Contribute To The Lawsuit Against The Arizona State University Police Department & Boost Public Safety Integrity

ASU Police Officers are so fed up with corruption

Because so many current and former Arizona State University Police employees read, message us, and some comment on this blog we have been receiving more questions about how to participate or contribute to the lawsuit now underway. Here it is folks:

The Official Lawsuit Complaint can be downloaded here: 

Here is the attorney contact information copied out of this complaint:

David W. Dow (SBA #007377)
The Law Offices of David W. Dow
3104 E. Camelback #281
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
Attorney for Plaintiffs

For what it’s worth, here are some photos for your lawsuit that were sent to us.

On the far right is Defendant William Orr, senior supervisor (Commander) of this event. To the left of him is Defendant Mark Janda.

The photographer is Defendant Pamela Osborne.

This is a partial photo of “the clique” that destroyed integrity at ASUPD.

We will be looking for more information to provide as this unfolds. Good Luck getting justice.

Arizona State University Police Department Jerkoffs (1)Arizona State University Police Department Jerkoffs (3)Arizona State University Police Department Jerkoffs (2)


ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson Sued


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24 thoughts on “Contribute To The Lawsuit Against The Arizona State University Police Department & Boost Public Safety Integrity

  1. Embudo says:

    If you want to affect positive change within the university and ASU PD, we encourage you to contact the law firm handling the lawsuit if you believe you might have relevant information that will advance the cause.

  2. DontLOLmeJP says:

    I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. I never get tired of seeing those jackasses at the range get exposed. Hypocrisy is an amazing thing.If those were non-gang members they would have been buried in discipline paperwork and interrogations aimed at ending their careers in law enforcement.

    Would you believe these are Arizona State University Police Department senior supervisors in these photos? This is another example to show how much of a good old boy network the department is. No consequences whatsoever for these gang members.

  3. yurhuckleberry says:

    Awesome, simply awesome.

    The people involved in this lawsuit need to network and get the contact information of former employees who can provide additional evidence for this case. This will effectively shame these fools for what they’ve done to the police department. It’s a skeleton of what it should be with officers being shifted on a constant basis from one campus to another to give the illusion of coverage.

    The department ineffectiveness in protecting the public from criminals is telling, continual overloaded and reactionary responses, proactive methods of patrol are out the window. It’s telling when organized crime can open up an ecstasy manufacturing plant within an ASU dorm within a block of the ASU Police department and operate with impunity for years, only to be discovered by another agency! That’s what you get when you always chase away talent to protect your job.

    A lack of competition gives your inexperienced clique security within a small police department that operates like a security company. Instead of having expectations of performance you get public relations that are weak and phony inviting even more ridicule when expectations are continually unmet. Instead of crime suppression you get minimal crime reporting due to minimum staffing. Low crime statistics give the illusion of effective policing to a uniformed and unsuspecting public.
    The management practices encouraged at ASU Police Department, encouraged by the university administration under Michael Crow, led to a false sense of security at the university.

    Victims should mount a class action suit against the university once the fraud of crime statistic manipulation is revealed because there are kids who could be alive, or not raped, if their parents had correct information to make decisions on where to send their children to school. Those who are involved in this lawsuit need to reach out to the families affected by this integrity phenomenon with information and assistance.

    P.S. Enter those god damn photos into evidence and make them public record ASAP so a judge can see them and know who they’re dealing with.

    • WheresMy907 says:

      I missed your witty analysis of the screwed up situations that define our unprofessional, nepotism friendly, and inbred workplace. Nicole Franks can use these photos for the department public relations she works on.

      After all, the so-called leadership wants to attract more like minded careerists who couldn’t care less about what they do because they are always pointing the finger and focusing negative attention on other people. There is a good/bad reason ASUPD is always, I mean ALWAYS hiring, and it isn’t the grunts!

    • DL500unit says:

      The plaintiffs should go through the entire blog for evidence to submit. Submit these,submit the Pam photo, lots of good stuff here.

  4. WheresMy907 says:

    LMAO, so I went to Google, typed in ASUPD, and the 1st photo is about some asshole who can’t follow standing department orders on where to park her vehicle, the second photo are these assholes making sexual displays towards one another in uniform. Nice exposure job. Score: Integrity report +100, ASUPD Public Relations -50. Total shut out.

