The legal liabilities of ASUPD’s FTO program

Many comments have been made regarding the status of ASUPD’s FTO program–how it has been used as a tool to weed people out of the department, how different FTOs have different standards for each respective trainee–but none have discussed how poorly running an FTO program can have significant legal ramifications for ASUPD, as well as ASU.

The following excerpts were cited from J. Parkinson’s “The Cost of Inadequate Training“:

Title 42, U.S. Code, Section 1983 Claims states that all allegations of civil rights violations against the police are brought in Federal Court (Daane, D.M. and J.E. Hendricks, 1991).Section 1983 provides a remedy for the violation of an individual’s federally protected rights.

In order to file a Section 1983 claim, the plaintiff must show that the defendant acted under the color of state law, their conduct deprived the plaintiff of their rights secured by the Constitution, the training the officer received (regarding the injury suffered by the plaintiff) was inadequate, the inadequate training led to the injury, and there was deliberate indifference on the part of the municipality.  The Court ruled in Monell (1978) that a municipality could be sued if the plaintiff could prove the defendant violated their rights because the municipality failed to adequately train the defendant.  The Court ruled that liability for failure to train has to follow the strict standard of deliberate indifference.  The requirements to prove deliberate indifference include:  plaintiff must prove the municipality knew the officer would have to deal with the situation, there was training available that would have made the outcome of the situation different, and the municipality chose to not provide the officer with such training (McNamara, 2006).

Supervisors are also able to be held liable for an officer’s actions under Section 1983.  There are three elements, the court identified in Shaw v. Stroud (4th Cir. 1994), that must be present.  They are:

(1) that a supervisor had actual or constructive knowledge that his subordinate was engaged in conduct that posed ‘a pervasive and unreasonable risk’ of constitutional injury to citizens like the plaintiff; (2) that the supervisor’s response to that knowledge was so inadequate as to show ‘deliberate indifference to or tacit authorization of the alleged offensive practices,’ and (3) that there was an ‘affirmative causal link’ between the supervisor’s inaction and the particular injury suffered by the plaintiff.”

            It is not good enough to say a police department is properly trained, there has to be clear documentation that includes when the training was held, which officers attended, who was the instructor, and what material was covered (Dahlinger, 2001).  Documentation must be organized in a clear, concise manner so if an officer becomes a defendant in a failure to train lawsuit, or any other type, the training records can be submitted as evidence of training. Basically, if it is not documented, then it didn’t happen.   McNamara (2006, p.3) stated:  “Taking this proactive step will help reduce department liability by showing an ongoing commitment to proper training.”

  • Therefore, ASU’s piecemeal FTO program could cause the department to be held legally liable under U.S.C 1983 if they can articulate the officer was NOT adequately trained. Considering the fact that the FTO program has previously allowed FTOs and an FTO Supervisor to train rookie officers when they THEMSELVES were not certified to be field training officers, we believe this to be grounds for a pretty significant civil lawsuit against the department.
  • Additionally, an FTO Sergeant (ie, the “Supervisor” of the FTO program) could also be held legally liable by allowing non-certified FTOs to train rookies, and failing to intervene when there were allegations of wrongdoings by an FTO (ie, “tacit authorization of the alleged offensive practices”), Therefore, a certain FTO Sergeant who allowed several of her FTOs to terrorize a slew of rookies could be held legally liable in civil court.
  • Finally, as stated in this article, training records can be submitted as evidence of training…so what happens when those training records are altered from their original state to “prove” that a rookier officer isn’t qualified to pass field training? Beyond the possibility of a civil suit on behalf of a potential victim and the rookie themselves, this is a blatantly criminal act which has occurred several times at ASUPD.

The most disturbing part about the legal liability incurred as a result of ASUPD’s FTO program? Several members of Command staff, including the Chief have known about the situation at hand. Granted, these people have been removed from the FTO program, but they have all received NO punishment, and their actions have created a legal liability for the department that may linger for a long time.

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63 thoughts on “The legal liabilities of ASUPD’s FTO program

  1. bungapartypd says:

    It’s clear ASUPD doesn’t really care about liability because they, command zombies, are made aware of issues and just let them go. If it doesn’t affect them and their next round of selfy raises then on to the next topic.

    This is why the blog is amazing, it’s blows the lid off all the separate crap and collects it all in one place for the record. The Integrity Report was a good choice for the title. Now nobody can claim ignorance, only incompetence.

  2. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    What does it say about an FTO program when none of the Sergeants running it have enough sense to see problem FTO’s throwing wrenches into the works at every turn? How many hundreds of thousands did the department waste sending hopefuls to the academy for these dipshits to hone their egos on.

    Can the university shrinks come up with some psychological test for prospective FTO candidates that tests for little man syndrome, inadequate bitchitis? That would have saved us a lot of money over the last few years.

    The department keeps doing the same thing expecting different results. I’m sure former employees who escaped are laughing their asses off, but the rest of us still have to work here and need backup. Armchair quarterbacks are great for inflating egos, but never seen to be on scene when things go south. Are we going to hire more aides to act as officers?

  3. 311 says:

    The liabilities are there whether or not the current ASUPD command sees them or not. A training program is only as good as the persons running it. You can’t blame it all on a Sergeant who reports to a commander making bad decisions for them and so on up the chain.

    I have noticed a tendency for senior department members to claim they were unaware of issues. This isn’t a valid excuse. It’s your job to be aware, as a supervisor, as a cop, you are supposed to sift through information you are given and separate the truth from the lies. People have come to you with issues and you shut them down as soon as you see the “negativity” word. Instead of being thankful they were forthright and honest, giving them the respect to hear their voice, you chose to continue along the path of ignorance.

    Command’s inability to answer to the issues raised on this blog shows they are caught off guard with their pants down and unable to function. They are reeling at the audacity,overlooking relevancy, and endangering everyone who works for them, the public, the entire university because pride creates a prejudice all it’s own.

  4. RUkiddingMe says:

    It would be nice for them to start taking the program seriously and not letting people fuck with officers who actually want to work here, who are still optimistic, and haven’t been jaded to hell by year two at this place.

    Here’s a novel idea, maybe waiting a year to get feedback on the disaster isn’t proactive enough anymore. Is it ethical to have husbands supervising wives in the program? Phil over Pam, now Larry over Katie.

    How many officers did we go through for no reasons other than a problematic program? Has anyone compared ASUPD’s failure rate to other departments?

    How many veteran city cops were being told they were below standard by know nothing ASSU FTO’s? These are questions worth asking as we fall back on the same old failed strategery of, just get more in the door.

