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Beninese man commits suicide after fearing deportation from Belgium, 17-06-13

Samiyou Djimadou, a 29 year old asylum seeker who arrived in Belgium in September 2012, committed suicide on Monday after fearing deportation to his country of origin, and possible torture and death, reports

Asyluim claims in Belgium are supposed to be looked at within 6 months but after 10 months Samiyou’s claim had still not been examined.

A friend of Samiyou’s  told that Samiyou had been suffering from insomnia though fear of being detained and deported.

On Monday afternoon in Nerder-over-Heembeek in the north of Brussels, Samiyou decided to end his life. He firstly tried to throw himself under a lorry but the driver managed to avoid him, so he jumped into a canal next to the road.

Two British men imprisoned for people trafficking, Boulogne-sur-Mer, 12-06-13

The Voix du Nord reports that two British men were sentenced on 12-06-13 to two years in a closed prison for people trafficking.

The men were arrested on 10-06-13 in the English Channel in an inflatable dinghy with 8 Vietnamese migrants.

The Vietnamese migrants (who were later released) told the border police that they were picked up in the middle of the night by a boat off a beach in Calais, and that they had paid up to €3000 to traffickers for the trip. However the suspected traffickers told the police and later the court that they had come across the Vietnamese by chance, having left a English shores at 4am on a fishing trip, and that they rescued the Vietnamese because their boat was sinking.