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Calais: recording reveals gendarmes sending away migrants who wanted to file complaints about police violence

French newspaper Libération was recently given a recording showing how the gendarmes snubbed migrants who had come to file a complaint against police violence in Calais. On 24th June 2014,Clémence Gautier, lawyer at the Calaisien migrant support association Plateforme de services aux migrants, went to gendarmes in Norrent-Fontes (Pas-de-Calais) with Eritrean migrants to file a […]

Mayor of Calais demands destruction of migrant squat

The mayor wishes to destroy the squat so that a garage owner can build on the site, Voix du Nord reports.

85 Syrians arrested at Gare du Lyon, Paris, 27/03/14

85 Syrian migrants, including 41 minors, were arrested 27/03/14 at the Gare du Lyon in Paris, reports Le Parisien. They were on a train coming from the Burgundy region of France. The majority of the migrants were given an order obliging them to leave France within one month. On Friday, a group of them attempted […]

Protest against KLM deportation flight on Tuesday to Guinea

At 8am this Tuesday, 29th January, a sick man is due to be deported to Guinea, report Deportatie Verzet. This is the third time that the DT&V (the Dutch government’s ‘Transport and Return Service’) have booked a flight for this man. The DT&V wants to use a travel document that has possibly not be received through […]

Arrests in Calais for ‘aiding illegal immigration’ 16-12-13

Several individuals were arrested last night in Calais on suspicion of ‘aiding illegal immigration’, according to La Voix du Nord. Some arrests took place at a flat which, according to neighbours, was rented by a young woman who had been letting up to a dozen men into the apartment every night for the last few […]

Body of drowned Eritrean found in Calais port, 04-11-13

The Voix du Nord reports that the body of a man was fished out of the water at Calais port at around 3pm yesterday (4th November). The man was a Eritrean migrant who had tried to swim across the outer harbour to reach a ferry, to try to get to England. He has been reported […]

Two British men imprisoned for people trafficking, Boulogne-sur-Mer, 12-06-13

The Voix du Nord reports that two British men were sentenced on 12-06-13 to two years in a closed prison for people trafficking. The men were arrested on 10-06-13 in the English Channel in an inflatable dinghy with 8 Vietnamese migrants. The Vietnamese migrants (who were later released) told the border police that they were picked […]

‘Egyptian squat’ in Calais evicted 22/05/13

At 8am on Wednesday 22nd May the ‘Egyptian squat’ in Calais, considered the largest squat in the town, was evicted, reports La Voix du Nord. 17 sans-papiers, from Egypt, Palestine and Syria, were inside at the time. At 10am a mechanical crane arrived and destroyed the front part of the building. The sous-préfet of Calais, […]

Violent eviction of migrant squat in Montreuil, near Paris, 06/05/13

Yesterday morning (06/05/13) migrants were violently evicted from an empty building belonging to the conseil général in Montreuil, east of Paris. The police used several rounds of tear gas and fired ‘flash balls’ (rubber bullets) during the eviction, and 4 people were arrested.

Calais: 5 Afghans charged with aiding ‘clandestins’ and violence, 23/04/13

5 Afghans were arrested on Tuesday 23rd April in a car park in the Transmarck zone of Calais, charged with aiding ‘clandestins’ and violence against a minor. The 5, some of whom are under 18, appeared before a judge after their arrest and will be held in custody until 31st May, when their trial will […]