How many people are reading The Integrity Report?


While we are busy writing and researching behind the scenes, we’d like to answer one of the MOST frequently asked questions on the blog: how many people are reading The Integrity Report everyday?

A lot.

The site averages about 150 hits per day! 70 of these hits are “unique vistors” or distinct individuals visiting the page during a given period (regardless of how many times these individuals visit a page).

The bounce count for the page (ie, people who visit the page and immediately close the window or go to another page) is pretty low–around 20%. This means the majority of people who head over to The Integrity Report‘s site are staying and reading the posts. The average time a person spends reading posts on the blog is fairly high also, around 6 minutes.

Which pages are the most popular? Our home page is the most popular (with an average of 80 visits a day), followed by our post about ASU General Council botching a FOIA request (average of 60 visits a day), and then our post about Kevin Salcido sending unprofessional emails to ASUPD employees (average of 35 visits a day). The most popular keyword search is “ASU Police Chief Pickens resigns”; on our internal search tool its “firearms”.

How high The Integrity Report is listed on major search engines (such as google) is also a major indicator of site traffic. Sites that have lots of user traffic and are linked by other sites are ranked higher in search results than sites that have little to no traffic. Using the google search engine and searching for “ASUPD”, we are SECOND only to the official ASU website. The pictures from our post about unprofessional behavior amongst firearms staff is number ONE in google image search.

For a blog that was labeled as the work of “a few disgruntled employees”, this is very significant. Employees (both inside and outside the PD), Command Staff, students, and staff are reading The Integrity Report. People outside of Arizona State University are reading the information we post, the comments that others post, and are beginning to ask questions about the situation at ASUPD.

This is one baby step forward toward our goal of shining the light of integrity into ASUPD and holding those that dishonor their oath accountable.

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21 thoughts on “How many people are reading The Integrity Report?

  1. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    The largest public university in the nation, ASU. The largest growing readership blog in the nation, “The Integrity Report.”

    Someday, if not already, the blog will be used in academia for: research, leadership and management courses, and case studies on how a public university collaborated with its rogue police department to deceive the public.

  2. Chiefsclowncarrunsonlaughs says:

    Uh oh. Looks like another episode of asupd panic super time meetings, blame games, shouting matches, special VIP visits, and a complete loss of cool for command.

    • Supervisor Facepalm says:

      They are afraid for their jobs and they should be. They worked hard to create the situation where the chief lost his job. He will probably leave not knowing half of what they are responsible for.

  3. Quick call Tempe! says:

    Getting the word out, that’s a good thing. I knew it was getting a lot of interest when officers from other agencies were asking me about it. When off the grid sections if government are left without years of expectations, oversight, and propper management they go bad. With the expedient removal of the chief this blog lanced it’s first puss filled infection. It’s exciting to see this activity!

  4. WheresMy907 says:

    This is great. The word is out, plain and simple.

  5. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sHR says:

    The largest public university in the nation, ASU. The largest growing readership blog in the nation, “The Integrity Report.”

    Someday, if not already, the blog will be used in academia for: research, leadership and management courses, and case studies on how a public university’s leadership collaborated with its rogue police department’s leadership to deceive the public.

  6. yurhuckleberry says:

    The numbers make sense. Many people in this business are aware of the type of people that have been running this department and are quite surprised they are still azpost certified.

    We have had years of with command who can’t keep their peckers in their pants, but have always known Pickens would look the other way. We have had years of command playing games with the lives of employees for no apparent reason knowing Pickens would look the other way.

    The mission statement of, “Morality is what you make it.” may be ok for other professions, but it is repulsive to anyone who takes law enforcement seriously.

  7. Supervisor Facepalm says:

    It’s going to take public awareness, pressure, and embarrassment to force the change necessary for this police department. It will never realize it’s potential without the continued pressure and scrutiny your work has provided. Keep up the good work because it’s paying dividends.

    • Thinblueline1 says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Twocents says:

      And by forcing the change necessary you mean replacing our Pickens’s command staff with a new chief’s hand picked staff. That’s what the whole place is hoping for anyway.

      The department needs a restart, a new beginning to close the door on fleeing employees, low morale, and establish effective resource management. A chief alone won’t be able to contain the disaster.

    • DL500unit says:

      The actions of clowns like the one in the photo are the original responsible parties for the content featured on “the blog”. They are the content providers who just can’t help themselves. They turn the majority of the department against them because their pride, arrogance, ignorance, and indifference defines them. That is their false idol god. Amen to taking that apart.

  8. Twocents says:

    When employees from police agencies nobody ever heard of inside the valley are talking to us, asking us about what they read on the Integrity Report, then the word is out. People are aware of what’s taking place here. It’s a beautiful thing because immoral people like to operate in secret and now there are no more secrets. The trouble making employees within ASU Police are writing this blog as they go along.

  9. DL500unit says:

    The Integrity Report is kicking the shit out of the people responsible for bringing the once proud Arizona State University Police Department to damage control crisis levels. I applaud your efforts. Don’t think for a second that the posters here are all that is representing the employee dissent.

    Outside the clique it’s damn near unanimous, but people are understandably reluctant to say much out in the open and play it down to avoid suspicion. After witnessing years of petty retaliation how can you blame them?

  10. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    Oh my god you guys are killing me! I love the photo! How long before the most useless and expendable assistant chief is combing the want ads looking for a job? What a loss. Maybe that time off the high horse could make him look inwards at the decay that contributed to the decline of this agency.

  11. RUkiddingMe says:

    Here’s a little info on the subject in the photo. Has anyone seen his online interview where he exhibits nearly every possible sign of deception like a criminal under interrogation? It’s entertaining to watch this man lie and search for answers. It’s entertaining until you think how unprepared we have been for so long to meet the threat he’s claiming we are prepared to meet.

    Check it out here:

    • Getitright says:

      That was a funny and pathetic excuse for an interview. Hardina was woefully unprepared to perform as usual. No small wonder he hasn’t been doing PIO work for a long time.

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      Hardina looks scared like a suspect looking to avoid jail. Was this his first time in front of a camera?

  12. Getitright says:

    The stats are good. With how unprepared the department is it’s only a matter of time before an incident makes this viral.

  13. indeedYOUsay says:

    Those are excellent numbers, very promising. People are taking notice of what soon to be former Chief Pickens and his command have hoped to conceal. As Pickens straps himself into his ejection seat his command is frantically scrambling to save themselves.

  14. Aotimes4 says:

    Yeah. I put that pic up on twitter, sent it to @asupolice. Haven’t heard a response yet. Wonder why.

    • DL500unit says:

      Submit that photo to Wikipedia for the subject of “Little Man Syndrome”. We have some more subjects who fit the bill if they turn down your request.

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