ASU’s HR boss continues to send unprofessional emails to PD employees!

Kevin Salcido ASU head of human resources

After the overwhelming amount of negative attention due to Kevin Salcido’s email to all PD employees on 06/05/14, we assumed that someone in the university administration would start to “screen” his emails. thus preventing further public embarrassment of ASU.

We were very wrong.

In response to “a concerned employee”‘s email, Salcido’s retort was less than professional, at best.Salcido reply to Cornfield

Salcido’s unprofessional (and inflammatory) response is quite evident here; however, this is not the only piece of documentation we used to formulate our opinion of Kevin Salcido’s demeanor. We also received documentation that a secondary “concerned employee” replied to Salcido’s email, and also received an extremely unprofessional response.

This very articulate email was submitted by a police employee to Salcido via email, and was subsequently forwarded to The Integrity Report.

Officer responding to ASU Head Kevin Salcido's absurd blanket email.

This email (very diplomatically) speaks about the “dismissive attitude” ASU has in regards to ASUPD’s staffing and morale problems. The employee states that the loss of ASUPD officers is felt during “serious situations”, “in the expertise they offer to facilitate proper action”, and also as “a brother or sister in arms, willing to put their lives on the line”.

Instead of using the email as opportunity to address some of these concerns, Salcido responds with the following:

ASU Head Kevin Salcido Response to officer responding to his absurd blanket email.

First and foremost, Salcido makes NO attempt to address the obvious concerns for officer safety mentioned in the second “concerned employee” email (saying that the loss of employees is felt during “serious situations” seems like a pretty clear indication that low staffing is impacting officer safety). If Salcido’s primary concern is officer safety (as he has asserted before), why does he repeatedly FAIL to address the staffing and morale issues which compromise officer safety?

Simple; it is much easier for Salcido blame another entity (in this specific case, The Integrity Report) instead of taking responsibility for the mess in HIS area of concern, ie, staffing and HR-related issues. Salcido has claimed that The Integrity Report has compromised officer safety several times. In the first instance, Salcido incorrectly cited ARS and claimed we violated the law by posting a picture of Sgt. Pam Osborne failing to follow orders of a Commander by parking illegally. DPS refused to investigate the alleged “criminal violations” and determined that ASUPD should handle the policy violation by itself.

Now, Salcido states The Integrity Report is compromising safety of university employees by inciting “malice toward [your] fellow officers and the administration of the university”, and fostering “a hatred for authority”. He also likens the discussion on the blog as being analogous to the two right-wing extremists who shot and killed two police officers in Las Vegas. Not only are these statements exceptionally incorrect, they are outrightly unprofessional and offensive.

As police officers, we have nothing but respect for law, authority, and integrity; if we did not believe in respecting any of these concepts, our willingness to sacrifice our lives would be for naught. Therefore, when we perceive that the foundation of our core beliefs for which we are willing to lay down are lives for is compromised, we have an obligation, a duty to address the issue. When numerous employees have attempted to address these issues through formal channels with NO result, the only way ASUPD employees to can address these issues is through informal channels, such as The Integrity Report. To say that we are deliberately “inciting malice” against our fellow officers and employees, or we are fostering a hatred for authority is a disgusting mischaracterization of a problem, quite frankly, ASU perpetuated.

Furthermore, comparing the blog to two individuals who killed police officers and left a Nazi swastika on one of the victim’s body is extremely disturbing. We have never suggested, mentioned, or condoned the use violence in ANY form against ANY other employee, period. Feel free, Mr. Salcido, to point out a circumstance where we have done so.

In response to the assertion there were comments on the blog suggesting Salcido be put down like a rabid dog: the original comment made by a VISITOR of the site, not the administrators, stated that Salcido “should be removed from office like a rabid dog on a playground”. Those are two completely different statements which mean two totally different things. Again, the comment was not made by the site administrators, like Salcido is alluding.

These emails illustrate a fleeting glimpse into the mind of the man who is running the HR department for THE largest public university in the United States. When the people tasked with hiring, retaining, and dealing with employees act as unprofessional and depraved as Mr. Salcido does in his emails to ASU Police employees, it is not surprising to see how ASUPD has survived so long in its present state.

