Weak and wobbly leadership

We will all be surprised (and most of us relieved) at the result of the general election. Although the Tories are still in power, just about, the horrifying prospect of the Nasty Party having a large majority has been averted. The empty “strong and stable” slogan intoned by the Maybot throughout the campaign now seems even more ludicrous than before last Thursday. What will happen over the next few months is not entirely clear, but a second election must be on the cards, and perhaps Corbyn, who has revealed hitherto hidden leadership qualities, can win.

Some of us may see some parallels between the antics of the Conservatives and those of our leadership, the Senior Mismanagement Team. The SMT has certainly adopted the neoliberalism, without reservation, that has characterised the Tories for some 40 years. The damage inflicted by Weinberg is not dissimilar to that of Theresa May’s on her ability to govern. After shooting the whole country in the foot, following her predecessor’s lead, she has now done the same to herself. Likewise, our ex-VC took a relatively healthy Kingston University and methodically cut the legs away.

Mrs May’s remaining time in office looks likely to be short. Our Chief Architect, Spier, will no doubt outlast her incumbency. But there are similarities between the two. Just as May has talked much about delivering a one-nation Britain, without actually doing anything towards that, Spier has promised more respect for the staff but done nothing in support. He has also proved equally keen on hollow slogans. But isn’t that neoliberal leaders all the way? Keep telling everyone how good you are, how well things are going, deny everything when it goes wrong, and ignore any awkward questions. Wobbly as she goes, Captain.

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