ASUPD has more rifles than patrol units!

Commander Orr the range master

Another day, another public guffaw from ASUPD!


TEMPE, AZ – Arizona universities are taking advantage of the federal government’s 1033 program which gives away military equipment and weapons for free.

Arizona State University Police received 70 M-16 rifles from the program.

The firearms originally came from the Department of Public Safety, who were going to turn the weapons back in, according to ASU Sergeant Daniel Macias.

Arizona’s 1033 Director Matt Van Camp says the ASU has acquired more weapons than any other Arizona university.

The University of Arizona acquired bag or barracks under the federal program.

Sergeant Macias says the ASU officers aren’t carrying the rifles yet. In fact, officers will go through extensive training before taking the firearms out into the field.

Sergeant Macias says the rifles are an important tool in the day of active shooters.

The Pentagon loaned the weapons to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in the early 90s, through a free program called 1033.

In 2012, the Pentagon found out Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office couldn’t account for nine firearms it borrowed from the program and was immediately suspended MCSO from the program.

Last week, Detective Van Camps says MCSO was terminated from the program and sent a letter requiring all of the equipment back within 120 days.

The 1033 program has come under intense scrutiny since the Ferguson, Missouri shooting.

When riots broke out in the streets, local officers responded in armored vehicles, automatic rifles and even some camouflage.

What this article fails to mention is that ASUPD acquired these rifles from DPS back in 2012! So for over two years now, these weapons have been used exclusively by the elite and always professional ASUPD firearms staff . (In the article, Sgt Macias states that “the [ASU] officers aren’t carrying the rifles yet”). There are currently more M-16s at ASUPD than there are officers on patrol to actually deploy them! Additionally, there are even fewer people at ASUPD (who are assigned to patrol) that are current with their rifle qualification.

According to Macias, “the rifles are an important tool in the day of active shooters”. This explains why ASUPD has kept these rifles hidden from patrol for two years; if there is a tool that is vitally important and necessary for the successful execution of well thought-out plan, it most likely doesn’t exist at ASUPD (because ASUPD operates in a universe void of any logical or rational thought). Or, alternatively, if the aforementioned magical tool does make its way into the ASU universe, it is most likely being used incorrectly by the most useless member of the department. (No, Allen…the M-16 is not used to scoot food off a nearby table because you don’t feel like getting up and walking!).

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25 thoughts on “ASUPD has more rifles than patrol units!

  1. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    Seventy M-16 rifles for ASUPD!? Who freaking made that decision to acquire these old rifles for the PD? ASUPD decision-making at its best. Unbelievable!

    How about acquiring 70 additional sworn officers to properly staff all four ASU campuses?

    • fixmycorruptpd says:

      Maybe this doofus commander and other poorly educated staff were giving the responsibility of this decision? I can’t believe the rank he holds with no education.

  2. DL500unit says:

    The only people currently qualified to carry rifles are the people in the firearms gang who know good old boy commander Billy Orr and get to do their own qualifications as well as their own shoots whenever.

    It would be a shame for us to get a rifle wielding nut job on campus with nobody able to use one of these 70 rifles. Good luck bringing a pistol to a rifle fight. How many 1000’s of rounds did they waste fucking off like they are some sort of swat team when they should have been getting people qualified to carry and protect the campus? More ASUPD guffaws you say? You’re damn right.

    • OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

      Well said, DL500unit.

    • Getitright says:

      Some things never change.

    • ComeOnNow4real says:

      When an active shooter comes and unpreparedness is the outcome the angry public can blame the Orr clique firearms groupies and Dr Crow for having his head up his ass counting money like Scrooge while Tiny Tim gets caught in the gears. It’s always when not if nowadays and these assholes endanger 10’s of 1000’s because it’s not their asses hanging out in harms way. Great public safety message, better call PR again.

    • fixmycorruptpd says:

      This isn’t surprising because everything our department does is reactionary. We haven’t had the staffing to act as a deterrent and our weak staffing is an invitation for more crime.

  3. Getitright says:

    Almost three years have gone by and we are still sitting on 70 rifles for thirty something patrol officers unqualified to use them in a active shooter situation. Nevertheless we order thousands of rifle rounds of ammunition for these rifles so the firearms club can go play at the range. Brilliant management.

  4. ComeOnNow4real says:

    The more someone looks into how the Arizona State University Police Department is run the more the remaining and former leadership are implicated. When you look at how long these problems have been going on under the nose of Dr Crow and his management team it becomes clear that the ASUPD mismanagement continues upward and outside the police department.

    You simply can’t trust an egg-headed administrator with a third world dictator ego to run his own police department. There are too many conflicts of interest and he doesn’t care how many girls get raped as long as he can pay people off, buy silence, and keep the money train delivering on time. It’s sickening.

