Monthly Archives: September 2011

Six North African migrants die after fire in Parisian squat, 28/09/11

This morning, Wednesday 28th September, six “Arab spring” migrants,four Tunisians and two Egyptians, died in a fire at the squat in the Parisian suburb of Pantin where they had lived for several months.
French Interior Minister Claude Gueant, who visited the scene of the fire, blamed the deaths on “networks of illegal immigration”. SOS SOUTIEN Ô SANS PAPIERS said that Gueant and Christian Lambeth, préfet of Seine-Saint-Denis, had “blood on their hands”.

Escapes and disorder at Vincennes CRAs

On Monday 19th September 8 detainees escaped from bâtiment 3 of Vincennes detention centre (CRA) near Paris. On Thursday 23rd September detainees from the adjacent detention centre, CRA 2, refused to return to their cells, moved their mattresses outside and begun a hunger strike. Several of the detainees had recently been transferred from Bobigny CRA  where disorder had taken place following several suicide attempts by fellow detainees.

“Tramway of shame” in Paris

France Info reports that on 31/08/11 police used a Parisien RATP tram in a special operation to  move around 100  Roma from a camp in Saint-Denis where they had just been evicted to the RER station Noisy-le-Sec. RATP first denied that this happened but later admitted it. According to Medicins du monde children and their parents were separated on the journey. A delegate from the SUD-RATP union denounced the operation and noted that la gare de Bobigny had been used for deportations during the Second World War.