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Thank you for your contributions in the past and keep them coming! Contact Us, Mentions, and Other Things in Our Fight to Clean Up the Arizona State University Police Department Mismanagement & Leadership Void

Hello, as you know, the comments section was down for quite a bit of time. We apologize, even the best setups have technical difficulty now and then.

For those that don’t know,  the only way to contact us is through the comments section, you can use any made up email, nickname, but please be sure to let us know if you want your comment posted or if you are just passing along information to be incorporated into an article. If you would like to write an article yourself, then send us what you have.

Thank you for your contributions in the past and keep them coming!

Help us prosecute white collar criminals in police command uniforms in a public forum.

This site does not keep or log IP addresses, so the Golden Goose that Elmer Fud and friends have been looking for since 2013 is still going strong in 2017.

Ever since we…fixed the glitch…on the comments section we have had a deluge of information come through the comments section. This will make for many good articles and we will get to it as time allows. One of our associates very close to them has told us some good information that will remain confidential until we have permission to release it. We were also informed about the gaggle of nervous people on the 3rd floor who are obsessed with this blog and tripping over one another worse than the three stooges. Seriously? That’s quite hilarious to hear, some things never change over there. Thank you for the information, it has inspired us to open the flood gates on these corrupt sleazeballs once more. Put your seat belts on, we’re not done by a long shot, we haven’t even started.

After seeing what these white collar criminal scum have done to good men, women, and their families in law enforcement we will not sit by and let it continue without a fight! No way in hell, not a chance bucko.


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