Arizona State University Police Caught Spying on their own Officers in the Break Room in Tempe!

Arizona State University Police Command spy on their own Officers in break room

In another attempt to gather the scoop on what it’s employees are saying in private, the buffoons of the Arizona State University Police command installed a SECRET SPY CAMERA in the first floor break room that has an attached bike room. This break room has a refrigerator, microwave, sink, coffee maker, water cooler and represents an area where employees once felt free to talk. Now they are being spied on like the criminals who aren’t getting caught should be.

Sorry public, the university police are too busy spying on each other to maintain an Orwellian nightmare workplace, we don’t have the time, resources, or even more…the staffing to catch your criminals. As usual officers and civilian staff are leaving much faster than they can be replaced. It’s a great place to work!

For a boss to do this to an employee there’s a special sense of entitlement, deep disrespect, disregard, and complete lack of professionalism. Furthermore it’s considered ILLEGAL, but the command at ASUPD wouldn’t know that because they’re idiots without a clue operating outside the law.

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19 thoughts on “Arizona State University Police Caught Spying on their own Officers in the Break Room in Tempe!

  1. Embudo says:

    Paranoid individuals running the university’s police department.

    The paranoia and spying doesn’t just involve command-level employees.

    Does anyone recall when Sgt. Pamela Osborne directed certain employees
    to spy on other employees she was “targeting?”

    • DL500unit says:

      All you have to do is look at her and you can visually tell she doesn’t do a god damn thing resembling police work. Instead, she sits in an air-conditioned cubicle scheming on how to make the workplace even more negative and counterproductive. She’s the embodiment of government waste.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      They are acting like dictators from 3rd world shit countries where laws and rights don’t matter. I suppose when you’re an asshole, that’s what you do. Maybe it’s time to start bugging their work areas?

    • Twocents says:

      The difference between your covert bugging and theirs is yours would be successful.

  2. DL500unit says:

    Omfg, these commi assholes never stop setting new lows for themselves. Another failure in leadership, ethics, and decency.

  3. guerriero says:

    When your average employee is smarter and has more common sense than your management you get the kind of situation we have at asupd. You just have to laugh, shake your head, or get fed up and sue.

  4. yurhuckleberry says:

    Paranoia runs rampant up there. Considering what they’ve done to people in the workplace they have good reason to be worried. Like a drama queen looking for sympathy, Chief Thompson begs Gilbert PD for a patrol unit to sit outside his house. Every time someone sees Commander Lou S he looks like he’s struggling to dodge a heart attack, Mike Thompson look the same from that silly video they made. They have more than enough to be stressed about with upside-down ethics that are a disgrace in law enforcement and drive people happily free of this workplace.

    They want you to think this is a minority of people. Nothing could be further from the truth. 4 officers leaving immediately after shift change with more on the way. P.S. Add Officer Daniel Gaughan to the list, he’d rather be city of Tempe police officer than an ASU Police Sgt. That says something!

    • ASUGrad1/504th says:

      I remember Luise Schicabone when he was a student campus security cop wanna be. His one bi-polar brain cell was oxygen deprived then. Doesn’t surprise me that he’d be a part of the shenanigans.

  5. QuickCallTempe says:

    I no longer work for ASU.

    I was on a scene today and heard an OIT who was on her SECOND DAY of field training talk shit about Commander John Thompson, MPA.

    She said he “taught” a class at her academy. He spent about 5 minutes talking about his MPA and the rest of the time he was assuring the recruits that ASU was a legitimate department that handled serious cases/calls.

    Brand new people at other agencies can see through the bullshit of an ASU commander. There are good officers at ASU, but the home grown ones are mostly clowns. There are a few good ones but Thompson, MPA is the smartest guy he knows. He embodies the blowhard, know nothing, misplaced ego, fake cops at ASU.

    Way to go Johnny, you’re a poster child now.

  6. BurningheapofFail says:

    What a great place to work! Such trust, team work, comradeship. They have 4 officers quiting in two weeks, a lawsuit involving 8 employees, I can’t imagine a more qualified police department to host a conference on college police department management. The Arizona State University Police department leadership is hypocrisy incarnate.

    • ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

      They should have sign spinners on all the curbs in Tempe advertising NOW HIRING! They will never look at the management as the problem no matter what happens, just keep making the same mistakes repeatedly like someone with a mental block.

    • Twocents says:

      They had to host the conference at the Sheraton because the department is in the process of burning down around them.

  7. ASUPDsmokeNmirrors says:

    Did they get their inspiration from a book by Sadaam Hussein? I want those fine examples of inspiring leadership to explain to the international college law enforcement community why they are spying on their own employees in the workplace. They wouldn’t tell the truth, but it would be amusing to hear their latest excuse.

    • Twocents says:

      :for anyone that believes the command of Arizona State University Police have nothing to offer the men and women of international law enforcement leadership.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    The ASUPD leadership appears to be so darned insecure that they feel compelled to spy on their police officers and police aides.

    If you are a police officer or police aide at ASU you should be aghast that your leadership is spying on you.

    That said, who would want to work in such a distrusting and dysfunctional organization?

    Maybe someone should alert Chief Thompson’s bosses and the media outlets of the in-house spying of department employees. I’m quite sure some might find the Gestapo-type surveillance of interest.

    • Twocents says:

      They will make decisions and go in any direction because they are missing the moral compass to guide them.

  9. ThySummons says:

    Spying on your own police officers and civilian staff is pretty despicable, Chief Thompson.

    What are you and your command staff so deathly afraid of, Chief Thompson? The unvarnished truth?

  10. Check out the new ASU Video on

    Also, check out the ASU Corruption Page: @Asu_Corruption on Twitter

  11. PD Face Palm says:

    What in the hell would they be trying to unearth in the bike room? Oh wait, conversation of unsuspecting employees. I hope whoever did the recording actually had to listen to everyone bad mouth the integrity free zone that is ASU Police. Instead of bicycle dismount zones ASU should make them “bullshit free zones”. Clearly, no one from ASU Police command staff would be allowed in those areas.

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