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Man deported from the Netherlands to Guinea had been illegally detained

On 09-08-13 a judge declared that Issa Koulibaly, one of the two Guinean hungerstrikers who were deported from the Netherlands on 01-08-13, had been illegally held in foreign detention, report Nederlands Dagblad.

Koulibaly had asked the Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) to postpone his deportation because of his poor health. The IND should have made a decision on this within 4 weeks, but did not do it. According to the judge, at the end of the 4 weeks, on 9th July,  Koulibaly should have been released.

The day before the deportation, Koulibaly’s lawyer gave papers to the IND, requesting that Koulibaly be released and allowed to stay with his Dutch girlfriend. The IND claim to have ‘not seen’ the papers.

The Guinean government originally said that Koulibably and fellow deportee Cheik Bah would be treated in a clinic for 3 months whilst they recover from a 70-day hunger strike. However it transpires that had to leave the clinic after 2 days because it had not been paid for. According to a source the condition of both deportees is  ‘abominably bad’. They are currently staying in a hotel which is being paid for by concerned individuals.