  5. DL500unit says:

    The last person to take the FTO program seriously, impartially, was Sergeant T. Since he left it is has been a continuous failure for the department with more care given to a useless one man non-drug canine special person position because I refuse to call it a program or a specialty position.

    In short our department only reacts when prodded from areas above the chief. Nothing gets done unless directives come from the Fulton Center. Officers go without equipment and training for years.

    One big mayor McCheese at the Fulton Center gets his/her car stolen and all of a sudden 10’s of thousands were spent on car mounted license plate readers that spent years sitting around collecting dust not being used and…still don’t get used.

    Smoke and Mirrors, knee-jerk, security guard responses where a Police Department has been needed for years. This is why we get no respect from other agencies who tell us to stay out of calls they are working. They don’t want their retarded brother getting hurt, getting them hurt.

  6. indeedYOUsay says:

    The only reason the training program has been getting any attention recently is because we simply don’t have staffing. They finally realized how many people want out and paniced.

    We will go from the Navy Seals, nobody is good enough to pass standard and transition to putting bodies on patrol so the chief can appear to be doing his job. The bottom line is people don’t know what the hell they’re doing, they just appear to be doing something for people who don’t know any better.

  7. jpcode11 says:

    You will always find guys who want to pretend to be real cops while hiding out in the protected cove shielded by surrounding agencies. That’s how we ended up with so many “little men syndrome” people taking their inadequacies on other employees. The sooner you can admit you are a police aide with a gun the better, just accept the truth.

    They built a failure model nobody wants to be a part of and now they are rushing to fill the holes in the schedule with any body that will fit. Success models can’t work when Failure models are left in place. That’s exactly what’s happening inside ASUPD right now.

  8. […] seriously: We have emphasized the important of training a lot here, especially in regards how poorly training your employees opens up your department for civil liability. After years of arbitrarily assigning officers/PAs to train new employees (without any formal […]

    • Darthpickens says:

      Here are my experiences on the wonderful FTO program that washed me out. I had no chance for success here…

      One FTO was extremely good at DUIs. I asked on over a half dozen occasions for cheat sheets, tips and check lists on DUIs. I never got them.. she said she did not have time.

      Another FTO that was new, was unable to write a search warrant and when he did complete It was almost 5 hours later.

      For 237s at dorm rooms. One FTO said to make friends with the occupant and try to get in the door. Another FTOs said do beat around the bush and get to the point and I was severely dinged by both…

      Another FTO only seemed to care if I was.using my turn signal and not my actual training.

      Another that was high speed and low drag yhe newest detective of the department would talk very poorly about OITs around others to say the least.

      Another time a Sgt on 3rd shift told me to do something that almost every FTO told me to differently, but when I questioned my current FTO about the problem he said nothing and told me to do it. I became frustrated and told him what was on my mind and he documented me getting upset in my DOR only, not the reason why.

      The great Cpl. On 3rd shift that was fired from Scottsdale was a joke. He was lazy, a liar, very arrogant, always tried to dump work on to others, if he didn’t like you like the OIT he was with he would falsely document things in your DOR

      On occasion I did not have an FTO to train me. I was placed with a 30+ year Mesa police veteran, who is very good officer, with tons of DUI experience. During that shift I got a good DUI and write the report. The 30+ year veteran approved the report. 3 days later my FTO views it rejects the report, makes me rewrite it and solely grades me on my DOR aith report I completed. When she was not there, I refused to sign off on it.This FTO has only been an officer for 5 years… any problem with this one?!

      Many times during down time I would help other officers out in booking or something similar to that during down time, but some FTOs would never document that on my DORs, rather they would say I did not do much…

    • fixmycorruptpd says:

      Nobody can stand those assholes, they create problems for everyone except one another. I’m sure they were quick to discount the veteran cop’s experience and work even though he did more police work his first year of 30 than they will do their whole career. They know it and they’re compensating for it every chance they get.

    • popo39machine says:

      Darth Pickens, the fact of the matter is this. The people you had problems with are unprofessional dicks, plain and simple. They have been pulling their shit for so long and the department just signs off on it because Pickens lets it happen. The university needs too many officers for them to keep carrying on, but they won’t stop.

      You couldn’t find a more insecure compensating bunch. They are the perfect example of negligent supervision, lousy leadership, and why the background portion of police officer applications is so important.

      Most of them wouldn’t make it in the door at other agencies, if they did they end up fired or crawling up through the sewer pipe to get back here like some of them already have. You will be successful elsewhere like so many others before you while they keep trying to ruin careers here because that makes them feel fullfilled.

  9. Darthpickens says:

    I am a victim to the wonderful FTO program they have there… I gave it my all, and I was still washed out. I was lied to and given a bunch BS. FTO program in such disarray. Every FTO had different standards and would contradict what was learned by the last. In phase alone I had 4 different FTOs. ASU is a joke and I will tell all to stay way.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      Did you feel your FTOs had proper training, and did you feel the FTO supervisors/other ASU supervisors were aware of your treatment?

    • Darthpickens says:

      I was an extremely recent OIT. One FTO was forced to become one, but was a good guy. Another FTO was a run and gun don’t ask me questions later type of guy, another just liked complaining about how tired she was or how bored I made her, 2 others never talked to you and just gave you a stupid look if you didn’t know something, on 3 occasions I road with regular officers because no one was available to train.

      My observation week was 3 hours on patrol with 2 of them watching a door during a death investigation. The other 37 hours were sitting at a table on the 3rd floor.

      During my phase one, on an unnamed 3rd shift that works only 3 days a week. I was told to watch 2 suspects and nothing more. I did not hear much of anything going on during this investigation and in the end to my complete surprise the whole investigation was dropped on to me and I was to write the report. No one including the wonderful Sgt on the shift told me they were going to do a supplement for me. I was told 2 months later after rewriting that report 3 times, I never should have done it. I was be on stressed out on the report.

      There was a massive lack of guidance from most FTOs and only one supervisor “D” tried to help me. The other OIT I was with alot was washed out like me. But he was a 16 year veteran from another department!

      One month in to my FTO, I had meeting with Sgt. Admiral General Pickens, the meeting was because I legitimately for got to end the testing process with DPS after I was hired by ASUPD. During that meeting the Admiral threaten me with my job and said to me if you don’t want to be here your gone today. In a panic I told him I wanted to be there and left the meeting. The idiot I am called DPS to end the process that afternoon.

      These are just some of the things I saw as a brand new officer to the department and to the job field it self. I could keep going on and on about this.

      Now I need to try to find away to salvage my career since AASU almost destroyed it.

    • ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

      Darthpickens, unfortunately I have heard stories like yours for years at ASUPD. We finally have a few good people in the training program, but we still have plenty of assholes who have their hand in it and enjoy destroying people’s careers.

