Monthly Archives: March 2011

Eviction of Roma camp in Seine-Saint-Denis, 29/03/11

On Tuesday 29th March at 6am 150 police evicted a Roma camp along the back of the Ourcq canal near Bobigny, north east of Paris. The camp had been there for two years and housed 270 people. Throughout the morning caravans which were mobile were removed and other shelters were destroyed. The mayor of Bobibny, Catherine Peyge, said that they had had no warning from the prefecture about the eviction, and denounced the “security and anti-immigration policies of the government”. 48 of the evictees moved to a plot in Bobigny, the rest were housed in a sports hall which Peyge had opened as an emergency measure.

D’ailleurs nous sommes d’ici – national day of mobilisation 28/05/11

The collective D’alliers nous sommes d’ici (Besides we are from here) is calling for a national day of mobilisation across France on 28th May against racism and government immigration policies and for the regularisation of sans papier. The littoral (coastal) collective have called for a demo in Calais from the food distribution point to the town hall.

French police attempt to deport sans-papiers to Italy on a public train

According to railway workers, on 15th March French police requisitioned a carriage of a train to try and send 20 sans-papier back to Italy. At 9.30am a ticket inspector found 7 border police on a platform in Cannes with the sans-papiers. She asked the police if they had travel documents for everyone, they said that they did not intend to put them on board the train. However the police then boarded the two-carriage train, asked all the passengers in the front carriage to move to the back one, and then got on the front carriage with the sans-papiers. At Nice station the police told the driver and the ticket inspector that they would get off the train at Menton, as they cannot go to Italy.