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Calais: 5 Afghans charged with aiding ‘clandestins’ and violence, 23/04/13

5 Afghans were arrested on Tuesday 23rd April in a car park in the Transmarck zone of Calais, charged with aiding ‘clandestins’ and violence against a minor.

The 5, some of whom are under 18, appeared before a judge after their arrest and will be held in custody until 31st May, when their trial will begin.

The police say that they have conducted a 2 month investigation into the 5 and that they charge €700 for passage to the UK. According to the police, the men beat up a migrant in order to take money from him, and also beat up a French minor who was watching them.

‘Socialist’ Party in the Netherlands unhappy after ‘failed’ asylum seeker who had stopped drinking given residency visa

The SP (Socialist Party [sic]) and PVV (Wilder’s Freedom Party) have requested a full statement from Immigration Minister Fred Teeven after a 21 year old ‘failed’ asylum seeker from Cameroon who had stopped drinking was given a residency visa, report

According to a radio programme Argos broadcast yesterday (27/04/13), Teevan would not normally yield to such pressure but this was a ‘harrowing case’ and therefore he made an exception. Teevan, the programme noted, has recently come under fire following the suicide of Russian asylum seeker Aleksandr Dolmatov who was being illegally detained in the Netherlands.