More ASU Police Supervisors make the DISHONOR ROLL: Sergeant Nate Deveney, Sergeant Mike Roper. Shame on them for what they did to an Officer under their command!

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Police officer’s lives are more at risk than ever. Brotherhood, honor, teamwork, and professionalism mean more than ever, and yet again the supervisor ranks at the Arizona State University Police Department set the bar even lower for their own would be brothers in blue as they betray the oath they took to become police officers.

The bar of integrity and professionalism has been historically low for command, hit and miss among the mid-level supervisors, but the attacks on employees were primarily confined to the topsy turvey workplace of the ASU Police Department where morality, law, policy only applies to line level employees.

We received information that these attacks have now gone against an officer in their private life and were inspired to issue this post. These new attacks outside the workplace are against an officer who had gone through one of the most traumatic events people go through. Instead of support this officer was betrayed by not one, but two middle supervisors while the command of ASUPD stood by encouraging and supporting the hostile behavior.

Imagine yourself as a Police Sergeant in charge of police officers charged with serving and protecting a community. Would you think it is appropriate to do the following things to an Officer under your command?


  • Approach a subordinate officer’s fiancée’, brag about sleeping with her, and then discipline this officer you betrayed.
  • Make up frivolous negative paperwork about this officer with the intent to insulate yourself from your own indiscretion, dishonor, and shame as their supervisor.
  • It’s not enough that you have leveraged your position with ASUPD for sexual conquests with students and other university employees, but you also have go after the women of the officers under your command?
  • You have dishonored yourself and the profession and should be ashamed of yourself.


  • Receive phone calls from an officer’s ex-wife’s boyfriend, verbally slander and denigrate an officer under your command to this stranger, and then like the other supervisor make up frivolous negative paperwork about this officer with the intent to insulate yourself from your own indiscretion, dishonor, and shame as their supervisor.
  • Order an Officer under your command to complete a task, when that task meets the disapproval of your command claim the officer who followed your order was not following your orders. You have a pattern of doing this, so all the officers in conflict with you throughout your time as a supervisor must be liars. You are the LIAR.
  • You have dishonored yourself and the profession and should be ashamed of yourself.

This is what Arizona State University Police Sergeants Nate Deveney and Michael Roper did to ASU Police Officers under their command. One had just gone through a messy divorce and custody battle with two children.

During the most difficult time in his life, losing his wife, losing his family, losing his home, the Supervisors at his police department prey on him, attack his new relationship, attack his career, financial stability, and force this officer to contemplate quiting for the sake of his own sanity. Absolutely disgusting!

This is what Officers and civilians at the Arizona State University Police Department expose themselves to in that toxic workplace environment.

They are seen as the enemy, not members of the team. This is the type of godless supervision waiting to prey on your career, your family, your entire life, your soul. Shame on them for what they did to officers under their command! Shame!

Welcome to the Arizona State University Police Department, the Integrity Free Zone!

Not only do you have to watch your back in an increasingly dangerous world,

you have to watch your back within your own police department at ASUPD.

As sad as this is we are not surprised. We know a thing or two about this profession, about the issues of command, and the conduct of subordinates, junior supervisors, and it comes from the type of leadership they follow.

When former ASUPD Chief John Pickens picked his command he was sure to insulate himself with supervisors as morally bankrupt as himself in order to continue to operate the police department along his lines.

He hired former Tempe Police Assistant Chief Jay Spradling fresh off a mountain of scandal that forced him to retire or be fired from the City of Tempe Police Department.

Pickens hired current ASU Police Chief Mike Thompson who retired in shame from the City of Mesa Police Department after destroying his partner by coveting his partner’s wife at the police department and orchestrating his demise in the workplace to insulate himself from his own indiscretion, dishonor, and shame as a supervisor.

Sounds like a familiar theme after a while and it’s bsolutely disgusting.

Arizona state University police chief Mike Thompson has two speeds

If you think we won’t find out every detail, investigate every detail to it’s utmost end, continually expose these issues again and again, then you will be unpleasantly surprised. No amount of threats, intimidation, or whatever hold any sway, nor did they or will they ever.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke

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36 thoughts on “More ASU Police Supervisors make the DISHONOR ROLL: Sergeant Nate Deveney, Sergeant Mike Roper. Shame on them for what they did to an Officer under their command!

