ASU faces a Federal investigation over complaints of mishandling sexual abuse cases

We initially wrote about how easy it was for ASUPD to skew its crime statistics in October 2013, just after ASUPD released its 2012 crime statistics (here and here).

In February 2014, we did a lengthy article explaining what the Clery Act is, the reporting requirements under the law, and how it is applicable to ASUPD. In March 2014, we followed up this article with a second part which analyzed ASUPD’s crime data and illustrated exactly how ASUPD misrepresented its crime statistics and violated the Clery Act. Shortly thereafter, we wrote an article explaining what Title IX is, and how ASU is also violating provisions of it.

After months of reporting about ASU has failed to meet the requirements of the Clery Act, as well as Title IX, a formal complaint has finally been filed against ASU. This complaint has now launched ASU into the national media spotlight (as well as ASUPD, for their role in under reporting/reclassifying of statistics).

Hopefully, the pressure of a looming Federal investigation is what will help ASUPD clean house, and get on track to establishing itself as a legitimate police department.

Stand by.

Here are a few articles on the situation at ASU:


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14 thoughts on “ASU faces a Federal investigation over complaints of mishandling sexual abuse cases

  1. Embudo says:

    Existing documentation, i.e., memos, emails, schedules, personnel files, financial records, etc., and the eventual obtainment of this documentation through FOIA requests, for public view, will undoubtedly be key, in our ultimate quest, for real and defining change within the ASU PD.

    The retrieval of the above crucial documentation also could, once and for all, finally seal the fate of many within the command staff, and possibly within the university’s leadership, for alleged mismanagement, misconduct, grave incompetence, failure to investigate human relationship violations, skewed Clery Act statistics, mishandling sexual abuse cases, and other alleged negligence.

    The next several months should be quite interesting for the ASU PD, especially with the CALEA accreditation on the horizon. The upcoming accreditation and compliance visit might prove to be somewhat problematic for the department’s leadership this time around.

    And as one former outstanding ASU PD employee, who was maliciously drummed out of the department, succinctly stated, “they [command staff] have been slowly burying themselves…now it’s just happening faster and in real time.”

    Michael Crow, Morgan Olsen, and Kevin Salcido, you might want to start investigating the ASU PD, as you are acutely aware of what has gone on, and continues to go on, in the ASU PD through employees’ submitted memos, emails, verbal testimonials, and The Integrity Report, which you officially acknowledged, by memo, on 02/19/14.**

    Mr. Salcido was provided with names of, both current and former, ASU PD employees wishing to meet with him a while ago. However, as of this posting, Mr. Salcido has yet to contact many of those employees most eager to meet with him and his staff.

    Why has Mr. Salcido not made a more concerted effort to meet with those employees? It is probably because Mr. Salcido, and the university’s leadership, knows deep down inside, that the indisputable, fact-based, and well-documented evidence that the employees would present would be the coup de grâce for many in the command staff and a few in the mid-level for egregious transgressions.

    Of course, the university’s leadership has clearly indicated that they have no intentions, whatsoever, investigating or holding anyone in the ASU PD accountable.

    That said, please continue to document, document, and document! We must hold individual(s), at all levels, within the ASU PD and the university, fully accountable for their actions or lack of.

    The command staff and the university’s leadership might want to brace themselves for what could potentially be coming down the pike.

    For our readers that are not familiar with Arizona State University (ASU), Dr. Michael M. Crow is the president at ASU; Dr. Morgan R. Olsen is Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer at ASU; and Kevin Salcido is Associate Vice President and Chief HR Officer in the Office of Human Resources at ASU.

    *Chief John L. Pickens; Assistant Chiefs, James Hardina and Michael Thompson; Commanders, William Orr, Chris Speranza, Michele Rourke, Lou Scichilone and Kevin Williams.

