’t necessarily illegal; state law does not specify a time frame in which is needs to respond to the request.

      We have had some initial contact with both AZPOST and ABOR, but nothing substantial as of yet. We want to make sure everything is rock solid before we engage them in a serious discussion.

      As for the assertion of time theft…we mentioned before it was sloppy on our part to mention it in passing. It deserves its own post and will eventually be addressed there. There have been far too many supervisors we have seen regularly leave early or come in late (we are talking weeks and months, not a day or two) under the guise of “flexing their hours” or “working from home”. This is wrong and only serves to harm the department.

      Thank you for your warning in regard to the free speech/libel issue. We are acutely aware that ASU wants the blog silenced via legal means, so it is always something that we keep in mind. That being said, the burden of proof really exists on them to prove the content is false, caused harm, and there was a reckless disregard for the truth.

      Again, thank you for your input.

    • Thinblueline1 says:

      In your reply after this you say, “You talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. You imply cowardice and feed us lies in response to honesty.”

      1. In your time here what have you done to “walk the walk”? Did you start a blog? Did you offer and evidence to help it out, try fix the department? There is a “contact us” button at the top of the page.

      2. When you say, “feed us lies in response to honesty” what lies are you talking about? If this blog was full of lies we wouldn’t have so many department people saying it’s true, checking in on it on a regular basis.

    • Supervisor Facepalm says:

      I can validate some of what you are saying, specifically more work is needed with official documents to substantiate cases. You imply that because official documents, sound, video, etc hasn’t been published here, therefore there’s no validity. That’s not right.

      It looks like the blog has been active for less than a year, 5 months, and I hear about all kinds of interesting things that make me smile. You have been here how many years? Have you seen anything, done anything, in that period of time to compare and contrast? I understand your impatience for change, also being here for years, the tendency to say, “Hey you need to do this!” that’s why I email the blog and have an offline discourse with them. Trying to discredit these guys online only looks like an attempt to hurt the cause you claim to believe in and seems rather disingenuous.

    • EMBUDO says:

      The Integrity Report blog has already brought some well overdue positive changes within the department. Some of the positive changes also have been brought about by official documentation by some employee(s) alerting the university’s leadership.

      In the coming days, weeks, and months, some, current and former employees, will be asked to provide fact-based documentation on alleged incidents or human relationship violations that they may have witnessed or been, themselves, a victim to such violations.

      Please, if you get an online 360 assessment, complete the 360 assessment. The university is acutely aware that the department has some major problems that should have been addressed and fixed long ago. At least give the university a chance to help us move forward in a positive and meaningful direction.

      Keep a steady and laser-focus on what we all want at the end: A healthy working environment that is free of bullying, intimidation, and harassment. No one in the department has the license to ever treat another human being like disposable chattel.

      We have some of the most capable and articulate people in the department who know right from wrong, who have the highest of integrity and ethics. So let’s start turning the dynamics of the department in a positive way; continue to cull your factual-based information for presentation to the university, AZPOST, ABOR or any other outside entity.

      I am confident that the current management and leadership landscape will be changing, it has to! Again, just keep laser-focused and document, document, document!

  5. DoneSon says:

    Mike Crow’s ass gave birth to a ten pound baby turd when the press caught wind of the frats activities on MLK day. You are correct, Mike Crow reacts more to a private fraternity party stunt done in bad taste than he reacted to anything. ASU kids die or get beaten nearly to death, dangerous drugs and narcotics flood the party school campus, kids overdose, and nobody blinks an eye.

    This is just one more reason to keep pushing for accountability in leadership. The workplace issues at Chief John Picken’s police department will increasingly become Mike Crow’s university wide issues. Does he think a group of highly motivated officers can’t figure out how that’s going to happen? It’s only logical, since he condones the management here, therefore he can share in the heaps to come as this fans out affecting university recruitment, funding,until public safety accountability becomes standard, until taking care of the people protecting you becomes acceptable.

    If the in house employee issues were handled then there would be no need to keep expanding this. The chief, by his unwillingness to take any action to deal with the problem people, has become the “chief” problem. Any real leader with street cop leadership experience, who led more than a koolaide stand with POLICE written on it, would understand this.

    A real leader would have identified and corrected the 1001 ASUPD issues before they got out of control. Claiming ignorance is no excuse, it’s the chief’s job to know what’s going on in his small organization.

    The word is out in the law enforcement community. When officers from agencies all over the land, who never had business with ASU are asking about what they read on the blog, the word is out and it will go beyond words.

