ASUPD acquires new scheduling software to fix staffing problems; meanwhile, the PD continues to fall apart!

In light of all the negative issues that have been brought to Chief Pickens’ attention–poor morale, mismanagement–he has decided to ignore the input in order to focus his efforts on implementing a new staff software!!


ASU Police Department chooses ScheduleAnywhere employee scheduling software to improve scheduling efficiency.

Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. announced today that Arizona State University (ASU) is now using ScheduleAnywhere to improve and streamline its staff scheduling process. The campus police department chose ScheduleAnywhere as its officer scheduling software solution to improve the coordination and communication of shift schedules and improve operations. ScheduleAnywhere allows the ASU Police Department to continue its commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment to live, work, study, and conduct research.

“We’re pleased to have the ASU Police Department join the growing number of law enforcement departments using ScheduleAnywhere,” said Jon Forknell, Vice President and General Manager of Atlas Business Solutions. “ASU is a flagship department that’s accredited by the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies and we couldn’t be prouder of our selection.”

The ASU Police Department completed the transition from Microsoft Excel to ScheduleAnywhere about a month ago. With a staff of over 100 officers, the police department had a difficult time managing staff schedules and keeping track of availability. With ScheduleAnywhere staff scheduling software:

  • Updates to schedules are real-time and shared across the department.
  • Reporting and tracking vacations, time-off requests and availability is simple.
  • Existing staff can be better utilized.
  • Officers can access schedules online anywhere, anytime.

Another reason ASU chose to implement ScheduleAnywhere is because of its enterprise-wide visibility. Enterprise-wide visibility plays a vital role in larger organizations, where multiple people need real-time access to schedule information. In addition to regular staffing, ScheduleAnywhere is used to schedule security for all campus events, such as football games, parades, or ceremonies.

So apparently the department has had a difficult time managing schedule because they have SO many officers. REALLY!? I doubt there are even 100 sworn left in the department; when command staff is excluded, the number of people actually working the street is frighteningly low. How in the HELL will this “improve operations”? Chief, you don’t need a computer program to tell you what you already know…that the department is ridiculously understaffed, and no amount of computer wizardry will change that. Here’s a hint: START LISTENING TO WHAT YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE SAYING, INSTEAD OF SINKING MORE $$ INTO A COMPUTER PROGRAM YOU BELIEVE WILL SAVE YOUR DEPARTMENT!

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7 thoughts on “ASUPD acquires new scheduling software to fix staffing problems; meanwhile, the PD continues to fall apart!

  1. FlamingPileMallcoppery says:

    I don’t have a problem that we bought scheduling software, if it makes things more efficient that’s good.
    I do have a problem with all the blatent lies laced in this article. Unacceptable!

    What’s more alarming is the trend of lies that keeps coming forward from command to shame everyone wearing the patch. Stop with the lies. It’s wrong, shameful, and easily seen through.

    There was the initial raise lie from the chief? People were pissed off because they knew you were lying to them. As soon as a pill factory is found at Vista Del Sol you tell the media it’s off campus, more lies. You can keep lying to your bosses, they may be gullible enough to believe it, nobody else is.

    Another lie, 100 is your dumb badge number, not the number of officers we have. Why do you insist on not being truthful on this? The truth is no more than one-three officers patrolling in Tempe, no more than one on patrol at all the other campuses. How is ASUPD A flagship department? Compare us to U of A half our students, bigger department, how about the next largest university OSU, ASUPD doesnt rate.

    The truth about “improving operations” is we don’t have the staffing for time off, for patrol, for events, for nothing and this program won’t any difference other than not letting any requests for time off slide through. Will it increase fmla time, YES, sick time, YES.

    You should create a ASU Police Command Lies post and update each new lie as it is released from sphincter land. We charge the public with a crime when they lie to us. You lie to them and us without a care, shame on you, take your ass to jail as soon as it is convenient.

  2. 311 says:

    You are wondering why all the lies? Here is one explanation. Look at the lies coming out as musical notes in swan song. The Swan song (in ancient Greek: is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. The phrase refers to an ancient belief that swans sing a beautiful song in the moment just before death, having been silent or alternatively, not so musical during most of their lifetime.

    When an organization that gets it’s power from public trust, stresses the importance of moral codes, honesty, fairness, integrity, and then the leadership of that organization exhibit to their employees and the public a complete loss of what it stresses then it is desperate, clinging to the surface right before the flush, and ultimately the lies, the lack of integrity are furthering your cause, proving who is right and who is wrong no matter what the final outcome of all this may be.

  3. RUkiddingMe says:

    Yes, new software to do more with the number zero.
    Any number x 0 = 0. What a smoke and mirrors fluff story. How are they getting 100 officers? Are they adding chief on down plus all police aides? More distractions please.

  4. DL500unit says:

    Keep ignoring the problems and point attention everywhere, but where it is needed. If you have a bunch of supervisors who can’t work together on schedules with no employees to schedule then get software that shows you who made the changes and does all that working together communication for you.

    Our names, schedules, are out there floating around on the internet, I’m sure everyone’s home and mobile computers are more than secure.

  5. indeedYOUsay says:

    It should have said, with only less than 30 patrol officers for 4 campuses ASUPD supervisors are unable to make workable schedules without offering department overtime week after week for over two years for dispatchers when they were mismanaged and now going on over two years for officers. Over 100 officers?!? ASUPD? Ha ha, fat lie.

    Nothing really changed, still running short staffed, still under prepared for anything but some drunk transient, a few minors in possession, or driving code 3 like idiots to something we shouldn’t be running code 3 to, like bike thieves lol, what a joke. Can they not stop lying about the facts or what? Sounds like an integrity problem.

    Is there anyone wondering why there is a blog titled, The Integrity Report on the ASU Police Department? Employees of the police department aren’t wondering, they are quietly cheering that somebody finally did something other than assimilate, roll over and take it, or grumble in private.

  6. jpcode11 says:

    I read somewhere where somebody suggested keeping track of the lies. That’s a good idea, here’s another one. The idea we have so much staffing we need this new software to keep track is fucking retarded. That just says you are too incompetent to work excel spread sheets and find the W drive.

    The truth is just the opposite, we have so few people that time off requests, comp time accrual, sick time, all throw giant wrenches into the works and create daily crisis’s for the department. We shuffle people to satellite campuses on a daily basis, we pay (time and a half) department overtime to cover regular shifts on a daily basis.

    These lies, coming from certified police officers who have the public’s trust, are fucking disgusting and the people promoting them should be ashamed of themselves for their deceit. JP, you’re the boss of police officers, what makes you think a much lower standard of ethics is acceptable for you? As I read through this blog I see that not a single misdeed goes without notable mention. That’s justice at work.

    What’s it like to finally be held accountable by someone since your bosses just wrote you a blank check for years believing whatever your two assistant chiefs would tell them? Asleep at the wheel is not a successful business model.

    I guess it doesn’t matter when you’re not going to calls outnumbered 5-10-20-30 to one with no backup in sight, on patrol with equipment that isn’t available or doesn’t fucking work, on patrol with worthwhile training denied for years, with 5 bosses to one officer, and the list goes on. The pets of this place get raise after raise and promotion after promotion. You wonder why people come and go like a parking lot carnival? Because that’s what this place is run like.

  7. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    I just love the lies about our staffing levels. They were too damn embarrassed to say they needed scheduling software for so few employees.

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