    **The official memo, written by Mr. Salcido, and sent to all ASU PD employees can be viewed in its entirety, via The Integrity Report, “A Note From Kevin Salcido Regarding The Integrity Report.” The post date on The Integrity Report is 02/20/14.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      All the proof is there investigators! Interrogate ASUPD command. The kids have been endangered enough and you’re their last hope. Prepare to be appalled.

    • exploring delinquency says:

      Interesting little news report. Since the investigators have not not been back since the beginning of the the year, its going to take initiative from others who can show the investigators the way to see whats really going on at ASU. As usual…most students still don’t understand whats really going on.

  2. yurhuckleberry says:

    It says a lot about the management of Arizona State University, about Dr Crow, Dr Olsen, when young vulnerable women are getting sexually victimized and they couldn’t care less. They care so little their university, ASU, is at the top of the list of universities being investigated by the federal government!!! Good luck covering up your mess with them.

    They are acutely aware of the dismal failure the Arizona State University Police Department has become. They have resolved to do nothing of value about the department other than throw money at hiring more bodies. The names of everyone in the decision making arena are here.

    The commanders, assistant chiefs, chief, have had many meetings on these issues, but unfortunately they haven’t been about how to fix the situation, fix the police department. The question everyone has been asking is, “What do a chief, two assistant chiefs, and five commanders who spend their work week in Tempe really do?!?! Who knows.

    • Quick call Tempe! says:

      They care about image and profit over truth and people. Everyone who has a hand in that should be ashamed of themselves.

    • BurningheapofFail says:

      It says they’re fucking scumbags who dishonored their office, what’s expected of them, and themselves. You can’t trust a word they say.

  3. BurningheapofFail says:

    From breaking stories like this to ones within our department it’s begining to look like all that negative karma is coming back to the people who earned it. Amen to that. Maybe after reflection they will attempt to right some wrongs, but I doubt it.

    I want to hear all the excuse making because that’s what Crow, Olsen, Pickens and the corrupt sociopathic people under them do. The good people don’t need to make excuses, lie, attack other people because they’re constructive. Save your excuses for the fathers and mothers of these victimized young women you ignored for years.

  4. BurningheapofFail says:

    It says they’re fucking scumbags who dishonored their office, what’s expected of them, and themselves.

  5. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    The federal authorities better get in there and start securing records before ASUPD command starts destroying them or falsifying them. They will be looking for ways to start covering their tracks and making excuses for what they’ve done. The will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for what they have or haven’t done.

    When it comes to Clery and title 9 they need to talk to Commander Michelle Rourke who had it and Commander Louis Schicilone who has it now. They should also talk to Assistant Chief James Hardina who was asking officers to change what crimes are charged, contrary to statute, in order to avoid reporting it to Clery. While they are at it they should get Chief John Pickens alone in a room without his handlers and see what he has to say about these issues.

  6. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    Well it’s about time. This is long overdue. The federal investigators better secure their own full time office on the third floor of 325 E Apache Blvd. Tempe AZ. They will need a full staff with authorized overtime and lots of coffee because this is going to be work. The paper trail will go way back! If they need help just email the blog, they seem to know where the bodies are buried. If they don’t most of the posters do. Start the interrogations!

  7. Thinblueline1 says:

    Abandon ship! We’re listing to port, save yourselves! Other agencies are hiring and can’t find enough officers to fill their lines, this place is a dead end for your career.

  8. WheresMy907 says:

    I guess the real question is how long will Michael Crow and his hierarchy put up with Pickens and his clown posse command making them look like shit? Number one on this list for the nation is really bad! There is a organizational problem that is seriously wrong and everyone here is asleep at the wheel.

  9. fixmycorruptpd says:

    The federal investigators will use this blog as a roadmap to navigate due north on the John Pickens hershey highway. ASUPD earns the dishonor of number 1 disaster out of 55 in the nation. That’s amazing! Clean this place up feds!

  10. popo39machine says:

    The key word is MISHANDLING. The problem will deepen once they go from ASU human resources to ASUPD and it will be interesting to see it unfold.

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