      They don’t train, they evaluate your ability to fit into their social club of elite mall cop security guards. Let’s be honest, that’s what we do here. You should call DPS back ASAP and see if they can continue with the process from where you left off. Tell them to talk to the DPS officers who came to this department, so they can hear the truth from people they trust. Pickens is a miserable excuse for a leader who threatens employees and sabotages them from being able to escape this department. Need an example, here’s just one of many.

      A lateral officer who left shortly before you signed on with another department prior to starting his “training” here and Chief Pickens was on the phone to command at his new department attempting to sabotage his career there. This egotistic god-like attitude over employees has earned the command of ASUPD their soiled reputation.

    • Thinblueline1 says:

      It’s true, some of the FTO’s will viciously attack your career with paper and behind your back if you don’t fit in. It’s pathetic. The best way to get out is to not get in. Pick your head up, get back in the fight, and keep applying to other agencies. More and more are hiring and ASUPD won’t be able to compete. The word is out on this place and there is no incentive there for them to change. Anyone foolish enough to come here without looking into it first will see for themselves.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      Darthpickens, I have quite a few things to say on your topic of ASUPD having a completely jacked up officer training program. First, what were you thinking when AZDPS gave you an offer and you chose to stay with ASUPD?!? Until the raises, ASU starting officers were at $43,000 and were bumped to $48K. Officers went over six years with no pay raises. Officers at AZDPS were making $62,660 after 6 years. Once again, the recruits/laterals coming to ASUPD didn’t do their homework and suffer for it year after year. Like you said a 16 year veteran police officer lateral wasn’t good enough for this place?!? Bullshit. He’s not the first one, and he won’t be the last. Retired city cops have been put through the ringer with the so called ASU Field Training Officers, so you’re in the best of company. Call AZDPS back ASAP and apply again, it’s worth it. Pickens is an outrageous ass and pathetic joke of a leader who should at the very least know better than threatening his employees. He believes he has absolute power and there are no consequences for his dishonorable behavior. Like you said, he brought you in his office to threaten you into staying with the department negatively instead of telling you something positive to convince you to stay.

      The artificial failure rate of new and veteran officers at ASUPD is no accident, it’s a tradition. Years ago when now Sergeant Mark Aston and Commander Chris Speranza were FTO’s (field training officers), they would sit around and joke to one another in front of other personnel about people they purposely intended on failing in the training program regardless of merit. Sgt. Pam Osborne (former training Sergeant) was the same way as an FTO, typically targeting female officers, and these three along with Mark Janda, Phil Osborne, Lou Schicilone, Billy Orr, Alan Clark, became known as “the clique” or “Orr’s Boys” inducting new members Nick Schicilone and Dan Gaughan into the gang via the firearms program they chaired. A little over a year ago when Sgt. Pam Osborne was in charge of training new officers, “FTO” Cpl. Luke Khalid was claiming she told him to get rid of people and to produce the documents needed in their training files to justify it. Cpl. Luke Khalid was also bragging in front of personnel about failing officers calling himself the “executioner.” Pathetic inferiority at its best.

      This officer was fired from Scottsdale PD, so he has something to prove to the world of law enforcement. He was removed from FTO for a time and then given the job again despite his reputation. Nobody wanted to voluntarily work as a FTO after seeing what a joke it had become. It is also documented that Sgt. Pam Osborne was taking the training files of officers in training home with her and changing scores that FTO’s were giving the officers they were training! It doesn’t sound like anything improved since training Sgt. Larry Fuchtman took over because you can’t rock the boat when you are hoping to make the next commander opening. Despite the state/university policy against doing so and ethical implications he supervised his wife in the position of FTO, but when did any supervisor at ASUPD follow policy when they didn’t want to? Apparently this might not be an issue anymore. Again it’s tradition for them and career suicide for everyone else due to the broken leadership and the break down in ethics that results.

      It wasn’t just these people screwing up the training program, there were others. I’m guessing Sgt. Aston, Mark Janda, Dan Gaughan, and Luke Khalid were on duty when a lot of your so called “training” was taking place. They don’t have time to train because they’re too busy evaluating, ask anyone they “trained”. These guys are legends in their own minds, but no other police department will take them due to background issues. Chief John Pickens signed off on AZPOST waivers for a few we know of, probably more, so in his words he, “Owns them”. A number of them tried to leave only to be shot down, stay and promote. They feel especially threatened by veteran cops who come here because they know they know nothing about police work in comparison to these “new” guys. They will use their wildly active imaginations to cite “safety” issues on FTO with rookies as well as veteran officers who survived years of real life police work. As a consequence they have been playing King Turd on Shit Mountain with trainees for years, talking negatively about experienced officers, and living in a fantasy reality where they consider what they do to be real important police work. Wow, the campus is safer now that you did a traffic stop on a guy five miles away from campus and found a dime bag of weed. You can’t hear the screams that far away, so nothing happened. It’s not difficult to do what we do, while we will have people who can’t hack it, the real number of passing officers would be much higher here if they cut out all the bullshit.

      This sociopathic fratricidal behavior decimated the numbers of potential officers to the point where the ASUPD staffing crisis went from bad to critical. I believe ASUPD is going on three years of offering paid overtime to cover regular shifts. Many of the beneficiaries working this OT just happen to be the people who were driving officers out of the department. I heard there are so few officers on patrol ASUPD Commander, “Mickey Mouse” Rourke recently had to work a week of patrol all by herself at the west campus. Chief Pickens and the chain of command under him knew all about these training problems and did nothing. These issues involved their friends who probably have dirt on them and it’s in their best interests to keep them happy. They are as a group unfit for command because they have no ethics whatsoever. It’s so bad they even lie to people about compensation, offering them one number and paying them another, offering to pay them overtime and paying them comp time instead, and the list goes on to include promises of promotion and god knows what else.
      A vote of confidence would send them all packing. There are good people at ASUPD, but they have no ability to help change the department since they are on the ground floor working as officers, police aides, dispatchers, and support staff. As usual any officer who can leave probably wants to and we will go four, five years offering overtime for regular shifts, sending Tempe officers out to the other campuses for coverage and hoping nobody notices when we don’t have officers to send, when we have one or two people working. I guess ASUPD will have to continue using supervisors, sergeants and above, as regular patrol units who frequently call Tempe PD, Phoenix PD, Mesa PD, Glendale PD and whomever for help the department was funded for and should be able to manage.