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37 thoughts on “ASU’s HR boss continues to send unprofessional emails to PD employees!

  1. JustTheFacts says:

    Enough is enough. Can someone call the Employee Assistance Office for this frightened, paranoid, little man?

    He’s getting hysterical watching the news, making associations that don’t exist. You are comparing disgruntled police officers talking about issues that bother them to Nazi white supremacist psychos on a murder suicide spree?!? What is your problem? Are you out of your mind?

    You are making up threats that don’t exist. You alleged someone said you should be put down like a rabid dog on a playground?!?

    In reality they said, “Salcido should be removed from office like a rabid dog on a playground.” Those are completely different things anyone with a elementary school reading level should comprehend, but you sir seem to have missed that.

    I’m guessing the meaning of their statement to be you are unfit for office and should be removed from office. Before you start freaking out about the word “removed” I mean terminated. Before you freak out about “terminated” I mean fired, pink slipped, which by slipping I mean in no harm to your person because you’re not actually falling. Just have someone explain it to you.

    Hopefully this discussion didn’t stress you out. If it did please go renew your prescription for medical marijuana or do whatever it is that relaxes you.

    • RUkiddingMe says:

      He lied about what was said concerning himself being compared to a rabid dog on the playground. He fails to understand we are well versed in the art of uncovering deception from people who lie all the time. He makes it too easy and he needs to start telling the truth. Exaggerations and omitting key facts are just other forms of lying.

  2. anti-blowhard says:

    Now Kevin Salcido is “the decider” of free speech when he says, “the bloggers crossed the line when they decided to cross the line and incite malice towards your fellow officers and the administration of the university.”

    To that I say you don’t have that right. The fact you believe you have the right to restrict this right says you have something in common with the fascist loving criminals mention from Las Vegas who left swastikas on dead officers.

    Here you attempt to villify police officers, who protect the constitutional freedoms of their fellow Americans with their lives, who who know their rights, and aren’t afraid to exercise them even if it makes Der Fuehrer Kevin Salcido upset.

    We hope you further your education because we find it lacking, we find it painfully ironic you’re in charge of human resources in America. I’m sure there’s a third world despot who would welcome your brand of politics.

  3. DL500unit says:

    Kevin, you’re losing it, you need get a grip. Your comparisons are way off base. I don’t doubt for a second that any single one of my brothers and sisters under this department would come to your rescue if you or any of your staff were in harms way. Think about what that means before you insult/degrade us in the name of the university.

    That goes for the public or anyone we were called to help. No matter what we would be there going into danger when others are running to get to safety. This feeling is shared by everyone I respect in my department. We pledge our lives to protect total strangers, fulfill this promise every day, and you take the opportunity to compare us to murder suicide Nazi cop killers who terrorized the public in Vegas? You don’t have the emotional maturity to understand the gravity of the situation and what you have done here and quite a number of us are shocked you hold your position.

    The only reason you are seeing anything negative online about the command of the Arizona State University Police Dept. is because there are and have been serious issues, criminal issues that have been swept under the rug by the Pickens “leadership” posse. When you have ethical and honorable people who swore to fight against this type of deviance and see it in what’s supposed to be their brothers you get the most outraged portion of society on these issues. Who has a right to be more hurt by those who swore to obey the same oath and bear witness to those who failed to do so? No good cop likes a bad cop, a corrupt cop, good old boy games or bullshit. It has a place in the trash and that is it.

    I truly am sorry this has become so hard for you and the university administration YOU REPRESENT to understand. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry you don’t understand the same way I am sorry for all the needless victims who may have been helped or their crimes prevented if we had a functional police department that wasn’t constantly shifting officers from one campus to have a single officer at the others. Just because the public doesn’t known how unsafe this is for us and the public it doesn’t make it right.

    Like the MAJORITY of staff at ASUPD I look forward to new leadership and the promise that may bring. I don’t know if you claim to believe in a higher power, a god and savior, a code of ethics, or something good greater than yourself that humbles you. If you do then the time is now to reacquaint yourself and attempt to do right by the people who need your help and make a new start. In fact it’s good for us all to do that on occasion because it keeps us grounded, humble, and on track, as pure as we could ever hope to be.

