Arizona State University Police has 3 Supervisors on Administrative Leave – Accountability?


Arizona state University police 3 supervisors on Administrative leave

Wow…what the hell is going on at the Arizona State University Police Department these days? Is it something never before seen above the rank of officer at ASUPD? A feint at accountability? Who knows, but what we do know is that the commanders who have taken over the department from Chief Michael Thompson are on contract and have to find scapegoats to answer for how the department has been so mismanaged for so long.

Sky high super dorms are popping up all over Tempe with aggressive student housing growth at all campuses planned for the near future. Most of the Arizona State University will grow tremendously year after year with the exception of the ASU police department.

Growth is good, but for people relying on the ASU Police department for public safety it’s going to get really dangerous. The potential for ASUPD to safely police the New American University will be increasingly nill because it cannot fix the toxic workplace created by leadership.

As we near closer to 2017 the ASU police dept still scrambles to staff each campus with as little as one officer per campus! This is unacceptable, irresponsible, and shows how toxic the ASUPD workplace really is. Worse than anything, it continually puts the community at large in a dangerous situation.

The ASU Police Department remains a consistent under performer which is grossly mismanaged by management that is hostile to its own people and keeps the staffing numbers dangerously, irresponsibly, and consistently LOW LOW LOW and YEAR AFTER YEAR.

We once heard someone use the line, “ASUPD, home of the THICK BROWN LINE.” and unfortunately they are right. Police departments traditionally have a thin blue line where they support one another and work as a team. Not at the ASUPD!  It’s everyone for themselves as employees become part of the despotic clique or get victimized by it.

Watch what happens as all plans to fix the department fail once again because all the unacknowledged problems remain and worsen. It would be comical,  but lives are on the line, and families losing loved ones or suffering increased victimization to police mismanagement is no laughing matter.

ASU Police Detectives Sergeant James Short Administrative Leave





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20 thoughts on “Arizona State University Police has 3 Supervisors on Administrative Leave – Accountability?

  1. WheresMy907 says:

    I’m guessing Short told a commander or above how something they were doing didn’t make practical sense or was not conforming to law or policy. Being in charge of detectives can be complicated between reality and command.

    • DontLOLmeJP says:

      He told fat head Thompson to get fucked. Which Thompson, Chief or Commander? Take your pick.

      For a place that never had supervisors in internal affairs and had nearly every employee in 2 or more at a time it is remarkable to not only have supervisors in IA’s but also on administrative leave.

      This police department will ruin itself beyond hope once the public sees the consequences of having a few officers police all campuses at any given time.

    • JustTheFacts says:

      Perhaps these three supervisors need to consider converting to THE FAITH to get in Chief Thompson’s good graces, just a thought.

  2. Guerriero says:

    Surprised to see Short on here, the others two idiots are no surprise. What did he fo or didn’t do? Who is in charge of detectives?

    Khalid is too fucking dumb to pass the ASU basic standards to be a student, Bryner has zero experience, Kinsey is out on injury, so who?

    • DL500unit says:

      Detectives lol. They are the learn as you go club. If the public knew how inexperienced our detectives are, how untrained they are, they would be in shock.

      Integrity Report, I’ll send you some in formation on this in a new comment post to do a story.

  3. DL500unit says:

    It certainly is a thick brown line at ASUPD, not thin, not blue. The department spends more time fighting and hurting it’s own people than it does going after criminals. It’s incomprehensible.

    I’ve always known Short to be a good officer, supervisor, and that probably means he won’t be coming back.

    • JustTheFacts says:

      I wonder how many sexual assaults and other crimes the Sergeant over detectives was ordered to conceal during his tenure there?

  4. Shehshhsh says:

    Short got in trouble off duty in Phoenix(hint hint ,arrested) He won’t be coming back

  5. ComeOnNow4real says:

    When will university president Michael Crow realize how self-destructive the Pickens era leadership of the ASU Police Department is to the improvement of the department?

    The circus will continue to get more laughable as good money continues to follow bad money, as people are still trusted who couldn’t be before. Predictable.

    • Smokey261 says:

      Don’t worry! They hired a consulting firm that will make a 5 year plan for Asupd that will change everything. They hand picked deparment lackeys and yes men to staff months of meetings to find the answers to all the department problems.

      10 years of CALEA meetings, assessments, chief advisory meetings, sergeant meetings, commander meetings, etc didn’t accomplish a damn thing, but this will be different. You are right about good money following bad money.

    • Hot Lateraled Fuzz says:

      It’s never going to change. Anyone who can get out should get out now because from what everyone tells me it’s only getting worse.

  6. yurhuckleberry says:

    So word is Short isn’t coming back, that’s unfortunate. They will bring the other two walking integrity violations back, unless their hand is forced.

    They like buddy fucking cowards who hide behind their rank after they abuse it and that wasn’t James Short.

    Did anyone see this article?

    ASU, UA release new reports on campus cr,

    The largest university in the nation, the Arizona State University wants people to believe that it’s crime level is less than the tiny University of Arizona. 100% bullshit and fabricated lies.

    You should do a post on this alone because it underlines the mental state at work behind the lies, sending you a message.

    • Hot Lateraled Fuzz says:

      I am so glad I made the decision to leave that hell hole before it got any worse. I had no idea what a mess it was, but I will tell everyone I know about it so they don’t make the same mistake.

    • RUkiddingMe says:

      The cover up of crimes committed continue. How many cases aren’t being submitted for prosecution? How many cases are being reclassified? There is no way in hell we have less crime than the University of Arizona, no way.

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      I also heard that about Short. His replacement is acting Sgt Bryner with 1 year on the road…malls of ASU.

  7. RUkiddingMe says:

    Employees are dropping like flies at the PD due to Chief Michael Thompson’s lack of leadership. To fill this void of leadership the command that did such a great job managing the department under the previous leadership took over again.

    If the members of the new ASU Strategic Committee want to improve the department, then half of them should seriously consider resigning.

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      Good management would be an incentive for people to stay and the department never had it.

  8. Embudo says:

    I do not know why Sgt. Short is on administrative leave. He is always very respectful toward PD employees and, unlike the current command staff and some mid-level supervisors, has a level of integrity and ethics unmatched.

    The staffing shortfalls that continue to plague the PD is a direct result of a corrupt, dysfunctional, self-serving, and criminal command staff, enabled by ASU President (Dr.) Michael M. Crow, Dr. Morgan R. Olsen, and Mr. Kevin J. Salcido.

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      Morgan Olsen may have been a university president for North Dakota U if it wasn’t for ASU police mismanagement.

  9. indeedYOUsay says:

    Such a train wreck. The department carries on like a complete leaderless mess making the same mistakes and never fixes them. The writing is on the wall.

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