      Darthpickens, how did Chief Pickens get that information about you being in the process with AZDPS? That’s not the first time information about an applicant to AZDPS was leaked to ASUPD command. The last time I remember ASUPD found out information from someone at DPS and did an IA on an officer for not disclosing he did someone’s taxes, disclosing it as work he didn’t get permission to work, and therefore in violation of the ASUPD 2nd job policy. This dropped him out of his process to leave to DPS, prohibiting him from leaving with the ASUPD internal affair retention policy. You may not have a job here, but you dodged a bullet. There’s a reason 55 universities out of 2,024 universities in the nation are being investigated by the Federal government for mishandling sexual abuse cases and ASU/ASUPD is NUMBER ONE! Go forth and triumph elsewhere because the Arizona State University Police Department sucks so bad the only reason to look backwards is out of morbid curiosity to see the horrible twisted wreck you left behind!

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Darkpickens, I would tell everyone you know about ASUPD, get the word out, send them to the blog, because if they have any desire to start a career it won’t happen here.

      At best it will be delayed, derailed, or more likely destroyed. Police departments around the valley are filled with very successful survivors of the ASUPD experience and few of them have anything good to say about their former department. That should tell you something.

    • WheresMy907 says:

      FTO program implies organization, quantifiable standards, logic, a process. Any circus show has more of these qualities than our fto program. It’s a joke that has done more damage to the reputation of this police department than anything. Other than our staffing mess for years it’s negative word of mouth advertising about the department and the idiots running it into the wall.

  10. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    One of the biggest culprits that destroyed the ASU PD FTO program is the ex-FTO sergeant coordinator, Sgt. Pamela Osborne. Sgt. Pamela Osborne ran the program into the ground because of sheer incompetence.

    Sgt. Pamela Osborne also destroyed a lot of good OITs, while ex-Assistant Chief Alan Clark and many in the current command staff did nothing to stop her reign of incompetence and mental brutality.

    Sgt. Pamela Osborne also was notorious for regularly falsifying OITs’ official training records for her own malicious purposes, while many in the command staff stood by and did absolutely nothing to stop her.

    Eventually Assistant Chief Michael Thompson permanently removed Sgt. Pamela Osborne from the FTO program, but only after she had destroyed a lot of good OITs lives during her reign of incompetence and mental brutality.

    The ASU PD and university’s leadership is aware of Sgt. Pamela Osborne’s mental abuse of former OITs and falsification of their official training records, but have elected not to investigate Sgt. Pamela Osborne or hold her accountable.

    Shame on you Chief John Pickens, Assistant Chief James Hardina, Assistant Chief Michael Thompson, and the command staff posse for not holding Sgt. Pamela Osborne accountable for her blatant mental abuse of OITs and falsification of their official training records.

    Shame on you Dr. Michael Crow, Dr. Morgan Olsen, and Mr. Kevin Salcido, for not holding Sgt. Pamela Osborne accountable for her blatant mental abuse of OITs and falsification of the their official training records.

    • Darthpickens says:

      Sgt Osborn is a B**** plan and simple. I had only 2 interactions with her and both where a living hell. The one that pisses me off the most was when my apartment complex had problems with the sewers system. I called in stating I will be about ten minutes late to work.

      Private Osborn get on my ass and yells at me in report writing about me being late. I told her what was going on her comment was it does not matter.. I told her if that is the case you can come over and clean the sewage out of my apartment. She then try to write me up. But nothing ever came of it. That was the first and only time I was late in 4 months.

      Once the fat head assistant chief also know as Thompson. He recommended for me to talk to the chief about becoming a police aide. The only reason I was consideringng it was i saw and still am in fear of losing my apartment. So I was told setup an appointment with the chief.

      At the meeting lord pickens is a complete ass to me, I explain the problems of the FTO program to him and he did not give a rats ass about them. He contiuslyi put the blame on me. In the end he said he wouldn’t allow me to be a polica aide and told me to go be a security guard!

      A few days later god almighty pickens sends me an email reminding me that he denied me a police aide position. What an ass

      So now I am left trying to pick up the pieces of whats left of my career and try to prevent me from losing my apartment… rhanks pickens my nose… you have left me in a really bad situation…

      I hope the feds give you the boot.

    • Darthpickens says:

      Sorry about the typos, I am writing this on a cell phone. Also Thompson was the one that let go… telling as I walk in to his office…”I have bad news for you!” Great way to start a conversation… ass

    • AnywherebutASUpd says:

      Sergeant P Osborne has made a career there by being a caustic parasite to the growth of ASUPD. She finds a target every year and attacks them without reason. She and the crew she is a part of have attacked and pushed a number of officers out of the department. Like you said here you are having a legitimate excuse to be late for work, sewage entering your apartment, and she attacks you for it in front of other employees to reassert her relevancy in a workplace she hardy attends.

      Pam has missed so many days of work in her time at ASU many of us wonder how she has any time on the books. Since her friends approve her timecard anything is possible. She has cited “working from home” for years now, apparently the only Sergeant in the history of ASUPD to do so. She’s notoriously antagonistic toward lower ranked employees, while being two faced about higher ranked ones. She has mastered the fake nice lay the butter on thick routine because she hasn’t been held responsible for anything.

      I heard she has been parking for months in the restricted parking area just north of the Tempe station on Apache. It’s reserved for marked patrol units and numerous emails have been sent out for years to not park there. She’s special, the chief allows her to be. If he realized how much she injured the department and put it in the shape it’s in now he would have a different attitude towards her.

      Other sergeants get out and patrol, not Pam, she spent her career since she was a corporal at her desk doing a lot of non work activity to the point where she needed surgery. While having an injured hand she attends defensive tactics training and injures it again?!? Was that intentional?

      It sounds like someone is gearing up for medical retirement with public safety payouts from doing nothing related to the job. IT should pull her internet history over the last decade to see how much non-work the tax payers have paid for.

      Nobody gets carpel tunnel by being a patrol sergeant, except her because she’s a lazy fat ass trying to keep negative attention away from herself by pointing fingers at others. You had 15 weeks of this shit? Imagine years of it. It’s safe to say any recruit or veteran lateral officer should know what to expect from this department.

    • Pamster says:

      Sgt. Pam Osborn is the most deplorable human being I have ever met. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever! She is not intelligent or funny, possesses no actual law enforcement abilities or “tactics”, and she is a lazy sack of shit.

      I believe these traits her up perfectly: deceitful, impulsive, irritable/passive aggressive, reckless disregard for safety of self or others, consistent irresponsibility (ie, not coming to work, not completing work), and lack of remorse for others (rationalizing having hurt or mistreated others. Guess what? These are the characteristics of antisocial personality disorder, or what is commonly referred to as a sociopath.

      For some reason, Chief Pickens and the rest of command staff let this woman do whatever she pleases, despite the fact that she is incompetent and mentally disturbed. SHE is the problem in the department.

