ASUPD’s recruiting brochure: trying to “fix” the department by throwing more staffing at the problem

As part of ASUPD’s desperate effort to “fix” the department, ASUPD has focused the majority of its time and energy on bolstering staffing; this has included hiring a recruiter, establishing an employee referral program, and also producing a recruitment video. Additionally, ASUPD also quietly produced and distributed a formal recruitment brochure filled with the same half-truths contained within the training video.

While this is certainly not groundbreaking information, it perfectly illustrates the attitude the university/Command staff has about the current problems in the PD: instead of reprimanding or removing problem employees that hurt morale and cause people to leave, we will throw more staffing at the problem and hope that it goes away.

Clearly the department has put forth more effort producing recruitment materials than it ever has actually managing people and improving the department from within.

Check out the brochure here.

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18 thoughts on “ASUPD’s recruiting brochure: trying to “fix” the department by throwing more staffing at the problem

  1. ASUPDsuperstar says:

    Couple of observations, some mentioned in other posts: none of these specialty positions are available…its clear that the department is whoring out golden child/diversity hire VETERAN Detective Bryner by putting her in a bunch of photos, even though she never does police work on a daily basis…good working relationships with other police agencies? Tempe PD hates Pickens, because they regularly do extra work due to his inability to do his job.

    This brochure, the video…its like a gold painted turd. Sure, it looks good on the outside, but it’s still shit on the inside.

  2. WheresMy907 says:

    Desperate people do desperate things. The impression I get from looking at the brochure is the same one I get from watching the video.

    Exaggerated claims from overinflated egos are no way to retain people.

    Just like everyone else they will get turned off and leave. How will this solve the staffing problem? It won’t.

  3. DoneSon says:

    They make the one person desk monkey positions look like they are staffed by an army. They misrepresent the positions themselves to the point where some don’t exist and lie lie lie in order to hire people who will discover how much they’re lying and then leave. Makes sense right?

  4. Jake Flint says:

    I have been reading from this site for a few months now and have a few comments in general:

    In many of the posts, bolded and capitalized words and sentences are thrown throughout the body of the content. This does not help your credibility. Present facts and let the reader decide what words are important.

    I am a student at Arizona State University and even though I see this as an amusing place to visit, I do see how ASU officials can argue that it is hurting the security of the campus. While it is a nobel cause to try to expose flaws, there must be a better option than to publicly post schedules of on duty employees (whether or not they are in the past is irrelevant as they are just as damning).

    As for fixing the department by increasing staffing – this blog has repeatedly knocked ASUPD for not staffing an adequate number of officers. From an outsider it appears that the bias of this blog is often nonsensical. It is not uncommon for employers to use “half truths” to lure in potential employees (Capitalism 101).

    I am using my real name in this instance to show you all that there is a benefit to not hiding behind fake usernames. If you are really doing the right thing there is no reason your name will be tarnished.

    I do hope that this does not get removed due to the difference in opinion. In fact, I welcome responses.

    • theintegrityreport says:


      You are very correct in your assertion that there is a better way to address these issues via a formal chain of command within the PD, as well as HR within the university. Repeatedly, all these issues discussed on the blog have been brought to both entities that refused to do nothing. When the head of HR for ASU is repeatedly told about the same issues from 10 different employees and nothing is done about it, that is a major problem. ASU has refused to intervene, and even if they had, there is too much of a conflict of interest here for any investigation to be legitimate. The only other way is legal action which will be happening in the near future.

      We stand by our decision to post an old schedule to show the magnitude of the staffing problem here. Simply describing the problem doesn’t show the full picture.

      As far as the staffing issues mentioned in this post…having more employees does absolutely nothing (long term) for the department when the reasons why employees continue to leave are ongoing, plain and simple. Also, we can’t think of an employer who regularly advertises for positions that are not open (K9, narcotics). It is lying, straight up.

      Pseudonyms are used here to protect our livelihoods, plain and simple. Trying to describe the retribution that can happen within the confines of a PD is difficult to explain to a civilian.

    • WheresMy907 says:

      Your naivety is remarkable. You have been reading the site for a few months and only have negative things to say about the site, not the police department or the scores of issues with it? Ok, that’s odd, unless you’re stoned on something. You did say you are a student, so there’s a good chance of that.

      You lead with complaining it’s not written as you like with bold, capitalization, ok…that’s odd. The main theme of the blog is that there are many things wrong with ASUPD that simply getting more people won’t fix because they will leave. If you read anything you would get that, unless again…you are stoned.

      You bring up the past schedule issue…ok. You seem to think it’s an issue. How many fake 911 calls would it take for criminals to figure out how prepared we our for various calls? When you know your bosses are lying to their bosses about our numbers and preparedness maybe someone should tell the truth. This is law enforcement, integrity is supposed to matter, sorry that bothers you.

      You find this blog, your safety and the safety of 100k people amusing…ok…we don’t otherwise none of this would exist. You act as if you’re proving something by using what’s supposedly your real name. You have proven that someone with nothing to lose or gain can use their name…ok…you proved nothing.

      You say that, “If you are really doing the right thing there is no reason your name will be tarnished.” I need you to go look up the words, retaliation, job, career, naive, comprehension, and when you master those I will give you more to learn. Your attempt to undermine the blog is nonsensical. You would have had more credibility if you acknowledged minor points along the way and picked bigger issues to disagree with. It sounds like you may be stoned, a victim of our party school, so come down and turn yourself in.

