Getting involved

For tips on what to do if you see an immigration raid, see here.

Can I join your group?

We are a loose network and believe that resistance best comes from the grassroots. We encourage groups to do their own anti raids outreach, know your rights workshops, or actions against immigration raids. A brainstorm of ideas for local and autonomous resistance – from the simple to the highly ambitious – is available here. We can provide materials, support and information for outreach. For example, if you are a community group with members that are frequently targeted by immigration checks and raids, you may want to do some workshops for your members.

We also think that the most effective resistance to immigration raids can take place locally, as we usually don’t know in advance where raids will take place. We therefore encourage people to form their own local groups and can provide materials and support in doing so.

If you are interested in getting involved in the local stalls or would like to start your own stall or group, we recommend that you check out our principles, as we promote and support groups that agree with these principles. So, for example, we do not promote party political or other hierarchical groups. If you are still interested after having read this, then the best thing to do is probably to visit your nearest anti raids stall, chat to people there for advice, and have a go at giving out materials. The following stall details are correct at the time of writing (update: 29/1/17):

But you don’t have to organise stall or create a formal group! Anyone can download, print and distribute the cards on our website, or organise a local alerts system. If you’ve seen raids happen near where you live, why not get together with some friends and give out some cards, or put up our posters (below).

You can also get alerts of raids by following us on Twitter or by liking our Facebook page.

Slideshow for use in ‘know your rights’ workshops

Click on the slides above or here to link to a slideshow on raids & how we can resist them. For notes accompanying the slideshow, get in touch at antiraids [at] Share widely and use freely for workshops.

Help with translations

We welcome help in translating and proof-reading the ‘know your rights’ cards into other languages, and are currently looking for translators for the Igbo andTigrinya versions. We are also looking for proof readers for the Yoruba version.

If you would like to help please get in touch by emailing antiraids at (replace the ‘at’ with ‘@’).


As well as distributing the cards, you can also spread information by putting up posters. See here for some posters you can download and print.