      If she was remotely intelligent (which we all know she’s not) she would know that all her dirty deeds are coming back to haunt her. Her lies are the easiest to prove, so she will be the first one purged from the department.

      I heard a rumor someone was in contact with the County Attorney’s office in regard to her multiple incidents of records tampering..I hope its true. That piece of shit deserves to have her cert yanked, her assets all liquidated from civil lawsuits…all from the comfort of prison.

    • DL500unit says:

      More conclusive evidence to support the existence of this employee fireball blog. If you are a piece of shit in the small community of AZ law enforcement word is going to get out about it, especially in the information age.

      Thank you for coming forward with the truth about your experiences at ASUPD. It speaks to your character. It can serve as closure for you and a warning to others to avoid this agency until dramatic changes in leadership take place.

    • Supervisor Facepalm says:

      Darth Pickens, even the latest departing commander thought very little of our not so brilliant, decisive, inspirational, leadership. JP set the bar so low for them, what can anyone expect?

      He expected more, so he left. You didn’t leave on your terms, but it doesn’t mean you expect any less than him. You’re too good for this place because you have a moral compass.

    • WheresMy907 says:

      We lost a lot of good people to a relatively few bad people, their egos get in the way every time and they are encouraged all along the way by command.

    • popo39machine says:

      Yeah, everyone knows Pam’s a cunt with a psychotic self-image problem. She spent relatively 0 time doing actual patrol duties, closed 0 cases while in defectives, but she will be the 1st to come out and attempt to tell others how to do their job.

      Nearly every time she’s wrong and looks like a boob, which is as about as amusing as it is annoying. Her friends, which are her direct supervisors, just keep enabling her by letting her do whatever to whomever, giving her high evals for failure, telling her she’s skinny and giving her a bucket of bagels. Those same people will probably decide to give her public safety retirement for her hand scheme.

  11. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    Darthpickens, unfortunately I have heard stories like yours for years at ASUPD. We finally have a few good people in the training program, but we still have plenty of assholes who have their hand in it and enjoy destroying people’s careers.

    They don’t train, they evaluate your ability to fit into their social club of elite mall cop security guards. Let’s be honest, that’s what we do here. You should call DPS back ASAP and see if they can continue with the process from where you left off. Tell them to talk to the DPS officers who came to this department, so they can hear the truth from people they trust. Pickens is a miserable excuse for a leader who threatens employees and sabotages them from being able to escape this department. Need an example, here’s just one of many.

    A lateral officer who left shortly before you signed on with another department prior to starting his “training” here and Chief Pickens was on the phone to command at his new department attempting to sabotage his career there. This egotistic god-like attitude over employees has earned the command of ASUPD their soiled reputation.

    • popo39machine says:

      DPS won’t pick him up. There’s corruption at work. When was the last time they hired one of our guys who applied? The guy in charge of their hiring sits next to our chief at the football games and has for years making 1000’s in overtime money for attending the game and sitting in air conditioned, catered, box seats to watch it. Do you think he wants to jeopardize that by allowing ASUPD officers to come to his agency?

  12. EnuffsEnuff says:

    It’s pretty easy to come on a blog and complain about how messed up the FTO program is. My question is, how do you know? Since I assume no one in the program is talking this much trash about it, I would conclude you are getting your information from the people who are getting washed out. Of course they are going to say they got screwed over. You think Hartman would have made it off another agency’s FTO program? Did you see his post? Full of typos and grammatical errors. I wouldn’t want his report to be the one prosecution relied on if I were the victim of a crime.

    They are currently just about begging people to be FTOs right now due to all the hiring we have done. The fact you sit on the sidelines and bitch about how things are being done but aren’t willing to do anything about it speaks volumes to me about your character. Quit being a loud-mouthed gossipy soccer mom and start being a coach.

    • WOW says:

      How do I know how fucked up the FTO program is? Look at all the people ASU has “failed”. When the FTO failure rate is on par with the failure rate of the Navy SEALS, maybe that would be concerning?

      When all your senior FTOs REFUSE to train new people, that would also maybe be concerning? The department is begging people to train because all the senior FTOs refuse to play bullshit games with peoples careers.

      Everyone in the entire department can SEE the pile of human wreckage left behind from ASU’s stellar FTO program. When we SEE people we know, people we’ve worked with, VETERAN OFFICERS FROM OTHER DEPARTMENTS FAILING, it raises a lot of red flags. Coincidentally, all these “failures” have the same thing to same about the FTO program…again, maybe that would concern you?

      Also, you are judging the ability of someone to write a report solely based on their response here? LOL. I’m sorry, I must have missed the part where all our posts here were to be formatted exactly like a police report.

      God. People like YOU are the reason why the department is fucked. “There’s no problem with our FTOs. We just hired shitty people.” THAT IS WHY THERE IS A STAFFING PROBLEM.


    • Justanotherdispensible50 says:

      Your cheerleader jab about people bitching about the problems and doing nothing about it is wrong. Everyone knows the problems aren’t simply that we don’t have enough people you fucking moron.

      The problem is that we can’t retain anyone, so you could hire 1000 people and none of them will be there tomorrow. Fix the shit leadership we have and you fix retention, but like everything it doesn’t happen overnight.

      That’s why the chief is so gung ho for laterals lately. What has our rate of return been? I say fix the shit leadership because I know this poster is most likely a part of it. I know the minds of my fellow officers, clearly you don’t.

    • ASU has a Police Department? says:

      Ok, so you call out an individual that was on FTO… For some flaws. What makes you so damm perfect? Why are you protecting ASUPD? Can’t get hired anywhere else? You are just glorified security. Were is your pay raise? Shift dif? PAID OVERTIME? Handle real crimes not botch them. Hey what about using rhis line again… ” if you don’t let me search your vehilce I will get Tempe Police K9 unit to do a walk around the car”… oh that sounds real legal… what is your next cheap shot? You measurable excuse for a police officer.

    • Darthpickens says:

      Mr.EnuffsEnuff excuse me for any errors in my blogs, I have only a cell phone. I don’t have a computer to write these, since I don’t have any descent income. I can’t pay for interest and oh yeah or my apartment which is why I am losing it and I also have fat fingers. DO YOU NEED ANY MORE CALCIFICATION ON WHY I HAVE ERRORS OR DO YOU STILL WANT TO ATTACK ME ON THIS AND CONTINUE TO AVOID FIXING THE PROBLEMS.

      You say, I am just bitching and no coaching?

      I personally made several complaints about problems I had and not a damn thing was really done about them.