    FYI, network on Facebook for former department employees because they are there and many are not happy with what happened to them at ASUPD and could have information that will help the lawsuit.

    • DL500unit says:

      That person called out for illegally parking is the wife of Sergeant Phil Osborne in these photos; Sergeant Pamela Osborne, who has been allowed to show up to work late at every campus she’s been assigned to. How many employees would be permitted to show up late every time, park for free when all employees have to pay,only a protected clique gang member! Integrity first.

  5. Spill T MF beans says:

    Let’s look at the ASU Police superstars here. It’s time for some truth. It’s not surprising all 4 have connections to the lawsuit going on right now and if you didn’t already know it here are some things that might be worth knowing.

    The guy on the far left of the group in the bottom two photos is “medically retired” Sergeant Mark Aston. Despite claiming the disability and retiring with it he was witnessed running down the hall many times in the ASU Police Tempe department 103 after the claim. All of his friends were on the retirement board. Nobody recused themselves because ethics and integrity are never a factor at this agency.

    Former Police Sergeant Mark Aston also led the department in numerous complaints of racism. Why would one person get nearly all the complaints out of nearly 70 officers?!? It must be coincidence right? Aston was calling a black officer a “nigger” as a supervisor and having every complaint suppressed, tossed out, even going as far as having his friends testify to his “good” character. Keep in mind this practice is never done for non-clique members of the department. This was done when the ASU Police Chief was black, but he had a habit of going to the Maricopa head of the NAACP to keep issues from blowing up. Way to go!

    That officer called a “nigger” was terminated before an official complaint could be made. His name was Officer last name “Kissee”. I’m not sure about the spelling, but I’m sure he would welcome an interview about his ASU Police experience if an enterprising reporter was able to track him down.

    The guy grabbing his crotch, Defendant/Officer Mark Janda, has received the highest evaluations and most possible raises an employee at the Arizona State University could ever hope for year after year for 10 or more years like every other clique member on the dole. All this despite getting the university / department sued for 3 million dollars over ignoring a girl reporting a gang rape at a fraternity. I thought it was interesting to learn he also received a commendation when this occurred, employee of the year? Way to go!

    2nd from the left in the bottom two photos is Sgt Phil Osborne, the husband of one of the defendants Sgt Pamela Osborne. Despite being one of the heads of the firearms “program” many department officers have had considerable difficulty qualifying while special supervisors qualify in secret as a rule and all firearms clique members are seated with an EXPERT qualification pin despite nobody seeing them qualify.
    It is also known that they will ignore bad shoots for their friends and wait until they qualify with an expert score after repeated attempts. Does this meet AZPOST standards? Fuck no. We have department people, Detective Jennifer Bryner, who couldn’t qualify repeatedly. Despite this she always carries her gun on duty and no issue is made despite others being threatened with termination for a 2nd fail. Way to go!

    The guy on the far right is ASU Police Commander William Orr. Despite being the most uneducated person who applied, Orr was gifted a commander position by former Chief John Pickens. To make up for this gaping resume hole and being the holder of a G.E.D. he was sent off to the FBI mini LEO junior academy. He was probably the most unqualified person to cross the door jamb who wasn’t in handcuffs during the crossing. Way to go!
    Orr has been actively involved in so many career damaging events for officers at ASU Police there are too many to list. There were legitimate issues, but there were also many more that weren’t. This clique member could care less either way. Many involved making conclusions he couldn’t prove about officers who had nobody to listen to them, or had exonerating evidence ignored. Way to go!

    Orr has an admin career of using the ASU Police internal investigation retention practice to hurt many good police officers throughout his career. Orr even seized a police officer’s private firearm against his will during a termination, but was protected by Chief Mike Thompson because of their shared faith connection and the willingness to exonerate certain sworn supervisors at ASU Police no matter what the allegations are. Way to go, such integrity!

    The leadership of the Arizona State University Police Department is an embarrassment to the law enforcement community of Arizona. They should be embarrassed to show their faces in the company of people who actually do the job AND who do the job with integrity. Some of us believe in honoring the trust given to us by the public when we wear the badge with honor.