    You have good points, but that doesn’t mean they are not being addressed simply because you can’t see them here. The department is benefiting from people not making themselves known. If you have random bits of intel you know where to send it in order to help the cause of changing this department for the better. Nobody believes the chief’s public apology tour of incredible vagueness because we’ve become acclimated to having smoke blown up our asses. None of this is going away, nobody is giving up, no fucking way, not till the job is done.

  6. fixmycorruptpd says:

    QuisCustodietIpsosCustodes…you have proven nothing more than the fact you’re a self-righteous administration stooge who’s just out for himself, out of touch with the reality of this department and your own reality.

    First you sound sympathetic to the blog with an attempt to offer advice, but less than 24 hours later you put your head back in your ass condemning the whole enterprise. Go back to massaging balls on the third floor to make commander since you have given up on trying to improve the department and refuse to provide the blog with anything of merit.

    • QuisCustodietIpsosCustodes says:

      Shhhhhh, adults are talking here. theintegrityreport has at least proven themselves intelligent and capable of discourse. Based on your current and previous posts I suggest you crawl back under your bridge at your outlying campus and go back to terrorizing goats.

      You have no clue as to the merit of my posts, and more importantly it is what I do not post that shows where my loyalties are. You see, I have figured out who the author of this blog is… and I would not reveal it to you, or anyone other than the author. I want change as much as you do, I am just tired of all talk and no results.

    • Supervisor Facepalm says:

      Ouch, that’s harsh. Come on kids, can’t we all get along?

    • DL500unit says:

      QuisCustodietIpsosCustodes, by impatiently waiting a whole 5 months for sweeping change after nothing has been done for years and expecting others to charge forward while you linger behind is cowardly. You can’t deny this.

      If you’re tired of talk and no results then it looks like you have a few options.

      1. Be the change you want to see in this department and contribute information that helps.

      2. Sit on the sidelines heckling that everything isn’t going as fast as you want it to. Be hypocritical in your charges, claiming you have a family to feed but we don’t.

      3. Shut the fuck up and continue sitting this out waiting for the change we work for…on our schedule.

      Suggestions are welcome, but the condescending, I’m better than you, my poop don’t stink, know it all asshole routine is all too familiar.

  7. popo39machine says:

    Black gangs are targeting whites, kidnapping, raping, torturing, killing, and nobody says anything in the news. No race based discrimination through public pressure groups came out for them.

    Reverse discrimination is alive and well in the 21st century and political correctness makes me sick. I have friends of every color and persuasion, what the hell is wrong with people? People who want special rights over others for their race, religion, ethnicity, or whatever they were born with are wrong, it’s that simple.

    It has been said before and I’ll say it again, Crow’s use of ASU policy because he can’t use rely on a law is just like the university tobacco and no wheel bans, it’s an attempt to aggressively use policy where laws don’t apply and it’s un-American at the new-American university.

  8. Supervisor Facepalm says:

    This issue got blown entirely out of proportion. Did the NAACP really think the Arizona State University had anything to do with the actions of the fraternity at a unknown, unsponsored, private party off campus? Of course not. Did they use this to shamelessly generate publicity at the expense of constitutional rights? Yes.

    Where was the NAACP when the Black Panther organization was violating voter rights by using coercion, threats and intimidation at voting areas in PA? How can you advance the cause of civil rights and Dr. Martin Luther King when you allow incidents like this to go unchecked? This gives racists on the other side fuel for their hate.

    The fact people are still playing the race card for every little incident in the 21st century makes me more sick than what the frats were doing because the frats are young ignorant people who have a lot of learning to do. If the party didn’t take place on the MLK holiday nobody would have known or said a word. It was brought up previously, but deserves mention again, fighting discrimination is great as long as you don’t infringe on someone’s constitutional rights.

  9. DL500unit says:

    Let’s face it a bunch of white young adults from upper middle class, wealthy families probably think the fight for civil rights in this country guarantees their PS4 won’t be taken away. Nevertheless this situation was blown out of proportion.

    Our command at ASU pd probably received an education in civil liberties pertaining to free speech since the blog started. It’s common knowledge they went to IT people in the university to get poster identities only to be told it was illegal and out of their control.

    We have an assistant chief who didn’t understand the Landlord Tennant Act and was ordering an arrest be made in violation of it. If he spent any time as a patrol officer before being promoted he might have remembered what to do.

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