[Please note that as we are all unpaid and have many other things to do, we no longer have the time to respond to media/research requests and prefer to do our own media.]

List of previous media coverage and other coverage of Anti Raids:

The Prisma, 12th March 2012
Redada a inmigrantes: un concierto con muy mal sabor
Immigration raid: a concert with a very bad taste

The Prisma, 28th May 2012
Nace Campaña antiredadas
Antiraids campaign in London

The Prisma, 10th June 2012
La Bust Card, una guía de bolsillo para migrantes
Bust Card: the pocket guide for immigrants

The Guardian, 22nd June 2012
How London’s Latin Americans are fighting back

Institute of Race Relations, 12th July 2012
Migrants and stop and search: know your rights

Schnews, 1st August 2013
Know Your Rights!

NETPOL, 2nd August 2013
Anger erupts at UKBA operations

Black Feminists, 2 August 2013
Mobilising Against Racist Immigration Policies (in Southall)

Channel 4 News, 3rd August 2013
Activist backlash against immigration enforcement tactics

Islamic Human Rights Commission, 4th August 2013      
What to do if you see someone being stopped (Immigration checks)

 Al Jazeera, 13th August 2013
The UK’s crackdown on immigration

Channel 4 News, 3rd June 2014
Activists move to scupper illegal workers crackdown

(Warning: Daily Mail), 4th June 2014
Whitehall mole sabotages hundreds of immigration raids by leaking identities of targets to activists