Monthly Archives: July 2012

Protest camp in front of IND in Den Bosch, Netherlands

Since 30/07/12 around 100 activists from Refugees on the street (Vluchtelingen Op Straat, VOS) have been campedĀ  in front of the IND (immigration and naturalisation service) office in Den Bosch in the south of the Netherlands. The activists include refugees from Somalia, Iraq, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Afghanistan. Many of them lived at the protest camp in Ter Apel earlier this year.

Suspicious death of migrant in Calais, 07/07/12

In the early hours of Saturday 7th July Noureddin Mohamed, a Sudanese man who had been in Calais for four years, was found dead in a canal near the sub-prefecture of the town.

Police state that Noureddin stole a mobile phone, was then pursued and jumped into the canal where he drowned. Family, friends and activists on the ground do not believe this version of events and are demanding that the police open an enquiry.

You can read more, in English, on the Calais Migrant Solidarity website.