How not to value your staff

Following the numerous surveys of the last few years in which staff complain they are undervalued, the results of which no one disputes and about which nothing has been done, a series of open meetings have been held in which staff were invited to give their views on how this problem might be addressed. All the “senior managers”, we are told, including the Riverhouse Rat himself, have discussed the outcome of these meetings.

One widely supported suggestion was an anonymous forum to make the staff’s true feelings and opinions known to management. It should be no surprise that “The SMG were [sic] concerned that staff felt the need to make anonymous comments.” Instead staff may remain anonymous by talking to the Staff Engagement Champions. So not completely anonymous then, especially if you do not trust your “Champion”.

Ratty thinks his ideas@kingston email address is sufficient. What he does not realise (or pretends not to) is that genuine criticism is unlikely to come through this channel when staff fear for their jobs in the bullying culture that exists at Kingston.

Apparently staff should feel valued because they are mentioned in the Newsletter and get invited to the “Cup Cake Party” and “Summer Picnic”. So that’s all right then. Of course a few dissenting voice might suggest that cup cakes and picnics don’t quite make up for pay cuts, demotion, and threats of redundancy that emanate regularly through Ratty’s missives. He can put that in his ideas mailbox and delete it.


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