    • Jake Flint says:

      I do appreciate the responses that I have received. I did not make this clear in my post above, but I do in fact appreciate the intentions of this blog as well as police officers in general.

      My intentions of the initial post was to give insight on the overall appearance of the content. I believe that it is in your best interest to present your arguments in a manner that will appeal to people like me. I believe that my concerns are valid and the insinuation that these make me a stoner, frankly, is disappointing.

      It seems to me that the creation of this blog was to serve as a method for the public to see misconduct and poor leadership within your department. Because of this, I feel that saying “Trying to describe the retribution that can happen within the confines of a PD is difficult to explain to a civilian” is inadequate. I would love to be informed on the repercussions of public exposure, and I am sure that other civilians reading this would too.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      The purpose of this blog IS so the public can see ASUPD’s misconduct and poor leadership; we haven’t really discussed the potential retributions the creators/contributors of this site could face because we want the discussion to focus on the department its self–not our personal stake in the matter.

      It is difficult to entirely describe what repercussions we could face, because they range from bullying to termination. What often happens with members of the department that are not well-liked by certain supervisors or create too many waves is that their work situation becomes so difficult, they end up resigning. This may come in the form of micromanaging, being assigned really bad cases, assigned to a campus far away from where you live, an erratic schedule…the list goes on.

      If these tactics don’t cause someone to resign, the department will find a frivolous IA to slap on an employee in hopes of terminating them.

      The recent case of a Phoenix Police Sergeant who blew the whistle on PPD’s bogus kidnapping statistics is a perfect example of what a department can do to someone they deem a “threat”; the Sergeant was fired, but sued the City of Phoenix who ultimately offered him his job back.

      It sounds ludicrous from a civilian point of view, but remember…these people are sworn to protect the public and uphold the Constitution; if they have already made the conscious decision to engage in behavior that is unethical and illegal, what else are they capable of?

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      Jake, I suggest you look up Arizona Post and the peace officer standards they prescribe and do some research on asupd. When you watch the recruiting video and see the brochure it goes far beyond the white lie half truth standard.

      It is a bold faced lie and like many other things about our police department it runs contrary to the basic standard of ethics we are expected to follow. Do you want ethical or unethical police protecting your community? This is the difference between a defender of public peace and a gang member.

    • Jake Flint says:

      Obviously, this does not affect me as much as you all, but I do believe that integrity in this situation would be stepping away from a neglectful employer. If there is truly a substantial backing in your department for this cause I would image it would create ripples and awareness that even this blog could not produce.

      When the media inevitably raises questions about a large portion of ASU’s Police Officers leaving the force, it will provide the platform to discuss the issues and hopefully implement the changes that you are all striving towards.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      You’re assuming the media will ask questions about the mass exodus out of ASUPD…they haven’t. In the past year or so, ASUPD has lost a significant amount of its workforce, is functioning below minimum staffing, and no one in the university or the media has bothered to ask why.

      Ever notice why any major that comes out about ASU is quickly swept under the rug? It’s because ASU has a lot of powerful PR people on its payroll, as well as lots of media connections.

      Also, not all of us have the resources to leave our jobs and also support our families; it’s not that easy. While we appreciate your feedback, you are grossly underestimating the issues at hand here, and over simplifying the solutions.

  5. ThySummons says:

    Biggest propaganda recruiting brochure about the Arizona State University Police Department; would even make the North Korean regime blush!

    Please, let’s have a little integrity. Remember, that’s one of the words in the department’s value statement.

  6. BurningheapofFail says:

    What a great way to get new employees into the department. Lie your ass off expecting nobody sees through it and when they do see through it expecting them to be satisfied with being lied to. What’s wrong with telling the truth?

  7. Embudo says:

    A glossy recruiting brochure and an embellished recruiting video, both depicting half-truths, is not the solution for fixing the many internal problems within the ASU PD; another attempt, by the ASU PD and the university, to hoodwink and lure more folks into a very dysfunctional and extremely unhealthy working environment.

    Many have brought their concerns to Kevin Salcido (HR) and the university, yet they repeatedly minimize the employees’ concerns and marginalize the employees.

    Mr. Salcido, some employees have presented you with documentation, on alleged abuses and misdeeds, and what have you done, of substance, to hold anyone at the ASU PD command- and mid-level accountable? Absolutely nothing!

    The ASU PD leadership is certainly not moving in the direction of accountability, as the command staff continues to protect those that have allegedly been accused of some appalling interactions with current and former employees.

    Why do you continue to dismiss our concerns and defend the department’s command staff, Mr. Salcido? Superficial programs and cosmetic fixes are not the solutions for what needs to be done to make positive and everlasting change at the ASU PD.

    As employees, and taxpayers, we pay you, and top-level ASU administrators, good money for what you are not doing! Start investigating and holding some of the individuals in the department accountable for human relationship violations and other misconduct.

    Many employees have suggested that an outside agency investigate the ASU PD, based on the perception that any investigation, by the university, could be perceived as biased due to the department’s structured affiliation with the university.*

    In the end, we are all expendable, including you, Mr. Salcido, and the university’s leadership.

    * “Any institution that investigates itself and comes up with its own remedies is less likely to be successful.” Nancy Parrish, Protect Our Defenders.

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      These guys have a anything goes approach to management, no accountability for themselves because nobody is watching them. It’s like leaving the kids home with an unlocked liqueur cabinet and a firearm.

  8. DL500unit says:

    You can’t fix stupid. Can someone give records that phrase in a red stamp to go on any paperwork forwarded to the county attorney as a disclaimer.

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