Arizona State University Police Department Promotion “Process” A.K.A. “friend-zone money distribution scam appointments”


Arizona state University police department

Oh here we go again folks! We heard the Arizona State University Police Department is playing the “friend-zone money distribution scam appointments” OR “appoint our friends for higher pay game” again. The processes haven’t happened yet,  but we decided to take a shot at predictions anyway. Give us your predictions and we will see what happens when the appointments come out disguised as earned and legitimate processes.

Who do you think will be the next Assistant Chief, two Lieutenants, or two Sergeants? That’s just what the TOP HEAVY Arizona State University Police Department needs, more and more supervisors and less officers. The management couldn’t possibly be more incompetent, even Chief John L Pickens had more sense than this and that’s really saying something.

Remember what happened with the Sergeant promotion process last time? Naive and inexperienced ASUPD ONLY officers were appointed over highly qualified and experienced officers who came with a wealth of experience from many different police agencies and reportedly 2-5 times the experience in the real world. Get ready for some more of the same!

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27 thoughts on “Arizona State University Police Department Promotion “Process” A.K.A. “friend-zone money distribution scam appointments”

  1. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    They are not going to look outside the department for any of these positions. That is ironic because the primary decision makers are all former Mesa PD. Does anyone know who is applying?

  2. BurningheapofFail says:

    Luigi is going to leave AC, they will give that to Speranza, who knows who will replace him. The two Lieutenants will be between Jason Latella, Nate Deviny, Terry Louis, and Phil Osborne. The Sergeant process will be made up of everyone not completely disgusted by the last one and the people who get those will be one of the runners up from last time, James Quigley and probably someone completely unqualified just like before.

  3. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    I haven’t heard about the AC issue, but Speranza will be the internal choice, Orr has a GED, so he’s out. I’m guessing they will pick uber clique member Phil Osborne for one of the LT slots and the other one will be whoever is in the best graces with them lately.

    The sergeant process will be only those who created personal friendships with the decision makers, qualifications never matter. When have they in the past? At this point I can see them picking Bryner or Khalid.

    The processes here have nothing to do with fairness, impartiality, and the subjective oral boards are 100% no matter what you scored on the other tests. Integrity doesn’t show it’s face around here.

    • WheresMy907 says:

      Speranza, like his protégé John Thompson, made a career out of shit talking fellow officers. Of course he will be an assistant chief! They absolutely love that here.

  4. WheresMy907 says:

    Latella would make a good Lieutenant, Quigley would be fine as a Sgt. The last Sgt process had some outstanding talent that was seen as threatening to command and not selected. You know how command works, get ready to shake your heads again.

  5. DontLOLmeJP says:

    Who really gives a shit at this point? Even the people kissing ass to these idiots joke about how much of a fucking farce these promotions are. They are a promotion in rank and pay, but a demotion in police officer ethics 101 because of what some, NOT ALL, did to get there. Police departments do selection processes, but these are nothing more than rewards for initiations, like moving up from the “Prospect” rocker in the Hell’s Angels. When you see who they subverted out of the processes these becomes abundantly clear. They can’t even abide by THEIR OWN RULES.

  6. Getitright says:

    When you have rotten to the core leadership at the top what do you expect? They typically promote people like themselves, people who are concerned only for themselves and are not in the business of supporting the staff who do the work.

    The last thing the ASU police department needs are more idiot supervisors running around looking for something to do to justify their job.

    Instead of looking for new ways to boost the salaries of their friends perhaps they should be looking at ways to retain officers besides starting IA’s to sabotage their opportunities with other police departments.

    They have been using that tactic for many years now and it’s absolutely disgusting these people are allowed to work in law enforcement. They don’t have the ethical standards required to clean the toilets in a police department!

    • DL500unit says:

      Every time they sabotage an officer from leaving they endanger the public of the community that officer was willing to protect, they endanger the officers they were willing to patrol with, and they bring discredit to themselves and ASUPD because word of mouth advertising is the strongest. Officers from other departments are well aware of the games being played with people’s careers here.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      At this point every officer who leaves creates another staffing schedule cataclysm panic and overtime opportunity.

  7. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    Let’s promote the least qualified or most unethical, self-serving schmucks in the department.

    What a freaking joke the so-called promotion process is.

  8. ThySummons says:

    The infamous command staff led by the notoriously dishonest and immoral chief of police, Michael Thompson, is why in general a fair, impartial and true merit-based promotion process will never occur at ASUPD.