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      You hit the nail on the head here,

      “The only reason you are seeing anything negative online about the command of the Arizona State University Police Dept. is because there are and have been serious issues, criminal issues that have been swept under the rug by the Pickens “leadership” posse.”

      A lot of good points but this one stands out for me.

  4. WheresMy907 says:

    Mr. Salcido has an agenda, but this agenda is as much at odds with public safety as it is at odds with itself. Nobody but him seems to know what this agenda is. His emails are so dramatic, make illogical leaps, misquote, that I wasn’t sure if a scared student wrote them, a police hater, just another crazy person we deal with, or all of the above.

    I really don’t care what he thinks because his opinion isn’t worth anything more than the homeless man telling me about his alien abduction experience. When you compare the police officers who protect you to predatory racist murderers you are a crazy person and the debate ends there. It sounds like he needs to get professional help. Sit back and wait for the involuntary committal call.

  5. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    Salcido reminds me more and more of the people who say, “I support the troops.” but never donate time or money to their causes or do anything to support them but lip service.

    He’s a liability to the university and the people he’s supposed to protect. After his comparison of university cops to racist scum cop killer terrorists I don’t know whether to pity or to despise this poor excuse for a man. The most worthless university commodity is the word of this man.

  6. DoneSon says:

    Most people have enough sense to shroud their inner asshole, but not this guy. He lets it all hand out loud and proud. What a wonderful way to disrespect the protectors of your community. You have a lot of nerve to be in your position and say the nonsense you have said. What is going on with this guy?

  7. FlamingPileMallcoppery says:

    I can’t believe he’s the head of Arizona State University Human Resources, the largest college in the nation. He’s looking really underqualified right now.

  8. KS is 918 says:

    I can’t imagine being spoken to like this by ANYONE, especially HR!

    He responds to two tactfully worded emails (which raised legitimate concerns) in a manner consistent with the thought process of a transient high on PCP. “FREAK OUT OMG! If I just talk louder and sound crazy it means I am right!!! Where is my tinfoil hat!?? OMG! I need to send more emails! No one is listening!!”

    This department is small enough that everyone knows about your transgressions right away; the blog just has the added bonus of showing it to the world!

    Looks like KS failed to realize that his “handful of disgruntled employees” was actually the majority of the department.

  9. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sHR says:

    This man has lost his mind; he should be removed immediately from his position!

    • indeedYOUsay says:

      Salcido is probably typing up an email through his chief puppet Pickens, to DPS, claiming the word “removed” is threatening and intimidating and “the blog” should be investigated. We know the law, you don’t, get over it. Don’t be a douche Kevin, help solve the problems of ASUPD or just remain part of the problem.

    • OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sHR says:

      This man has lost his mind; he should be fired!*

      verb (used with object), fired, fir·ing.
      31. to dismiss from a job.

  10. fixmycorruptpd says:

    The university was finally able to admit Pickens is not the right man for the job. As the rest of the university managed to grow he managed to spend millions to build a big police building and support his command as they drove out employees faster than we could hire them.

    Just when the short bus couldn’t get any shorter the front wheels touched the back. The new chief has a lot of work to do in order to get the pd back in action. I am glad you are all here to help him identify the trash and take it to the curb. All the dirty laundry needs to be exposed, examples need to be made out of those responsible.

    • Quick call Tempe! says:

      ASUPD command fears this exposure of the truth because they have everything to hide and will commit crimes to do so.

  11. indeedYOUsay says:

    It’s not just Pickens! Pickens and his buddy command need to go sooner than later. They are a danger to the police department, a liability to the university, the longer they run the department the deeper it sinks.

    With an operating budget in excess of 11 mil, but only skeleton staffing sinking below minimum staffing levels daily Pickens and his hostile to morale command are the definition of failure. Share the blame, share the shame.

    • Quick call Tempe! says:

      I like it, “Share the blame, share the shame.” They need to be fired. No doubt. Maybe they can have a toast to the good old days when they could fuck with people’s lives, careers without worry.

      They can use their pink slips for coasters before the establishment refuses service because their reputations are bad for business.