      Being a new officer, all happy and then hearing on one particular night from an FTO Sgt and the entire graveyard shift including that Sgt and the now oh so great detective, about how many problems there are in the department and how so many are so unhappy working there. I am then looked at by the FTO Sgt and he states ” I guess we shouldn’t say this around the proby”. Oh that was a great feeling.

      How about the report I was told to do in first person when I was the not the first person. When I bought up this fact, I was to do that in first person, I would be falsifying a report. Only at that time I was told I should have never done that report.

      One particular officer at ASU who basically was forced to become a fto said the last batch of OITs 2 made it out of 10! ” they got to a point where they should have been saved but weren’t and either quit because of the stress or were washed out because of the problems with the FTO program.”

      Do I need to remind you of the OIT that left ASU after being sworn in? He is way better off in peoria

      Do I need to remind you of the 16 year veteran that was washed out of FTO?

      that 16 year veteran told me his FTO the “executioner” as he calls himself who by the way was fired from Scottsdale. Butted heads so bad with the 16 year veteran to the point he started to falsify his reports.

      Do I need to remind you that there is no set standard in the FTO program and every one goes off a limb.

      When I questioned a FTO about a being told completely different and contradicting information. I was told ” he is above me” what the hell? So things change with each FTO and then change even more depending on the Sgt on shift. So when you go to anothetr shift and FTO its a mess again.

      Do I need to remind you of a commander that just left. On what he told me the first time I met him? ” I am not like the others on the third floor, and I don’t care what they think. ( he cuped his hand and yelled to the ceiling and repeated) “I don’t care what you think!”

      There is no leadership at ASUPD. There is more at a security guard company. Being new I was not going to make “waves” unless it directly effected me.

      Why would a FTO that was not working the night I worked, grade me solely off a report 3 days later? That same report was approved by a 30 plus year veteran with tons of DUI experience from another bigger agency. The report was ripped apart by that FTO who was not there. How can that happen?

      Why when I spoke to several different police aide, they knew and have seen so many of the FTO problems.

      This just maybe legit stuff? If you don’t think so you are delusional.

    • Enuffsenuff;

      You speak from your “high horse” position because you haven’t had the misfortune of being victimized by these unethical, lying cowards. Easy to talk about being a “coach” when you are part of the group that’s causing the problems. I didn’t know Ofc. Hartman that well, but you can’t tell me the guy made it through an academy, became certified and couldn’t be coached into being an operational officer in this department. BULLSHIT! It’s the same old story over and over and over. When will this insanity stop?!

      For what it matters, I do know the other OIT (the 16yr out-of-state officer) pretty well and I still talk to him on a fairly frequent basis. You will never convince any decent member of this department who knew him, that the guy had “integrity issues”. Integrity issues…give me a break, what an ironic accusation…coming from the most corrupt, unethical heap of jackasses with badges in the whole state! A little of the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

      From what I understand, he’s doing fine…about to start with another agency. He was obviously upset at they way he was treated, but being the guy he is, he sucked it up and rocked on. I mean let’s get real, the guy flat out begs Sgt. Fuchtman to reassign him and tells Fuchtman that he (the OIT) and Khaild are clashing and he felt that Khalid was railroading him, and the department did NOTHING! In fact ASSistant Chief Thompson tells him “suck it up, we don’t have any other FTO’s”…I paraphrasing a little, but that is essentially what happened. Is it that far-fetched? We ALL know Khalid is nothing but a trouble maker.

      This OIT did let me know he recorded a conversation with a certain blond, plump, female FTO who specifically said to him on their last night of FTO together “There’s a reason Khalid isn’t an FTO any more” AND “Khalid is known for stirring up trouble and twisting words”. I heard this recording with my own ears! It made me sick to my stomach…for many reasons. I have a feeling that there will be others who hear it in the near future, and they’ll be sick too, for entirely different reasons…hahaha! :)

      He is a good guy and would have been a good addition to ASU. Thanks Corpuscle Khalid…and those who protect him. What a bunch of inexcusable, corrupt morons! You will be held accountable eventually, the entire 3rd floor and all their little turd droplets on the lower floors. I hope it isn’t as simple as firing either…I’m hoping for revoked certifications and a few subpoenas. Then it’ll be time for popcorn and a front row seat.

  13. DL500unit says:

    The poster below, EnuffsEnuff, is a garden variety tool. Who besides yourself are you really trying to fool? You assume. Do you know what they say about making assumptions? In this case you are just making an ass out of yourself. You make all sorts of assumptions because you don’t have the courage to ask questions or deal with the answers that come from them.

    Answering questions about the past and present failures of the field training program could fill your head with intelligent and relevant information about why none of us want anything to do with it. All the way up the chain are issues. Everyone in the agency knows the issues with the sergeants and commanders involved past and present, it’s covered in detail on here.

    Let’s move up the chain to the “fat headed” no tact assistant chief over training who’s saying I’ve got bad news for you right before he fires an officer. How much did he follow his situation prior to being an ass to him? If he followed this guy’s FTO situation he would be on top of it. He would see the trends, know the players, and could start fixing things. Command simply doesn’t value people, they discard them, and surely couldn’t care less about their input. Look at how the chief’s advisory board went tits up after chief heard “negative things”.

    Our all powerful, out of touch chief doesn’t even have the sence or decency to talk to the officer losing his job about what he experienced. The reason? Pickens doesn’t care, every employee is discardable to him, he has no expectation put on him to produce.

    Your jab at Darth Pickens about his writing is weak. He even explained he was texting on his phone. Our own university police chief has the same issues in email and in person, our chief sounds uneducated and you know it, so now what?

  14. EnuffsEnuff says:

    You’re missing the point. The point is, the explanation from someone not completing FTO isn’t a credible source of information. No one gets washed and says they weren’t good enough. This is police work. Not everyone has what it takes no matter how nice of a person they may be and no matter how many bills they may have. The biggest contributing factor to the washout rate in my opinion is the starting pay and overall attractiveness of the department. If we can’t/won’t pay as much and don’t have as much career development as other places, of course we can’t attract the same level of candidate that another agency can. Putting that on the FTO program doesn’t paint the complete picture. They work with what they are given.

    You may also want to fact check. Being washed by the program is not the only way someone leaves the department during FTO. When someone resigns due to integrity issues, that’s also not the FTO program’s fault.

    Unless and until you get off your ass and start contributing, you are operating on second-hand information which is never good. There’s a reason they don’t let heresay testimony in a court: it is unreliable.

    • DL500unit says:

      If that’s the way you see it, and you’re overseeing the program, so be it. Keep operating on the same old premise and wait for all the different, productive new results and exciting changes.