    • DL500unit says:

      Ask any veteran Mesa officer about the infamous Mike Thompson, you’ll hear the same story about his immoral behavior and complete inability to be honest. The man has no business holding an AZ POST CERT.

  9. yolo says:

    More ASUPD superstars! Officer Quigley witnessed, then lied to protect his friend Corporal Luqman Khalid from getting fired for pissing in public, in front of a female police officer he was training. Those are not the ethics we need for a supervisor, but that’s what they want, and that’s what we get.

    I heard this story a long time ago, but when Khalid bragged about urinating on girlfriends it gave even more credibility to the story. That is exactly who I would want on the ASUPD Special Victims Unit investigating sexual assaults!

    • DL500unit says:

      I heard about that, absolutely fucking wrong and nobody did anything about it. 100% inappropriate and FYI criminal behavior.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      It’s simple. Thugs shouldn’t be cops, cops shouldn’t be thugs. His 918ness came out at Scottsdale, fired, and nows he’s an ASUPD all star. There’s no way, no way in hell I would want a guy like that talking to my daughter about a sexual asssult. I also heard there was a third party witness to either the urination and/or Quigley and Khalid talking about it. Does anyone know who that was or why Chief Thompson declined to interview them?

    • ComeOnNow4real says:

      I used to think Quigley was alright until he was covering for a suspect in uniform while they destroyed another rooky’s career on a whim that wouldn’t be tolerated elsewhere.

  10. Embudo says:

    With ASU PD’s leadership inherently dysfunctional and ethically bankrupt, how can anyone truly expect any promotion process to be legitimate?

    • DL500unit says:

      Nobody does, everyone laughs at how much of a joke it is and how corrupt the so-called processes are handled. Who do they think they are fooling?

  11. Farewell says:

    What a farce the whole promotion process is. They (command staff) will generally only select those for promotion whom are like-minded in all the worst ways.

    • DL500unit says:

      I love what I do, I love serving and protecting, interacting with the public, but I have never worked for a bigger group of irrational, emotional, and immoral group of people in mangagement. So many veteran lateral police officers have left in disgust because they actually know how a police department is supposed to run and this place is far from it.

    • ComeOnNow4real says:

      Like minded people promote the same and we have the morally decrepit deciding. They did such a great job under Pickens right? Lolling

  12. yurhuckleberry says:

    Integrity Report, I just wanted to say congratulations on your post! The 2016 shift change has been pushed back because they need to reevaluate the fake processes they are doing and how to justify them for the first time. Scrutiny helps, there’s no doubt about it. Keep fighting the good fight!

  13. Semper Fidelis says:

    ASU’s HR head, Kevin Salcido, and ASU’s CFO, Morgan Olsen, were aware of some of Corporal Luqman Khalid’s serious transgressions.

    Chief Michael Thompson was aware of some of Corporal Luqman Khalid’s serious transgressions.

    Who do I believe will eventually be promoted to sergeant? Corporal Luqman Khalid.

    • ComeOnNow4real says:

      Hey troops! We are coming under fire for sexual assaults, title 9 violations, and we know Khalid aggressively came on to nearly every woman in the department. That means he’s qualified right?

      They knew about it and put him into that position anyway. Go tackle those sexual asssults, please don’t sympathize with the suspects! This was possibly done to get him off the street where him and a few others were acting out their Hollywood movie cop fantasy on the mean malls of the campus.

      How bad is it when you can pick their selections before they do? They should skip the lying shell game and just appoint people battlefield promotion style, “Hey Dip shit, you’re in charge now.”

  14. LDS says:

    The former female officer-in-training that Corporal Luqman Khalid urinated in front of is doing well and excelling at another police agency.

    The ex-FTO coordinator, and some of her then-FTOs, did not break this individual’s will to succeed despite the unwarranted and relentless harassing and bullying that occurred during her field training.

    I will not hazard a guess to who will be the next individuals promoted in the department as the promotion process is skewed, to put it mildly.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      You have a police supervisor doing what the public gets arrested for and branded as a SEX OFFENDER thereafter. This same supervisor is working in the university police sex crimes unit? That’s so backasswards it’s not even funny.

  15. yurhuckleberry says:

    I think this post had them jumping through hoops not to appear as predictable as they are because they are under so much scrutiny right now.

    They just now gave Becky Garcia the Crime prevention position she earned, the one only she tested for, after they denied it to her, gave it to Clinton Martinez who didn’t even test for it. Is that not completely fucked up or what?!?

    It’s fitting he told them to stick it and quit. Why would any respectable cop honor these mafioso if they have an opportunity to leave?

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