Monthly Archives: June 2011

Evicted Afghans demonstrate in Brussels

On 16th June, 85 Afghans who had been on hunger strike in an occupied building were evcited by police. (See video in French here). The following day the Afghans demonstrated outside the immigration minister’s office. He told them that they (under police escort) could go back to the squat to collect their belongings but then they must “disappear”. (see video in French here).

Eviction of Tunisian occupations in Paris and Marsailles

On 27th May, an AFTAM foyer in Paris which had been occupied for a week by Tunisian migrants was evicted and 17 people were taken into custody. Those with papers were released, bailed to return to court on 1st July, whilst those without papers were taken to Vincennes detention centre. A few hours later, AFTAM headquarters were occupied by 30 people demanding the withdrawal of AFTAM”s complaint of “illegal occupation and damages”. The following day, 100 Tunsians and their supporters marched through the streets behind a banner “Neither police, nor charity, a place to self-organise” , and then in the evening 30 people demonstrated outside Vincennes.

Meanwhile on the 30th May the occupants of Chrysalide, 14 rue Bénédit, in Marsailles were evicted by police. The occupants were a group of homeless Tunisian migrants who had lived there for a number of weeks.