    • Justanotherdispensible50 says:

      You are missing the point, I’ve been there, done that, so you can spin this story however you like because it’s more of a third floor than a first floor perspective. More money, more opportunities, those will attract more candidates, but you are missing the point…

      …nobody will stay due to leadership issues at the department. There’s no substitute for poor leadership.

    • PaulBlart says:


      So (in your opinion) the reason why the FTO washout rate is so high AT ASUPD boils down to $$. Okay. So by your logic, our illustrious leadership who currently makes more than the majority of their peers at other agencies should be rock solid, right? Because clearly $$ = more competant people, using your logic.

      Our Chief can’t even speak proper Engligh, nor write an email by himself without any spelling errors.

      You have one AC (who may or maynot be you, EnuffsEnuff) that is book smart , but thinks with his penis.

      You have another AC that was a desk jockey in the military and is a robot that cannot perceive human emotions nor logical thought.

      The rest of the command staff is filled with a GED holder, a woman who isn’t intelligent enough to report crime statistics clearly, and a hot-headed liar who has been working on his masters degree for about 10 years now. (congratulations on being less educated than the civilians who work for you).

      Common sense escapes these people. One could chalk up a few losses from FTO due to the OIT not being cut out for LE, not getting it, etc. But when the majority of the people fail (which includes veteran officers, current ASU employees, educated people?!) no one has enough intelligence to think maybe some other factor is in the equation?

      None of these people have enough common sense (and integrity) to know or care that they may be accountable for everything they do, say, or write by the public or a higher legal authority.

      So clearly, $$ DOES NOT equal a quality employee.

      As for contributing? How about all of the posters who have SPOKEN to HR, SPOKEN to the FTOs, SPOKEN TO THE COMMAND STAFF? Is that not contributing? Is the feedback GIVEN to the department FROM the OITs themselves not considered contributing? What the fuck do you consider contributing?!

      Whoever the fuck you are you need to wake the fuck up and face reality…now or when you are ultimately removed from your position…its up to you.

    • popo39machine says:

      Sir, you boast about people stepping up, not sitting on the sidelines, but let’s look at what you’re saying and why it is disingenuous. You are lying by omission thinking we are clueless about what’s going on. You talk about the failure rate being due to not attracting quality people over money and opportunity at ASUPD. While there is very little, but some truth to that, you are ignoring the looming elephant in the room. Once in a while we get someone who doesn’t have the makings of a police officer, but that doesn’t explain the extremely high failure rate in field training for this agency. I heard the number being around 70% maybe higher, lower, I don’t really know. It’s high, I know that. So ignore that issue and move on to the next one.

      We are asking people to perform the duties of being a certified police officer at a university, not a veteran beat cop working violent crime drug infested shit holes where you deal with the scum of the earth on a daily basis. Speaking of veteran beat cops, can you answer why a 16 year vet had a so called integrity issue? Be honest. You know this out of state lateral probably looked at the tiny roach as nonsense, barely a usable quantity if that, and ignored it. Instead you focus on what his more than questionable FTO, L. Khalid, tells you. The same FTO who has so many flies following him around from the shady shit he does it can’t be ignored, but gets ignored because he manages to get the chief to cover for him. He was taken off FTO for integrity issues and then placed back on because Larry begged to have him back for lack of anyone else. So ignore that issue and move on to the next one.

      While we are on the topic of veteran beat cops, can you answer why so many of them have had a hard time in our so called FTO program? Why has this been ignored? These guys have more experience, career highlights, ability, knowledge, than anyone who has ever come up through the ranks of ASUPD, but they have received failing scores from ASU field training officers?!? ComeOnnow, Enughsenugh, what is this about? So ignore that issue and move on to the next one.

      We have top leadership that has no clue about what’s going on in this program, particularly Chief Pickens, Assistant Chief Mike Thompson, and the commanders that have been below him, so why should any of us put in all the extra effort to see it squandered over and over again? The extra tiny % isn’t worth the headaches, the liability, not in the slightest. We all see what happens to people who were honest and upfront about the issues within the department. The chief, command gets upset, and then these people get slighted for trying to help out because leadership doesn’t like what they’re hearing. So ignore that issue and move on to the next one.

      Last but far from least the dogging issues of lousy leadership from top to bottom in ignoring all of the above and issues I probably missed, you completely ignore that issue in your posts, which means you revealed yourself as being part of it. So ignore that issue and move on to the next one.

      I could go on and on, but why bother? You get paid the big bucks to sit behind a desk and figure out solutions to all of these problems. Wait, no, that’s wrong. You get paid the big bucks to sit behind a desk and ignore all these problems to blame guys like me for your failure. That plan seems to be working out for you, so stick to that. Good day and good luck sir.

    • BurningheapofFail says:

      We are ignoring your point because there isn’t one. The word you’re looking for is DEBUNKED.

    • Embudo says:

      You are all spot-on. The noose is tightening and certain elements in the command staff are in panic mode. You can see it in their eyes and read it in the blog.

      They will continue to make excuses at every juncture for why things are broken within the department and attempt to lay blame on everyone, but themselves.

      EnuffsEnuff, we are zeroing in on you and your toxic brethren.

      You want to hide behind your fancy title and position and think that you are not accountable to anyone–well think again. The crescendo is building; sleep tight!

    • ComeOnNow says:

      While you are oversimplifying the problem, Enuff, the fact the other “contributors” resorted to name calling and profanity means you must be close to the truth. These are the same people who lament on this very blog about bullies.

    • GetUpNoutwhileucan says:

      That’s right, everything is peachy; that’s why we are able to enjoy such a high retention rate and why officers are clamoring to leave their respective agencies and hop on the ASU train! While other agencies enjoy appropriate staffing, pay increases, training, competent leadership, and functioning equipment, we get… Shit, I had something for this… Oh no! I used profanity, I’m no longer credible. :(

    • Embudo says:

      Never alluded to oversimplifying something that is quite complex. However, the solution is quite simple.

    • DL500unit says:

      After a quick check it looks like one other poster out of all of them responding to “Enough” used “profanity” and I’m still wondering what you consider name calling? If you are that sensitive maybe you shouldn’t consider yourself a police officer.

      Furthermore the seriousness of these issues and how command fails again and again to address them deserve more than just a little profanity, they sure as hell don’t deserve to have their contracts renewed. That would be rewarding failure.

      You mention getting close to the truth. Do you even care what that is anymore? Or did you sell your soul on the cheap? As more officers walk out the door to happy pastures you are perpetuating the problems by doing nothing about them, by living in your fantasyland.

    • PaulBlart says:

      @ComeOnNow: oversimplifying the problem? Nope. This is how the department should approach the problem:

      Q: Why is there a problem with staffing?
      A: There aren’t enough officers working patrol.

      Q: Why aren’t there more officers working patrol?
      A: People keep leaving the department and failing FTO.