  5. DoneSon says:

    Another posterchild for chronic issues in police leadership. If they were smart they would have planned to confront a threat by training and equipping these rifles to patrol units.

    When the man pictured is a commander at the largest university in the US, but holds a GED as highest level completed, we’ve bypassed smart and are left with a group of people our previous useless chief didn’t feel threatened by.

    Former Chief Pickens shit the bed and nobody is in a hurry to clean it up and make it right. This leadership stinks and has to go because we are and will continue to be understaffed and underprepared, and reactionary instead of proactive.

    • fixmycorruptpd says:

      If they cared about public safety that would have been the logical course of action, but they have other priorities like maintaining their gun club membership. Does anyone know how much 223 rifle ammunition they ordered for our non-existent rifle program?

  6. Embudo says:

    The continual revelations of a self-serving, incompetent and ineffective leadership within the ASU PD is mind-numbing.

    Commander Bill Orr, and virtually every member in the command staff, must be eventually removed from their positions if the ASU PD is to move forward in a positive and meaningful direction.

    The new chief must take bold and decisive action to revamp the entire command structure and implement a new ASU PD action plan that is in alignment with the university’s growing student population.

    • fixmycorruptpd says:

      A new chief is just a new chief, we still have Pickens’s box of misfit toys in charge of everything under a new chiefs general leadership. I’ll believe change when I see the next round of assholes pushing carts full of their shit out the door. Their departures will be widely celebrated like the ones before.

  7. chillax says:

    All of the readers should be made aware that Sgt. Macias is one of the good guys on patrol. He is one of the best supervisors we have; any negative connotation should be taken with a very large grain of salt when it comes to Dan.

    • wtf? says:

      Sgt Macias wasn’t even mentioned in the article, other than the statements he made to the press. Nothing was mentioned about his ability to supervise or do his job.

    • guerriero says:

      Sgt Macias told the truth, the rifles are an essential tool for patrol if we get an active shooter on campus. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that statement, however there is something disturbing about the fact we have nothing in place to get these rifles to patrol because the Commander Billy Orr firearms management failure is absolute. At least his friends have their rifles if they need them.

    • DL500unit says:

      Your reading comprehension sucks, read it again. Those are Dan’s words to the press about the rifles sitting locked in the armory being deep throated by the firearms clique instead of in a fucking patrol car where they belong.

      What good are they doing in there? By the time they were unlocked and deployed the battle would be over and the lawsuits filed.

    • Karma says:

      Dan, can you at least make an attempt to hide the fact that you are posting this comment? I don’t know why you feel the need to defend yourself since you have nothing to do with the article (other than your comments as a PIO).

  8. yolo says:

    Billy Orr doesn’t give a shit any more than Pickens or Hardena did. This is their club house, not a center of public safety.

  9. DL500unit says:

    Another buffoon on display responsible for running a police department servicing 82,000 students and growing. I wouldn’t trust him to take out the garbage because I’ve seen how he ran the firearms program at ASUPD.

    The era of the active shooter is alive and growing and it’s at this time that this guy chooses to sit on these rifles for years and do nothing to get them in the hands of patrol. Where’s the ammo Billy? No accountability at command level for the business as usual good old boy ASUPD.

  10. popo39machine says:

    More epic tales of asupd mismanagement. This time it’s from the most uneducated commander Pickens could promote from the Sgt ranks. Amazing.

    They will have a lot of explaining to do if a situation happens where patrol needed these rifles and didn’t have them because they were lodged up Orr’s ass for what’s going to be 3 years now.

  11. indeedYOUsay says:

    Surprise surprise, in the real world he’s not qualified to run a Quick Trip drink stand, let alone the whole store. Is there a single degree holder in the entire firearms clique? This clown is a police commander without one with no outside experience. If anyone expected sound management principles they should know better.

    Like some of the other posters mentioned, armed crazy people killing total strangers is fairly common, active shooters are out there. If they are skilled at using a rifle and basic military tactics, dynamic movement, they can own a bunch of casually trained weekend warriors armed with pistols.

    More and more of these guys seem to be wearing body armor, so accurate shooting under pressure is essential. Given our average qualifying scores under no stress this will be a problem. Another result of having this man run the firearms program.

    • Karma says:

      I would love to see Orr thrown out on his ass. In addition to being an asshole, he is an incompetent, lazy piece of shit. Other than running the “firearms squad” like its a fraternity, what does he do all damn day?

      He doesn’t help out patrol, or even help people who are struggling on the range. He sits in his office all day approving vacation and training for his buddies. That might have been fine under the Pickens regime, but when heads eventually roll, his will be one of the first.

  12. […] positions), and some had not yet even completed field training. In another circumstance, ASUPD mislead the public into believing the department was getting ready to equip all its officers w…; in reality, ASUPD already had the rifles for two years prior to the media coverage, and had no […]

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