It is his industry apparently!

Department for Transport (Dft) Director Peter Wilkinson has spat his dummy out because the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union keep making him and the rest of the clowns at DfT management look the total pricks that they are. Amazingly the narcissistic prick claims that it is HIS industry. Alright mate, because you clean the trains and stations, issue the tickets, direct people, lay, maintain and repair the track, do the electrical work and so on. It is ALL YOU! Give us a break you total bell! The WORKERS ARE THE INDUSTRY, NOT YOU!



It is upon us…



It is going to be a ball, see you there Cinderella and the rest of you.

I wonder what shit “Posh, Broke and Bored” will come up with this time, the sacking of Rome? The Pol Pot genocide? Mass executions in the street? Whatever it is it will be bullshit and totally unverified.



There is no such thing as an “independent” business as they are part of capitalism. Therefor an “independent coffee shop” can never really be independent. So-called “independent coffee shops” OF THIS TYPE are a part of gentrification, where is the confusion here?

However is what is written on the sign above an offer? A challenge? I bet if someone took up their offer of some alternative window dressing then they would not be so cocky and slimey, I bet they would cry their little hearts out.

I encourage people to take this place up on their offer.