    I was curious who the attorney was. Thanks for the info. I will pass it along.

    • DL500unit says:

      Sing baby sing! The truth will set you free.

    • BurningheapofFail says:

      All true, don’t forget about Sgt Mark Aston chasing Commander Louis Scichilone down the hallway at the Tempe police station holding his own piece of sit in a gloved hand. I bet Louis left that out of the process when he tried to flee to Gilbert PD before they told him to fuck off.

  6. LDS says:

    It’s cathartic to see the bullies and criminals in the ASU Police Dept. finally being held accountable.

    Good luck with the high-profile lawsuit and media blitz.

    • DL500unit says:

      I wouldn’t expect them ever to be held accountable because it hasn’t happened no matter what the situation was. Chief Thompson simply took Chief Pickens’s job only to be peer pressured by this clique into becoming just as bad as Pickens. That’s a very low standard of ethics.

    • BurningheapofFail says:

      These photos are priceless and everyone knows Pam Osborne took the while Commmander Billy Orr sat around in his thumbs thinking about how to jam up other employees from obtaining other law enforcement opportunities.

      ABOR, Crow, these are somr of the middle supervidors responsible for all the ASUPD public safety shame so continually prominent in the media.

  7. DL500unit says:

    If the public wants to know why the Arizona State University Police Department can’t get it’s act together and retain officers year after year, if they want to know why 1000’s of student victims were vulnerable because they lacked sufficient protection, take a good look at the people in this photo. This clique destroyed the department. Another poster called them a gang, that’s accurate.

  8. Ohhh Snappp!!!! ASUSUCKS Volume 3 in the house!!!


    • BurningheapofFail says:

      Good video! Is Chief Mike Thompson going to request DPS to do another series of sweeping employee interrogations about who’s making these video productions, about who is publicly humiliating him with the scary truth? What an exposed and scared little man he is just like the rest of those assholes.

    • Justice4all says:

      Somebody caught Chief Michael Thompson again… I wonder if one of his subordinates is gunning for his job or another job in the upward mobility that occurs when a chief resigns. Who knows with the cast of characters up there?

    • WheresMy907 says:

      Chief Thompson sold his soul for a low price a long time ago. This department needs an ethical enema. This exposure is just what the Doctor ordered. Everyone knows Thompson won’t stop running from the truth and now he can’t. Whoever is doing this needs to release everything they have, let the dogs out!

    • DontLOLmeJP says:

      The videos are very well done, I look forward to seeing more. They have become a topic of conversation once everyone is away from the station and listening ears.

  9. ThySummons says:

    The firing range photos are a stark reminder once again of the deeply entrenched clique that is supported by a dysfunctional and mismanaged command staff led by Chief Mike Thompson.

  10. Supervisor Facepalm says:

    In case you don’t already know, command felt the need to attend a Sergeant’s meeting and tell everyone not to mess with two plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Linser and Mansfield. There is to be no discipline against them unless the Sergeants are 100% certain with their findings.

    Now why would command feel the need to tell sergeants this if they didn’t already know what type of punitive work environment exists at the ASU Police Department?

    • DontLOLmeJP says:

      Ha! You can’t have the plaintiffs gathering more evidence against defendants during an ongoing lawsuit! You should send a letter to their attorney about this, not surprising.

  11. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    They (command staff and some mid-level employees) have been operating with impunity and unaccountability for years.

    It will be satisfying to finally see some semblance of justice meted out when the defendants are sitting in a court of law when the irrefutable evidence of illegal activity is presented to the jury.

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    Regarding Exempt Employees:

    ASU Staff Personnel Manual (SPP) 002, revised 3/1/2016

    Employees who are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act and are not eligible to receive overtime pay or compensatory time for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

    Aren’t ASUPD command staff classified as exempt employees? And if so, why have they been allowed to sign in over the years for university events as nonexempt employees and receive overtime pay? Isn’t this highly illegal and considered theft on a grand scale?

    Wouldn’t Dr. Morgan R. Olsen as the chief financial officer for ASU and PD payroll have culpability in this if indeed it’s illegal and overtime pay was processed and payed to exempt employees?

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