      Q: Why do people keep leaving the department and failing FTO?
      A: Issues with moral, training, and supervision within the department.

      Q: Where are the majority of the moral, training, and supervisory problems in the department?
      A: Centered around a select few indivduals.

      The “complexities” you cite involve your inability to remove the select few indivduals that are involved in the majority of these problems. It is the same reason that Kevin Salcido seems to cite when tasked with actually punishing people at ASUPD. We can’t actually FIRE all these people!! We will just “coach them”.

      As you see, the problems and their solutions are quite simple, but your ability to actually DO them are the complexities.

    • Anal leakage says:


      You bring up a lot of good points in regard to Cpl. Luke Khalid. I remember distinctly how he was removed from FTO several years ago after ruined 3 or 4 careers. Several of the people (as far as I know) who didn’t make it through FTO specifically requested to be assigned to another FTO after working with Luke for a few days. Also, Luke didn’t have any actual training in order to be an FTO, which was pretty apparent given his hostile demeanor.

      The only one that had enough sense to realize Luke was a problem was Commander Williams; he was the one that made the call to remove Luke and Pam from the FTO program.

      Flash forward several years later…Assistant Chief Thompson, in his infinite wisdom, decides to put Luke BACK into FTO. Why? Because ASUPD didn’t have enough people to field-train rookies.

      These guys have KNOWN about problem employees (such as Luke) for years! It is comical that now they’re “so concerned about staffing” because they are the ones that created this shit storm! You made your bed in it, Thompson!

      That recording of an FTO talking about Luke would be amazing to hear…perhaps you should send it to the blog admins?

    • LDS says:

      This is why Assistant Chief Mike Thompson must go. Problems that are brought to his attention are not properly addressed and fixed.

      Here is a case, when then-FTO Luke Khalid had gone amuck, yet Thompson elected not to do the right thing by permanently removing Khalid from the FTO program, even if that meant giving Chief Pickens the middle finger diplomatically.

      That is why Kevin Williams is gone and Mike Thompson is holed up on the third-floor more concerned about his fate than doing the right thing for the men and women in the ASUPD.

      It is so sad that one can lose their moral and ethical compass during their life journey.

      However, we will continue to pray that Mike will find that inner fortitude to do what is best for the ASUPD.

    • RUkiddingMe says:

      This story writes itself, no embellishment needed because it is so far off course. I love reading about the continual exposure of wrongdoing, it’s a contest of good vs evil.

  15. yurhuckleberry says:

    EnuffsEnuff, whether you are a sgt, a commander, or the assistant chief overseeing this mess listen up. It’s easy for someone who is in charge to pass blame on the bottom tier, someone who hasn’t been doing their job the whole time the FTO program went into self-destruct under Pam onwards.

    That finger of blame you gingerly point elsewhere needs a little a little face time alone with yourself. Don’t expect anyone to take ownership of the problems that spiraled out of control under your absent minded leadership.

    I would encourage people to drop out of the FTO position because it only prolongs the problem of poor, out of sync, leadership being tolerated at this, dare I say it, police agency. The other posters covered the issues in detail, so if you want solutions start reading. If you don’t like what you hear then you are not after solutions and your feant at caring about the program is a moot attempt to save face and maybe save your ass.

    • popo39machine says:

      You hit the nail on the head, our command saves no personal responsibility for themselves because they have no accountability put on them. It’s juvenile.

    • 311 says:

      You make a good point. Traditionally solid, sure, proven leaders are truly some of their own worst critics. They make it their job to know things about themselves, their constituents, and get a baseline reading about where they are at, if they are on or off topic, if the information they have is relevant, accurate, timely.

      These are all things necessary to know in order to make effective decisions because a leader’s decisions impact other people by definition. In order to get a good idea where the leadership of ASUPD is at
      read Lord of the Flys, a fictional classic but relevant to them because they to operate on fictional notions as you can see by some of the postings here.

    • BurningheapofFail says:

      I have to admit I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments to shut the opposition assholes down. They don’t have the facts and it shows. The continued erosion of the department shows who’s telling the truth and who’s lying to save their jobs!

  16. Darthpickens. I’ve been requested to ask you to contact the other OIT you mentioned on here (who left about the same time you did). He said his phone had to be reset and he lost your number. If you dont have it, maybe I can find a way to get it to you.

    • Anal leakage says:


      You bring up a lot of good points in regard to Cpl. Luke Khalid. I remember distinctly how he was removed from FTO several years ago after ruined 3 or 4 careers. Several of the people (as far as I know) who didn’t make it through FTO specifically requested to be assigned to another FTO after working with Luke for a few days. Also, Luke didn’t have any actual training or certification in order to be an FTO, which was pretty apparent given his hostile demeanor.

      The only one that had enough sense to realize Luke was a problem was Commander Williams; he was the one that made the call to remove Luke and Pam from the FTO program.

      Flash forward several years later…Assistant Chief Thompson, in his infinite wisdom, decides to put Luke BACK into FTO, despite the fact he has knowledge of Luke’s problems. Why? Because ASUPD didn’t have enough people to field-train rookies.

      These guys have KNOWN about problem employees (such as Luke) for years! It is comical that now they’re “so concerned about staffing” because they are the ones that created this shit storm! You made your bed in it, Thompson!

      That recording of an FTO talking about Luke would be amazing to hear…perhaps you should send it to the blog admins?

    • James says:

      Sorry have not been on the fto part of the blog in a while. does he still have the same number?

      Also to anyone interested, I asked for my whole ASUPD personnel file through FOIA. It’s been over six weeks and have not heard a thing.

  17. Judge rules against ASU Police in second controversial arrest case says:

    It looks like there are more examples of shitty training and supervision going on at the ASU police department!

    Better have a pink slip party, the lawsuits and bad publicity is stacking up!

  18. […] blogpost has grazed the surface of the much larger issues raised on The Integrity Report involving training and supervision of ASUPD employees and transparency/fairness in internal affairs […]

  19. StormOnTheHorizon says:

    Its so nice to see Kooklid FINALLY getting the attention he deserves. It gets old having to watch everything you say or do around that two-faced, word-twisting asshole. I have never felt compelled to start paper on another LEO bit would gladly throw him under a bus if he ever gives me cause to do so. Admin covering for his malice will have some tough questions to answer as well. Anyone who has allowed him to ruin careers should burn right along with him.

    • DL500unit says:

      By playing the word twisting gotcha game he thinks he’s a really smart guy. He has to get over on other employees to try and mask his insecurities. The fact is any lateral who comes from another agency in good standing will have more street credibility than he ever will as a senior security guard and that infuriates him.

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