KU clerihew 7

Matt Hiely-Rayner
(Well, it’s a no-brainer)
Has another job spinning statistical fables
To push Kingston up the league tables

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6 Responses to KU clerihew 7

  1. mick says:

    have you seen this: https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BMG312/director-of-hr-and-od

    where is Stone rolling to we wonder?

  2. Guardian_reader says:

    @Loadza_moneee, I would hope that by now the matter has been brought to the attention of The Guardian (or e.g. that of the Press Complaints Commission or OfS).

  3. #Cream always rises to the top says:

    “Kingston University has soared 23 places in the Guardian University Guide league tables”

  4. Loadza_moneee says:

    It is something for the Guardian to look at as they issue the contract to Matt’s company and I can not see how they could ignore the conflict of interest! Matt has to choose either one or the other or the Guardian needs to review who does the league table insight if it wishes to preserve it’s reputation. The best course of action is to bring this to the attention of the Guardian as clearly Kingston University benefit from this conflict of interest and so are exploiting it to the detriment of the sector. One would have hoped out of professional standards Matt would have not taken this course of action but in the absence of self control the Guardian must step in to restore respect in it’s long established league tables.

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