  1. Justanotherdispensible50 says:

    Every time I thought I heard everything about the department I’m surprised once again by how unbelievably immoral some of the people who work here can be. No small wonder why we can’t retain anyone. Who wants to put up with this garbage?

    • WheresMy907 says:

      Look at all the people whi left with short notice. Obviously they got tired of it.

  2. OneFlewOverTheCuckoo'sPD says:

    Outstanding post! You captured two pathetic minions who mimic an ethically and morally bankrupt command staff.

    Shame on you Mike Roper and Nate Deveney for hurting other people solely for your own grotesque and Neanderthal pleasure.

    Maybe one day soon Karma will grace you both with her presence.

    • RUkiddingMe says:

      It takes sick, sick, individuals to abuse the trust of their brothers in blue to this degree and betray everything we are supposed to stand for. They are pariahs among honorable men.

  3. Embudo says:

    Apparently sergeants Nate Deveney and Mike Roper are cut from the same cloth as Chief Mike Thompson and former chief John Pickens.

    I don’t understand how Roper and Deveney and others of similar ilk can look themselves in a mirror every day and have no apparent compunction or remorse for what they do to other fellow human beings.

    What the hell is wrong with humanity when top-level ASU administrators turn a blind eye to the countless problems in its police department and then have the audacity to defend illegal activity and immoral behavior?

    • DL500unit says:

      There’s been a cancerous corruption at the top of this organization on down eating at any noble person of character that makes the mistake of standing their ground against these types. Good people get disgusted and leave over and over again.

    • guerriero says:

      It’s condoned, time and time again behavior like this is condoned or at the very least tolerated.

    • ComeOnNow4real says:

      The real background investigation into the character of a police officer happens in the conduct once they have the power that comes with the job. If they abuse it and you make them supervisors what can you reasonably expect? Everyone loses.

  4. DL500unit says:

    I don’t know how the fuck some people live with themselves. They care nothing for anyone but themselves and hold themselves exempt from any moral code of behavior while chastising others for not tying their shoes. Absolute worthless hypocrisy that undermines what we are supposed to be about. This is all too common in our department, such a shame.

    • WheresMy907 says:

      They live with themselves because they care only for their interests, having power and control over others. Power for them is a drug to a drug addict.

  5. guerriero says:

    This makes me sick. They act like criminals. I don’t get it.

    • RUkiddingMe says:

      It’s a crime family. Like a crime family they cover for one another, ignore the rules, break policies, break laws with the belief that the ends justify the means.

  6. RUkiddingMe says:

    The problem has always been leadership by monkey see monkey do example. The example has been of the lowest moral order with one example even lower than the next. When weak corruptible people like Deveney, Roper, and others see this is the norm and what is required to fit in they succumb to similar behavior. They see others getting away with immorality, exploiting others, hurting others, abusing power over others, and it is too easy for weak men to go along with it and become a part of the problem. If you resist this trend they circle the wagons around you.

    • WheresMy907 says:

      You are always exempt if you’re a supervisor, unless the group decides it doesn’t like you anymore. School yard politics.

  7. WheresMy907 says:

    Deveney has been poking students, RA’s, and employees since he started. It’s a double standard and a joke. This latest news is unforgiveable. I knew half of it, but not the full story.

    Roper has been a do as I say, not as I do Sergeant for a long time. Can you imagine threatening to shoot then Detective Dustin Melton, now Sgt, in the head and surviving a formal complaint? Not a chance unless you’re one of the misfit toys left over from the Pickens era.

    Thank you for exposing the truth they didn’t want us to see once again! It is important for this scum to be publicly exposed for what they are.

    • ComeOnNow4real says:

      Nothing new to a degree, Deveney and other Sgts have been going after coeds and employees with all the hormone rage of a teenage boy for years. Either he hasn’t faced a complaint or he’s been protected when he did, both are equally likely.

      What bothers me is a brother officer’s girlfriend or fiancé. That’s fucked up.

    • OnlyTheBeginning says:

      Deveney is the typical Pickens regime cronyism clique member who sold his soul to Pam/Pickens for his corporal promotion. He falsified DORs and spread lies throughout the department about veteran lateral officers and new OITs.