  12. DontLOLmeJP says:

    This guy likes to talk nonsense no educated American should be uttering. He seems to forget he’s a government employee. A government meant to be for the people and by the people with certain inalienable rights that a pompous administrator sitting being a desk can’t arbitrarily take away.

    Any attempt to infringe or abridge is a violation of federal law. It doesn’t take a college education to understand these rights, but it can’t hurt. In fact a little bit of reference would show his attitude and thoughts is not original. The national security excuse has been used by governments for generations to strip away freedom from their people.

    • Quick call Tempe! says:

      Now that the University released our social security numbers in FOIA requests to who knows how many people maybe this hypocritical ass will do something about that. Are you holding your breath, he’s bipartisan right?

  13. RUkiddingMe says:

    The lack of accountability increases as you go up the chain. Our chief can’t even type his own emails without handicapped accessible guidance, but he’s going to be put in charge of a technology driven management position. What a fucking joke that is.

    At least when we get emails written for the chief to send to us they don’t say inexcusable nonsense that’s on par with the mad ramblings of a syphilitic mind. Based on Kevin Salcido’s point of view concerning law enforcement he has no business being in charge of anything serving the public. I wouldn’t want this man handling my fries at McDonald’s.

    When you start picking and choosing who has the right to speak their mind you are an un-American lackey of modern totalitarian crap. For some reason freedom and democracy are hard for the world to understand or is it that men with power are the very definition of self-serving and have no desire to part with it and offer service to those who need it?

    The title of your job implies service, but you withhold it, use the power of your position offensively against those you are supposed to support. When you start comparing cops to madman suicidal killers you are an enemy of the society that supports you. Perhaps you need to do some ride alongs to clear your head of the bullshit lodged in there and realize that although our opinions may be different on how ASUPD is ruined, we do our jobs no matter what. Perhaps you should do your job to.

    Keep in mind we are the people you would call to defend you at work against someone else you pissed off. Maybe one of the dads of the victimized girls you turned a blind eye to. You don’t deserve that protection because you haven’t protected them or us, but you’re in luck. Unlike yourself we recognize our duty, despite our opinions, to protect anyone who needs our help regardless of the fact that they may not deserve it. You may have not taken an oath, but you have a duty, and you haven’t fulfilled it. You dishonor yourself, your fellow citizens, the university, your family name, and the list goes on. Make amends, make it right.

    • Quick call Tempe! says:

      The Cliff notes version, he is a disrespectful punk with a powerful title who’s either not empowered by his bosses to do the right thing, doesn’t know or care what the right thing is.

    • DL500unit says:

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. I like your message, but you have heart or you don’t.

    • Justanotherdispensible50 says:

      Very well put. I like the “When you start picking and choosing who has the right to speak their mind you are an un-American lackey of modern totalitarian crap.”


      “The title of your job implies service, but you withhold it, use the power of your position offensively against those you are supposed to support.”

      This guy wants to run interference, ignore problems instead of solving them. Unfortunately everyone loses because a couple of powerful men are embarrassed by negative publicity caused by their failing underlings.

  14. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    If that’s the best Salcido can do then that is pretty pathetic. Your average college freshman has more tact, manners, and class. That says a lot. I don’t expect a far left liberal to understand police or police work because many of them look at us as the enemy. By his inaction on some issues and his actions on others it is clear where he stands. Unfortunately he’s no friend to police officers…………..until he needs one.

  15. yolo says:

    According to the university brain trust known as Kevin Salcido if you use your first amendment rights guaranteed by law and criticize someone on a blog with words that are somewhat short of strong language…

    “you incite malice” and you have “crossed the line” and then he goes on to make a comparison to disgruntled ASU Police employees and shooting spree murderers who “fostered a hatred for authority”

    To that I say, “Oh Kevin stop these evil doers! I’m so scared. My imagination is running wild at the possibilities! What if they can read our minds? Should we make tin foil hats? Stop being absurd, stop ASUPD command from playing Internal Affair games with Charles Cornfield, and act like a reasonable adult who realizes WE are the authority, we’re cops, not cop haters, murders, racists, or whatever you have rolling around in your head. Relax already, we’re on your side, we’re all Americans who just disagree.

