Arizona State University Command Is in Panic Mode # Yellow Belly Cowards


Does Chief Thompson have Gilbert PD protection detail for home














Why is Chief Mike Thompson running around the ASUPD Tempe station in a panic? Why is he sweating so much? What does he have to worry about? Rumors were all over the agency claiming it was the recent employee lawsuit, a jealous threatening husband from another act of philandering, his bosses were caught off guard again,  but nobody seems to know for sure. The number one question is if he didn’t do anything wrong then he wouldn’t have anything to worry about right? Another question is why does the Gilbert Police Department have a unit stationed outside his home? Don’t be scared Mike, just be thankful that Gilbert PD can come to your unnecessary rescue.

ASUPD Chief Mike Thompson enjoys a level of public safety service that the ASU community can only dream of. Year after year at Arizona State University staffing  at ASUPD is so pathetic that shift Sergeants have to juggle staff around just to have an officer or two at each campus for the 100,000+ who depend on them. Why a cronic staffing shortage for over half a decade?

Lousy incompetent leadership that kills morale and drives employees straight out the door. How ironic that Arizona State University Police Department is hosting: 
The 2016 Executive Development Institute (EDI)is sponsored by IACLEA (The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators). This year 42 executives, including three members of the Arizona State University Police Department, will participate in workshops March 7-10.
The 42 college police chiefs attending should pay close attention to those hosting the event because they are a wonderful example of what not to do.

Workplace lawsuit ASU Police Commander Louis Scichilone is attempting to abandon ship













Arizona State University Police Commander Louis Scichilone is under the delusion that the Gilbert Police Department is going to take a disgraceful command stooge from ASUPD seriously?!? LMAO, delusional.

Lou Scichilone wishes he was a real police officer, a real police commander, but he’s just another one of Pickens’s left over hostile flunkies who spent a short stint on patrol before racing up through the ranks without proving anything worthwhile. The flunkies in ASUPD command proved nothing more than their ability to ineptly lead an organization into ruin. Don’t take our word for it, ask any employee who left, they are legion.

ASUPD had real leadership examples, but they couldn’t stand working under Pickens’s corrupt regime like many who can’t stand working under Thompson’s.

We had some command who proved themselves elsewhere, came to ASUPD, found out what a unprofessional workplace cesspool it was, and promptly left to succeed as Chiefs at other departments.

Lou Scichilone has nothing to offer another police department but plummeting morale and misery for honorable officers who will be confronted by his insatiable desire to lie, lie, lie, and get away with it.

If he can’t stand the workload of sitting around on his butt doing nothing like his career mentor former Chief  John Pickens, then good luck succeeding in the real world where there are consequences for lying and being part of a destructive clique that destroys a police department. Abandon Ship! Jump! Swim! No chance Lou, your reputation precedes you. Everyone knows, because that’s what happens when you do dishonorable things to fellow police officers.

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8 thoughts on “Arizona State University Command Is in Panic Mode # Yellow Belly Cowards

  1. ThySummons says:

    Any legitimate police department in Arizona or elsewhere would be crazy to hire anyone in the ASUPD command that was handpicked by ex-Chief John Pickens.

    As far as Chief Michael Thompson in panic mode, it’s probably because he’s got a lot of skeletons in the closet.

  2. DL500unit says:

    This is wonderful news, these people are the lowest form of life in law enforcement, and they wouldn’t be batting an eye and nervous like suspects in custody if they had nothing to hide. Maybe the two of them can co-author an ethics course for the department, wouldn’t be that surprising.

  3. fixmycorruptpd says:

    Chief Thompson thinks only of himself, has a nasty habit of telling everyone what they want to hear, and it’s hardly ever the truth.

    Commander Scichilone will do anything to gain the favor of his superiors by shitting all over subordinates. Scichilone tried to leave to Gilbert as a Sgt, but was shot down, now he’s trying to leave to Gilbert as a commander. There’s no way they want his useless rump with no police experience other than Mayberry central.

  4. DontLOLmeJP says:

    There’s no doubt about it they are scared. I don’t feel comfortable divulging the details I’m aware of, but they are certainly scared because the allegations are true.

    The more information that comes out, the less valuable their 1 year contracts become. Thank you to all the people willing to risk holding them accountable!

  5. mybrotherskeeper says:

    Psalm 7:11
    God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.

  6. indeedYOUsay says:

    No pity, not one bit. If I was holding a water bottle and they caught fire I would quench my thirst and be a credible witness. I wasn’t trained as a fireman, don’t want to step on any toes.

  7. LDS says:

    It would behoove some of the defendants to seek solid legal counsel, because they’re probably going to need it.

  8. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    You can’t run from your responsibility or be afraid of it. These two and others are going to have to come to terms with what they were doing to people. Neither one can say they were honorable in office with any honesty. Did this affect the safety of the public who rely on ASUPD? Yes, without a doubt.

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