      After Deveney threatened to leave ASUPD, Pickens advised him in a secret meeting he would be promoted to sergeant in the very next promotion process. Pickens then rigged the sergeant process so only Deveney could be promoted.

      Do not worry Nate you have not been forgotten, especially after you were observed having sex on duty. I hope those pictures do not turn up because Chief Thompson might have to actually fire someone for legitimate reasons.

      If you are not worried about your repeated questionable sexual triumphs then maybe a list of your questionable arrests will come into play but don’t worry, based on your meritorious promotions these bad arrests will not be investigated by the ASUPD clique/command.

      Hopefully the Feds aren’t interested in your questionable conduct when they begin their investigation at ASU/ASUPD.

    • yurhuckleberry says:

      OnlyTheBeginning, the scandal keeps growing. He deserves to be exposed and if you or anyone you know has those photos they should be posted here for everyone to see.

  8. ComeOnNow4real says:

    They both have proved by not honoring basic ethical rules and expectations of the job their word means nothing. When you take an oath with no integrity how does it matter? It only matters in the eyes of those who don’t know the lie.

    I’m personally disappointed in Deveney. I thought he knew better. How would either one of then feel if what they did was done to them?!?

  9. QuickCallTempe says:

    Roper is going to blow a gasket after seeing this.

  10. Semper Fidelis says:

    All, thanks for continuing to speak the truth on the insidious leadership and management at ASUPD.

    If Mike Roper or anyone else can’t handle the fucking truth then change your evil ways! It’s that simple, sports fans!

    The trouble is I don’t think people that have already sold their souls to the devil are capable of change.

  11. yurhuckleberry says:

    You could work at 100 jobs for over a hundred years and not experience the same workplace atmosphere where up is down,down is up backwardness. The unashamedly bold corruption you experience working for ASU in the Arizona State University Police Department is a deafening shock for good people who live a moral life capable of faithfully serving the public instead of themselves.

    I have witnessed the gross improprieties of one of these sergeants and have heard about the extensive misdeeds of the other. At any professional workplace both of these employees would have been terminated with prejudice many times over. Instead they have been rewarded with raises and promotions at the ASU Police Department for joining a cadre of compromised management who are incapable of protecting and serving anyone but themselves.

    Everyone is well aware of Michael Roper’s explosive temper,his lashing out against other employees,and his death threat to ASUPD employee Dustin Melton. Nothing has ever been done about it.

    Everyone is aware of Nathanial Deveney’s sexual exploits and have been for years. Just as with other people he has been permitted to break every policy he can as long a he doesn’t upset his boss. Going after another officer’s fiance is a disgrace, he embarrasses us all, and should be ashamed of himself for betraying every one of us wearing this uniform.

  12. 647A says:

    Hey, IR…

    “Plaintiffs have failed in three attempts to state viable claims and instead have used the court systems as a platform for their charged – but legally baseless – invective against a state law enforcement agency.

    Arizona taxpayers should not be put to any future expense in responding to Plaintiffs’ irresponsible and abusive tactics.”

    • QuickCallTempe says:

      It’s not dismissed, the judge just wants more specific claims. She asked that it be amended before it moves forward. Their lawyer will amend the complaint with specifics (who harmed who, when and how).

      Let’s see… does anybody here have any direct knowledge of supervisors abusing employees, and were said supervisors stupid enough to put it in writing and/or have themselves recorded? I know several people who leave their personal audio recorders running all day at ASU.

      Keep sweating.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      If you have more details, I would like to publish them. Don’t give up!

    • theintegrityreport says:

      Welcome back 647A, we are pleased to see your current post isn’t denigrating people for being homosexual. Clearly you have had some issues with that and hopefully do not interact with the ASU community in any patrol function. Your post mentions a quote that does not come from the article listed or any other article, so we can only assume that it comes from a internal legal document you are privy to being a defendant in the lawsuit with the plaintiffs, one of them shared something with you, or that you made it up.