  16. yurhuckleberry says:

    Attention Kevin Salcido,

    If trouble comes your way and you are pissing your pants, throwing your secretary in front of you as a human shield me and my brother officers will be there (staffing permitting) to save you. That’s as long as everyone shows up to work, our cars don’t break down as usual, all our dispatchers don’t quit again, and little things like that.

    Yes my words may be upsetting to you, but yours were inflammatory to me. I don’t like to think of how I’m having to use my noble deserving life to defend someone who has critically undermined us by their overwhelming support of our failed leadership.

    Fact, I would need at least three times the available staffing in Tempe to safely search and clear the building your office is in if there was a bad guy. With one or two other officers it could easily be a final call if the bad guy/guys had any idea what they were doing.

    Think about the reality of the situation we are in the next time you start running your ill advised mouth when it concerns this police department and the management that made it a liability for everyone who works here responding to calls.

    • Seguridad perdido says:

      They don’t want facts, they want illusions to placate any negative perception. Instead of calling in law enforcement experts they call in a PR firm. The university leadership needs to have C.A.L.E.A. report to them instead of Pickens and his yes man flunkies when they inspect the department over the next few months.

      Otherwise our fearless command will get their hands in the mess in order to scew the results and save their jobs.

  17. following leads says:

    I’m trying to get a full picture of what’s going on with this. Kevin Salcido appears to be representing the administration of the university, have any contrary statements been made by university leadership higher than Salcido?

    I read before that K. Salcido met with other employees of ASUPD. Have any of these issues led to an investigation or are they keeping a lid on everything hoping it will go away? Can you provide me with any additional contacts to review this information?

    • theintegrityreport says:

      A reply will be sent privately to the email you listed for contact. Your interest is appreciated because these issues are a matter of public concern.

    • ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

      At first we wondered if Salcido was a rogue administrator of the university administration. What he freely says is remarkably naive. The length of time that goes by with no recant or apology make it clear this man is marching to the beat of his bosses. That’s extremely unfortunate for the public who depend on us.

      I’m certainly not a glass is half full guy. There are good things, the agency has potential, but half steps are sure steps to failure.

      By slowly removing Pickens it’s doing something, but it ignores a greater problem. The lying, cheating, and stealing code of ethics of his hand picked command remains. The low morale, continued rapid employee departures, and dysfunction remains.

      I would like to see ASUPD realize it’s potential, but it’s going to take a enormous amount of work, time, money, and leadership. We are sorely lacking in the latter. Without that it’s just more good money after bad and we all lose.

    • Seguridad perdido says:

      For someone willing to look into it there are stories about gross state government corruption, mismanagement, waste, and incompetence at the university level.

      We have a budget of 11 million plus dollars not including what approaches a half million every year from billed employee overtime paid to the department.

      This simply doesn’t add up when we have so few people on patrol. Our levels are equal to what they were many years ago and will be getting worse. The reasons for this high turnover and attrition rate are another story in their own right.

  18. […] ASU General Council botching a FOIA request (average of 60 visits a day), and then our post about Kevin Salcido sending unprofessional emails to ASUPD employees (average of 35 visits a day). The most popular keyword search is “ASU Police Chief Pickens […]

  19. Anal leakage says:

    I heard this dolt is STILL sending out ridiculous emails in response to emails he receives from PD employees expressing their issues with the department. It’s incredibly disturbing to hear this is still going on because 1) Salcido lacks the skill set to succeed in HR in a normal setting (anywhere but ASU) and 2) higher ups in the university have read Salcido’s rants and still have done nothing to solve the problem. No job coaching, moving him to another area, no termination…nothing.

    When ASU ignores a problem so high profile and public such as Salcido’s lunacy and still does nothing…it’s not a shocker that the PD is as inbred and corrupt as it is.

    • Thinblueline1 says:

      All true. The problem extends farther than just the police department. It represents egg on the face for the out of this world university leadership. Salcido clearly is out of line and unapologetic.

    • Getitright says:

      He must be doing this to generate interesting subject matter for his future book, The Autobiography of an Asshole in Human Resources by Kevin Salcido. Any other theories because this guy makes no sense.

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