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FOUR Officers Escape the Arizona State University Police Department right after shift change! Congratulations to Clinton Martinez, Dahmar Smiles, Craig Woodruff, Daniel Gaughan!

officer Clinton Martinez escaped the Arizona state University police department2016-06-07 07.40.08

congratulations to Arizona state University police officer Craig woodruff who managed to escape

ASU Police Officer clique douschebag Daniel Gaughan QUITS dept

1 , 2 , 3, 4…FOUR possibly more…OFFICERS QUIT, Two former Lateral Officers to ASUPD, Clinton Martinez and Dahmar Smiles, plus ASU Police 12 year Veteran Craig Woodruff can now take their experience where it will be appreciated, not held against them. Officer Daniel Gaughan can see if the crap games played at ASUPD by the clique work at Tempe PD.

When you are aware of how a police department is supposed to operate why would you stay at the Arizona State University Police Department? You wouldn’t. Officer Clinton Martinez and Dahmar Smiles were lateral police officers who came to ASUPD and were quickly able to see the lack of integrity, lack of leadership, favoritism, dirty politics, lack of opportunity, poor officer compensation, and knew the only solution was to leave.

Officer Craig Woodruff, Army 82nd Airborne Veteran, was with ASUPD for 12 years and, like most people who leave, was most likely fed up with the games being played with his career. Historically, some members of ASUPD command, supervisors, have had a habit of targeting veterans of the military and law enforcement. When you get to know the leadership of the ASU Police department you will ask yourself, “Why the hell did I come here?” Many retired laterals walked out in short order because they could see the numerous negative issues and had the option.

Many officers still working towards retirement left everything behind in other states, put all their eggs in this unsafe basket, and almost lost their careers to the unethical spiteful leadership of ASUPD.

They were targeted for no reason other than the fact that many here were intimidated by their experience and had the rank to injure them. Clinton and Dahmar can now take their experience where it will be appreciated, not held against them.

Despite being selected for Firearms instructor, DT instructor, and Crime prevention Clinton understood that only favorites get actual promotions and that is the only real pay raise available at the Arizona State University Police Department.

Apparently, the Crime Prevention position was vacated by someone who never applied for it, Clinton Martinez, and was recently given to Becky Garcia who was the only one who originally applied. Sounds fair? No. Sounds like ASUPD command zero ethics? Yes.

Clinton, Dahmar, and Craig, you left the mall cop job behind and can finally get back to being a police officer fighting crime instead of babysitting, dodging internal politics, policy enforcement, homeless management, and running traffic with timid college kids, suburban moms, and professors who know they are one complaint away from having you fired. You get to work at a police department where they have your back and it isn’t everyone out for themselves.  Good Luck, stay safe where the real police work actually happens on a regular basis. We are confident you will be assets to the communities you serve.


arizona state University police always Hiring and never staffed


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