Plastic Mackintosh

Staff at Kingston may often wonder whether the dean of the faculty in which they work is the very worst in the University. There are some strong contenders. In the news at the moment with the ructions in the Law School, is Raving Ron Tuninga, B&L’s pinball who changes direction with great rapidity and unpredictability. Close on his heels is Mad Micky Sutcliffe, the latest headbanger and all-round incompetent shipped in from Manchester, presumably to add some research cred to Kingston. There have been plenty of mutterings about this one’s clueless leadership, and he’s only been here a few months!

In fact it’s difficult to find anyone with a good word to say about any of the Senior Mismanagement Team, such a collection of neoliberal no-hopers are they. Here at Dissenter’s Blog we share the general dismay at this shower who are supposed to lead us up the league tables to better places (hoots of derision from all faculties).

But the one we reserve the most opprobrium for is the long serving Dave “Plastic” Mack, Mr Malleable himself who has proved a ready adapter to the iniquities of Weinberg and his lackeys. He was once a Principal Lecturer who admired Peter Scott, the consensual VC who, while not perfect, broadly ran Kingston quite successfully, and certainly without the general bullying of his successor. Yet Ductile Dave soon reshaped himself to Ratty’s brutal regime, and now dishes out the AP transition fails to the beleaguered PLs who have been subject to the turn-AP-or-die philosophy enthusiastically backed by the SMT politburo. Yet the lunatic who ran Kingston almost into the ground is no longer in post! So why does Dave Dirty persist with this destructive policy? He has a chance in the new dispensation to expunge this unjust abuse of the staff but shows no sign of doing so. As the most senior figure next to our stand-in VC he has the opportunity to exert influence. We think he has a duty to. If he does nothing then he is an even bigger disgrace.

Who is your bete noir of the SMT? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Archibald Gruntfuttock says:

    Research cred – Mad Micky Sutcliffe?
    Check out RCUK/BBSRC/EPSRC grants on the web. Not much as PI – that’s why he went into management. Unfortunately for Kingston he is about as good at management as research.

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