      We have been hoping for full disclosure of all the information that the defendants have, so that it may be posted here for our regular posters and our substantial non-posting viewers (yes we are able to keep track of the numbers). If the case is not successful in court we are hoping they would be inclined and duty bound to share ALL their information with us for publication and transparency, otherwise we will be critical of them as well.

      Everyone knows the ASUPD is grossly corrupt, so we can’t imagine 8 employees, including a retired Sergeant and former detective, would file suit without a substantial amount of incriminating evidence. Time will tell. It appears the defendant’s high-priced, AZ state paid for, army of attorneys have worked tirelessly to preclude this from getting to a courtroom and that is quite telling. What do they have to hide? Maybe the plaintiffs need attorneys that can successfully enter their plea, who knows? Our worst case scenario would be for that information on this whole matter not to be made public. We have feared ASU would offer a non-disclosure agreement settlement that would close the door on full disclosure in the same way they did with countless other suits, including the Ore/Ferrin debacle.

      This entire matter should simply be heard in court by a jury. If anything can’t be substantiated by evidence throw it out, but if it can be substantiated deal with it accordingly. Once the trial concludes or the plaintiffs can’t bring this to court The Integrity Report on the ASU Police Department will publish any materials we are able to obtain.

    • 647A deez nuts says:

      Hey 647A, you are exactly the type of piece of shit person that got ASU PD sued. Its clear you are one of the Defendants as I have been following the case very carefully and no where in any of the publicly available documents does it say your quote.

      Let’s go over the facts shall we? If ASU did what it was supposed to do and hired the right number of officers, sent them to training, stopped violating employees and the public’s rights due to incompetence, that would probably save tax payers more money. It is unfortunate that 8 police officers had to even sue its own police department in the first place. The waste of tax dollars is your employment there. Your existence is a waste of air but lucky for you can’t be sued for that. However, I still would like a refund please.

      647A you epitomize the failures of ASU PD and are not even smart enough to publish something that is actually from the public record. You’re probably another GED Commander or Life-Skills Degree Assistant Chief,gold-toothed or sex-crazed bi-polar Chief.

      To break it down for you a little more basic, 647A go fuck yourself!!

  13. DanGagginMcCucksauce says:

    It’s common knowledge that anyone with real prior experience or leadership ability rarely ever make any supervisor promotion at the ASU police department. The morons in charge came from there, know nothing about real police work, and do everything in their power to keep anyone with experience from showing them up. Thompson showed up, lobbied for Pickens’s job, and unseated him only to become just as bad. The actions of these two supervisors is typical there, not the exception.

  14. smokey261 says:

    For employee supervisors like this to operate freely in this manner towards other employees is as much of a condemnation of their supervisors as it is a condemnation of themselves. If their supervisors bothered to take the responsibility of their jobs seriously this wouldn’t be happening.

    The entire ASU Police Department knows Deveney had sex on duty and that Roper threatened to kill another employee, but the issues were ignored or handled with soft gloves. In comparison they just justified firing an employee for asking someone that they didn’t supervise or work with on a date.

    One employee is protected and one is not. That’s the fairness and equality under policy and the law you can come to expect by working at the ASU police department.

  15. JustTheFacts says:

    It’s an absolute miracle Roper hasn’t shot someone because of his explosive temper or swallowed his gun because he’s such a miserable human being.

    Deveney is most certainly a disgrace to the badge. He had sex on duty with a student in structure 7, but he’s going to go on witch hunts after employees he’s targeting and making stuff up when he can’t find something. You want to talk about typical? Yes that’s typical ASUPD routine. Classy guy.

    • theintegrityreport says:

      Roper still works there, so remember to always know where the exits are, don’t shelter in place.

  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    These two individuals’ behavior and conduct is deplorable.

    Chief Thompson, why do you allow your clique to continue to operate with impunity and unaccountability?

  17. DontLOLmeJP says:

    Wow, Roper is even a bigger asshole than I thought. That’s really saying something! It’s a sad day when men who wear the badge have no conscience over what they do and who they injure.

  18. ThySummons says:

    Chief Thompson and his command staff have always operated with the lowest of ethics and morals, and these two frontline supervisors are merely a reflection of that leadership.

    Not too long ago Chief Thompson hand-selected Mike Roper as interim commander at the Tempe campus. What does that say about the ASUPD leadership?

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