Monthly Archives: March 2012

Demo against Vottem migrant prison, Liege, 18/03/12

Tomorrow, Sunday 18th March, there will be a march from the centre of Liege to the closed detention centre at Vottem to denounce closed centres and demand an asylum policy which truly respects human rights.  The march is taking place on the 13th anniversary of the opening of Vottem and has been organised by CRACPE, Collectif de Résistance Aux Centres Pour Etrangers. 

Arson attack on Roma squat in Paris, 24/02/12

During the night of 13th/14th February, around 140  Roma including young children who were squatting in an abandoned factory were awoken by a fire in a suspected arson attack which destroyed their entire squat.  Happily there were no injuries or fatalities. The Roma have been placed in emergency accommodation in a gym by the mairie de Vaulx en Velin.