Monthly Archives: May 2011

Iranian migrant dies in Dunkirk, 10/05/11

On 10th May an Iranian migrant attempting to cross the Channel fell from a lorry near Dunkirk. He was taken to hospital but died of his head wound. In the last two years, two others migrants have died after falling from lorries in the Pas-de-Calais area, a Vietnamese female in May 2009 and a 16 year old Afghan male in April 2010.

Jungletour, 2nd-14th July

Departing on Saturday 2nd July at Bailleul (in the Nord region of France), the Jungletour is a cycle tour of different “jungles” along the north coast of France and Belgium, finishing on Thursday 14th July in Brussels. It is the second Jungletour, following the tour last July of the “jungles” of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

Mass arrest of Tunisians in Paris, 04/05/11

On 1st May, Le Collectif des Tunisiens de Lampedusa à Paris occupied a building belonging to the Mayor of  Paris at 51 avenue Simon Bolivar in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. They asked that the Mayor, who had previously denounced the arrests of Tunisians in nearby Villette region, gave them a place where they could live and organise. Three days later, the response from the Mayor: a mass police operation with helicopter, an eviction and the occupants taken into custody.