Immigration checks: know your rights

How to spot a raid....

On these pages you will find information in various languages on your rights if you are confronted by Immigration Enforcement officers and/or police and subjected to an immigration check in the street.

Download, print and distribute the materials as you see fit.

A quick overview of immigration checks and raids in London:

What: When stopped by immigration officers questions are likely to be asked regarding your name and address, date of birth, nationality, whether you are working, and whether you have a visa. You do not have to answer any of these.

Where: Immigration officers conduct spot checks at train/underground stations and bus stops. Raids are generally conducted on homes and work places.

When: Officers tend to target bus stops in the early hours, knowing that many undocumented migrants work antisocial hours. Raids and spot checks can be carried out at any time of day.

Who: Raids and spot checks can be carried out by immigration officers alone or, increasingly, with other agencies, such as the police or council enforcement officers.

If you are at risk of being targeted for checks or raids (regardless of immigration status), you will find information about your rights in this section – just hold the cursor over the tab for information on different languages. If you are a supporter who would like to know what to do if you see this happening in the street, you will find some guides for you too.

We are still looking for help translating the information into the following languages: Igbo, Hausa, Tigrinya and Amharic. We are looking for help proof-reading the following languages: Yoruba and Nepalese. Please get in touch if you can be of assistance. Many thanks for the help received so far.